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Release Notes

December 2018 – released Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 Update-3

Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-3 focuses on corrective content and improving performance with larger scale commerce catalogs. The release also adds a Static Bundles feature.

New features/improvements

AreaDescriptionTFS no.
Static BundlesAdded support for Static Bundles. The Merchandiser can configure product bundles that comprise multiple Sellable Items (Products, Services, etc.), which are sold together and priced as a unit. The existing Sitecore XC pricing mechanisms – multicurrency list pricing, price cards, and promotions - can be applied to Static Bundles. Static Bundles can be created and managed using the BizFx - Merchandising tool. Import and export of Static Bundles is supported by the Sitecore XC Import/Export API.288864
Static Bundles - StorefrontIn the Storefront, a Bundle means the use of sub-lines in a Shopping Cart. Bundle price is fixed and inventory depends on availability of constituent bundled items.

A new Product Bundle component has been implemented in the Storefront, which handles sellable items of type Bundle, e.g. a new Commerce Bundle template in Sitecore. The Product Bundle component is added to the Product Detail Page (PDP) that contains the existing components, including Product Variant. The Product Variant component is presented for normal sellable items, whereas the Product Bundle component is presented for bundles at run time. At design time, both components are presented in the Experience Editor so that each can be configured.

Storefront components have been updated to support Bundles as follows: Shopping Cart Lines, Order lines, Add-2-cart, JavaScript brokers/services.

When upgrading from a previous version, the Product Bundle component is NOT added automatically to the PDP. This has to be performed manually if so desired.

StorefrontComponent specific JavaScript has been moved to themes. Previously files were loaded using AssetMedia pipeline and was configured. Now, all scripts have been moved into base themes including 3rd party core libs. Benefits are 1) multi-tenant support allowing individual base theme overrides per tenant and site, and 2) performance improvements by having SXA bundle and minify the theme content and scripts.268810
StorefrontNew custom themes will automatically get commerce content included. A new Storefront Branded Extension theme has been introduced and will copy it's content into new custom themes that use commerce components and foundation. The existing Storefront Branded Theme is now empty, but referencing the extension theme, so the end result is the same for sites pointing to it.268810
StorefrontAdded support for custom views for components, which was added in Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) 1.8.276388
StorefrontAdded support for grayscale view mode, which was added in SXA 1.8. SXA 1.8 includes a new view mode functionality that allows individual users to work in design mode using different view modes. Out of the two new modes, grayscale view mode is supported. Wireframe is not. With view mode introduced, the two Storefront mockup themes have become obsolete and therefore moved to a sub-folder under themes and marked Deprecated.276388
Commerce ConnectFor those seeking Commerce Connect only e.g. for deployments that integrate Sitecore Experience Platform with other non-Sitecore commerce systems, download the full Packages for On Premise 2018.12-2.4.63 package and extract the Sitecore Commerce Connect Core 11.4.15.zip file. If also interested in analytics and marketing automation features, optionally extract files:
Sitecore Commerce ExperienceAnalytics Core 11.4.15.zip
Sitecore Commerce ExperienceProfile Core 11.4.15.zip
Sitecore Commerce Marketing Automation Core 11.4.15.zip
Sitecore Commerce Marketing Automation for AutomationEngine 11.4.15.zip
Connect - Product SyncThe Commerce Connect Product Synchronization feature was added in Sitecore XC release 9.0 Update-2, but was added as a stand-alone addition after the release. Now for Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-3 this feature is included as part of the release, within the Sitecore Commerce Connect Core 11.4.xx.zip file. This feature is disabled by default. It can be enabled in deployments that integrate Sitecore Experience Platform with other commerce systems. There are no functional or corrective additions to this feature in Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-3.191319
Browers - StorefrontConfirmed/added support for Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge browsers in the Storefront. Previous XC releases had supported these browsers for the Business Tools but the Storefront did not, per the Sitecore XC Compatibility Table.281240
SolrCloudAdded Sitecore XC support for SolrCloud, bringing XC in line with Sitecore XP's support for SolrCloud. Sitecore provides the ability to configure connection to a SolrCloud deployment. Sitecore XP/XC does not provide the tools specifically for setting up the SolrCloud deployment itself; this is the responsibility of our customer/partner.
More setup information can be found in the Setting up SolrCloud Walkthrough. The addition of SolrCloud support resulted the renaming and addition of packages (scwdp zip files) within the XC release package for Azure App Service. As of XC 9.0.3, you now select whether to deploy Azure or Solr web deploy packages.
Business ToolsAdded pagination to Catalog lists in the Business Tools.276370
EngineAdded a runtime check to ensure the Engine's database is at the correct version level. The database adds a version number in a new custom table.277921
EngineCreated a new Order Maintenance minion (PurgeCartsMinion) that deletes expired carts after a configurable amount of time.279083, 279348
PerformanceReduced file-based Catalog import and export times by 80% for small to medium sized catalogs. Unblocked import and export of large Catalogs of up to 1,000,000 Sellable Items. Import times linear with increased catalog size. Reduced the memory consumed during processing. Similar improvements demonstrated in custom Catalog import examples using updated API guidance.277358
PerformanceReduced cold load CM/CD times in a PaaS deployment by over 80%.291755
PerformanceReduced indexing times by 50% on average by using cached metadata in Commerce Engine Connect rather than service calls to Commerce Engine Connect, optimizing Commerce Engine Connect data structures and Commerce Engine Database level improvements. The improvements greatly reduce the risk of indexing failures occurring for very large Catalogs, and reduce indexing times for Commerce items to be more aligned with indexing times observed when indexing Sitecore content items.277263
UpgradeAdded the ability to upgrade from Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-2 to Update-3. Refer to the Upgrade Instructions on the Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-3 download page of dev.sitecore.net.277748

Resolved issues

| Area | Description | TFS no. | | -------------- | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------ | | Business Tools | The default Composer Template fields appear in the Commerce Engine, but the values in the fields do not display. | 276449 | | Business Tools | The user interface does not select the correct product version. The new version is highlighted correctly, but an old version gets actually selected. | 278385 | | Business Tools | The Edit Inventory dialog does not display the fields' current values. Instead only the ID is shown and all other fields are empty. | 278407 | | Pricing | Price updates are not displayed on Product Details page until ItemCache, DataCache, HtmlCache and CommerceCache are refreshed on the Sitecore side. | 276680 | | Orders | Pending Orders lists are not displayed. Fixed in Commerce 9.0 Update-1 and ported forward to later releases. | 288563 | | Promotions | IncludeInGrandTotal property of AwardedAdjustment class isn't taken into account in CalculateCartTotalsBlock. Fixed in Commerce 8.2.1 Update-3 and ported forward to this release. | 288867 | | Customers | The most recent customers view hangs for minutes when there are thousands of customers. Fixed in a previous Commerce release ported forward to 9.0 Update-3 and later releases. | 287238 | | Indexing | Indexing Commerce List fields returns a single string of IDs, instead of the expected list of values. | 279103 | | Storefront | The Storefront does not work with a multiple hostnames/wildcards, for example when setting the HostName field to "sxa* | site". This capability is provided in the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) but is not working in the Storefront built on SXA. | 276425 | | Storefront | Search functionality does not correctly search all the descendants of a Category of a custom Catalog when this category is selected as "Start Navigation Category". | 276611 | | Storefront | An AJAX request fails because the request URL gets altered to something invalid. This occurs when the Virtual Folder field has a value in it. | 276615 | | Storefront | The request api/GetBulkStockInformation from the Storefront gets incorrectly sent with the default shopName, whereas it is supposed to he sent with the in context ShopName. | 277492 | | Storefront | When inspecting the page source in a browser, the Storefront page contains multiple instances of the same markup. | 277528 | | Storefront | Performance: UriFormatException is being thrown in the StorefrontUrlManager when navigating through a page that contains relative links. | 276529 | | Storefront | An error message is displayed in the export results window when exporting a page with a Minicart through Creative Exchange… Error while downloading /sitecore/content/New%20tenant/New%20site/Home%7B158DFB56-F719-48C6-94AE-30C000CEC6E0%7D file. The issue is reproducible intermittently. | 292946 | | Storefront | It is not possible to select the Product Variants component in the Experience Editor. | 276376 | | Storefront | Catalog items are included in the export from Creative Exchange which makes it time out. | 276539 | | Storefront | Mobile Responsiveness - Top Bar Links component - tapping action over hover effect consequences - components overlapped. | 282118 | | Storefront | Top Bar links are difficult to select because they disappear easily. The sensitivity of these links needs to be adjusted. | 276621 | | Storefront | The Minicart component are difficult to view and select because they disappear easily. The sensitivity of these links needs to be adjusted. | 290178 | | Storefront | The Storefront logo is not displayed in all checkout pages. | 276816 | | Storefront | Mock data for the Product Variant component is missing in the Experience Editor. | 276868 | | Storefront | The hover area on the Language Selector & Minicart is incorrect on Firefox and Chrome, so that these items display even though they are not selected. | 276900 | | Storefront | The product broker/service/event handler does not correctly discriminate by event type; all types are called. | 276946 | | Storefront | Gift Card price and variant are not displayed correctly on the Product Details Page. | 276959 | | Storefront | Selected product variant options do not display on lines and sub-lines for Shopping Cart Lines and Order Lines for any variant option type. | 277049 | | Storefront | The Site does not get created during the site scaffolding step. The previous workaround was: Before creating a new site, copy the following item "/sitecore/templates/Branches/Foundation/Commerce Experience Accelerator/Commerce Foundation/Storefront Control Panel" to "/sitecore/templates/Branches/Feature/Commerce Experience Accelerator/Commerce Components/Storefront Control Panel". | 277474 | | Storefront | Upgrade: The Category Navigation links are broken on the Storefront site after a Commerce 9.0.2 to 9.0.3 upgrade operation. | 292584 | | Storefront | Upgrade: The Storefront Control Panel setting for the site does not get created during site creation (scaffolding), and duplicate Commerce data folders appear on new site after an upgrade. | 277467 | | Storefront | Upgrade: Unable to sign out after signing in as an existing user after upgrading (SyntaxError: Illegal Return Statement). | 277483 | | Performance | Performance issues experienced when importing large Catalogs with the Commerce Catalogs API. | 279260 |

Breaking changes

Sitecore XC 9.0 Update-3 introduces configuration changes pertaining to the new Static Bundles feature, and due to performance improvements. Refer to the Sitecore XC Upgrade Guide for 9.0.3, which identifies the files containing configuration changes.

AreaDescriptionTFS no.
​PerformanceCommerce Engine Database schema and stored procedures updated. A database table has been added to manage catalog hierarchy data including the new variant structures. Executing the .sql files specified in the upgrade documentation will create, update and populate the required database artifacts.277809
PerformanceA new Catalog item crawler AllCatalogItemsCrawler was added into Commerce Engine Connect. This new single crawler replaced the following deprecated crawlers: CatalogsCrawler, CategoriesCrawler, SellableItemsCrawler.277932
PerformanceIntroduced changes to the global policy configuration. Added a new property Version to the EntityStoreSqlPolicy in the Global.json file.277921
PerformanceIntroduced changes to the global policy configuration, for the runtime database version checking feature. Added a new property Version to the EntityStoreSqlPolicy in the Global.json file.277921

Known issues

AreaDescriptionTFS no.
Business ToolsExporting Catalogs do not contain Price Book, Promotion Book or Inventory Set associations. Upon re-importing a Catalog, the associations will need to be made using the Merchandizing tools.296591
ConnectMarketing Automation (MA) campaign functionality is disabled by default in the XC 9.0.2 deployment. To enable MA:1. Deploy the manual steps outlined in the following two MA KB articles:
https://kb.sitecore.net/articles/065636 (needed on Azure PaaS deployments only)
https://kb.sitecore.net/articles/1995062. Enable Live Events by setting the field IsLiveEvent to true.3. Add the xdb.processing.pools to <ma_ops/wwwroot/app_config/ConnectionStrings.config of the marketing automation operations role:<add name="xdb.processing.pools" connectionString="user id=poolsuser;password=ODPYFLX7R2D3Qkzpbw2jdctry6KZPBW2JDCTRY64@;data source=xc902rc4a180705-sql.database.windows.net;Initial Catalog=xc902rc4a180705-pools-db" />You can copy the entry from the <xc_collect/wwwroot/app_config/ConnectionStrings.config file to make sure you are using the proper database user id.
ConnectThe reports in Experience Profile, showing abandoned cart information is always showing zero abandoned carts because the Abandoned Cart outcome on which these reports are based, is currently not being triggered as part of the Abandoned Cart MA campaign.
ConnectThe Commerce-specific Analytics models for events, goals and outcomes are not included in the Analytics index, so they cannot be queried. This is required to ensure the number of fields in the index remains below the Azure index limit of 1,000 fields.227486
Connect - Product SyncException thrown in Currency Provider code when the Product Synchronization feature is enabled.
To reproduce: Enable Sitecore.Commerce.Products.config under /App_Config/Include. Create a Product Repository. Run a full synchronization.
Result: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
Connect - Product SyncFor a product template the "Manufacturer" field has odd behavior with 3 large controls that overlap in the UI. Multiple "TreeList With Search" controls will overlap controls beneath it so you cannot see the field name.250292
Connect - Product SyncThe Resources item (Product Resources template) for a product only provides ability to see the first of several images.
To reproduce: Use the filebasedECS sample to synchronize products. Select a product resources item and that has two images as child items. Select the main image.
Result: Can only see one image, cannot see both images as options.
Connect - Product SyncField labels are not localized in the predefined templates.250388
Connect - Product SyncSubdivisions are not synchronized as part of the Product Synchronization feature. Sub-divisions nested to a division do not get created in the Sitecore tree structure.102140
Connect - Product SyncProduct types do not support hierarchies as they should. When product types are synchronized there is no way to specify ProductTypes in a hierarchical manner.250926
Commerce Engine ConnectThe wrong environment name is set for the Sitecore Commerce Engine Connect Crawler. An environment value "HabitatAuthoring" has been incorrectly set for "sitecore_web_index" crawler. This could result in wrong catalog information (for example, template view values) being indexed. Refer to this Sitecore KB article for the resolution.298894
CommerceOn Azure, the SXA configuration for Azure indexing (\App_Config\Include\Z.Foundation.Overrides\Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Search.Azure.config) has been disabled to allow indexing to work properly in conjunction with Commerce. SXA Search components are not used in the SXA Storefront, but plain SXA sites without commerce will be affected if deployed in the same instance:
- The sxacontent computed field is missing – SXA search will not work at all as it’s using this field to find results.
- Geo-search will not work – no ordering by distance or searching within radius.
- Dynamic search results boosting (boosting rules in the search scope) – some rules will not work as they require computed fields which are defined in this config (on the other hand, there will be nothing to boost as you won’t have search results anyway).
- Field readers for tag and treelist will no longer be there – SXA tags will not work.
CommerceUnable to register accounts on newly created SXA Storefront sites. When a new Storefront is provisioned/created using SXA scaffolding, a corresponding new security domain is created in Sitecore. By default, the Commerce Engine is configured to only allow a few known domains:"Storefront" for the optional default Storefront site, "Extranet" and "CommerceUsers" for backward compatibility.
Solution: Edit the JSON configuration file for the environment in use and set the value of the Domain property for the policy Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Customers.CustomerPropertiesPolicy to include newly created domain names, which by default matches the names of the Storefronts. For more information, see the Sitecore XC DevOps guide.
StorefrontPromoted and Related products do not display actual products in design mode, even when a specific product is selected.276471
StorefrontIn metadata, canonical links are incorrectly specified to always use the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS which is the default protocol. Search engines might reject the canonical links.278594
StorefrontOn a storefront site, right click on the site and select Add Site Module. Sometimes an error message occurs, "Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Item' because it is null.279565
StorefrontCreateDefaultTenantAndSite Task fails with 424 error message during Sitecore XC9 installation.276479
StorefrontCreative Exchange shows error when exporting a Storefront site. Expand the Experience Editor ribbon and select Export. Result: error message, "Error while downloading /sitecore/content/Sitecore/Storefront/Home%7B8546B801-B278-443F-8EEA-5FA8FBDEEB73%7D file."286659
StorefrontIllegal recursion detected: GetModel error message. Restart the CD role in an Azure PaaS deployment with a Storefront site provisioned. Refresh the Storefront site. Result: infrequent error message that goes away after a few tries, "Illegal recursion detected: GetModel. An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request.276657
StorefrontAn existing Product Catalog item is not set to point to new local "{home}/Catalogs/Habitat_Master/Department", as expected.276729
​StorefrontIn Firefox, when you open a site exported using SXA Creative Exchange, the font icons are not displayed because Firefox prevents the font files from loading due to the File Same Origin policy. For more information about this policy, see the Firefox documentation: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Misc_top_level/Same-origin_policy_for_file:_URIs
A work around is to disable the security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy browser configuration file.
StorefrontErrors are observed in Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) logs while installing SXA Storefront languages during deployment.276919
StorefrontOn the Product Detail Page for a product variant, discount text is shown when not expected. The same list price is duplicated with a strikethrough when there is no discount configured.278935
StorefrontOn Azure, the Japanese language is corrupted in the Content Editor when Japanese language has been chosen as the client language.
StorefrontStorefront upgrade script shows blue screen after upgrading, and the user is not informed on what to do.282114
StorefrontProduct cards on Product List component are not aligned. This happens on the last row when the remaining items does not take up the full width of the row.276906
StorefrontUnable to see Catagory page in Experience Editor mode when we click on any Category navigation item in an Azure environment. The workaround is to launch Experience Editor directly on the Category page item and it will show up with mock data281165
StorefrontIt is not possible to create a Storefront using VDIR with a hostname which is the same as another Storefront, because it will be hidden.278039
StorefrontThe Product Detailed Page does not display the "Visited Product Page" in the Buy Gift Card and Landing Pages.276885
StorefrontSearch: Searching on the home page returns different results when deployed in the Azure App Service, as compared to an on-premises deployment. On Azure the search results are insufficiently restricted so too many results are returned. Issue was discovered during side by side testing. More investigation is needed to resolve all occurrences.278752
StorefrontSearch: An invalid catalog Id error message is displayed when searching in a new site without a catalog configured. To reproduce: create and publish a new site, add IIS bindings, and load site in the browser. A no Catalog configured message is correctly displayed. Enter a search key e.g. 'audio' and press Search button. Expected: Search page returns no result. Actual: Error message: Server Error in '/' Application. Invalid catalog Id.281284
StorefrontxAnalytics: The chart under Experience Analytics/Commerce/Regional Settings does not display the expected data. No data is reported.276661
StorefrontIn an Azure App Service deployment, executing the CreateDefaultStorefront script on the Sitecore Platform returns a Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) error. Possibly due to a timeout issue, and insufficient handling of long running tasks.278743
StorefrontIn an Azure App Service deployment, Japanese language translations are not displayed correctly in the Content Editor. Instead of the translated language, question marks "???" are displayed in the Content Editor.276911
StorefrontIn an Azure App Service deployment, Japanese language translations are not displayed correctly in a Storefront live site. Instead of the translated language, question marks "???" are displayed in the some fields in the Storefront user interface.281200
StorefrontInternet Explorer 11: Some pages do not display all information correctly in IE11, for example on the Order Preview page the Product Title is not displayed correctly, and pricing information is not displayed correctly.294864
StorefrontInternet Explorer 11: Search Page results are displayed inconsistently in IE11, for example on Chrome a search correctly returns 33 items whereas on IE11 an incorrect amount of 45 items are returned.294874
StorefrontInternet Explorer 11: Portions of a displayed page content is not retrieved over an HTTPS secure connection, so that an error message displays on the browser prompting the user to select whether to show all content or not (over HTTP).270186
StorefrontWhen creating a site with a virtual folder (vdir = ‘/virtual’), error messages are not displayed as expected. For example, creating a site without a virtual folder without a domain configured correctly results in expected error messages as follows…Invalid or missing value for property 'Domain', and User created but external Id was not provided. However, when repeating the same test in a virtual folder, the operation is reported successful even though it is not.288915
DeploymentOccasional indexing timeout can occur during an on-premise deployment. If an indexing timeout occurs during deployment, re-index using the Sitecore Index Manager.294588
UpgradeThe Engine SDK contains an obsolete Plugin.Sample.Upgrade that does not function. This plugin did not get removed in time for the release. Please do not use it.

Documentation updates

We completely overhauled our Sitecore documentation delivery, from back end authoring system through to our new doc.sitecore.com website (was doc.sitecore.net). For Sitecore XC this includes separating the Developer from User experience. Most documentation that was previously in separate html documents is now embedded into our consolidated website. Information is easier to find, by role and by commerce function, and with improved search.
We continue to publish install, upgrade, and migration .pdf documents on our downloads site.

AreaDescriptionTFS no.
Install GuideAdded instructions on how to install Sitecore XC without Storefront. This applies to the on-premise guide only.277350
Upgrade GuideAdded migration steps related to breaking changes and configuration changes introduced by performance improvements277217
Upgrade GuideAdded migration steps related to configuration changes introduced by the Static Bundles feature.277283
Business UsersAdded Business Tools documentation for the new Static Bundles feature. Link to documentation.277294
Business UsersAdded Storefront documentation for the new Static Bundles feature. Link to documentation.277294
Business UsersAdded Storefront renderings for Shopping Carts in support of the new Static Bundles feature. Link to documentation.30122
Business UsersAdded Storefront renderings for Orders in support of the new Static Bundles feature. Link to documentation.30122
Business UsersClarified information on order states, for example problem orders, and available actions. Link to documentation.277258
Business UsersAdded user documentation for new Composer Template functionality. Link to documentation.279184
Business UsersNew topic "Setting the Rendering View Provider" outlines how to override the path to the /Views folder using the Rendering View Provider. Link to documentation.286216
Business UsersNew topic explains how to use the Commerce base themes. Link to documentation.268810
Business UsersAdded new videos related to the topic "Create a new tenant and site with commerce features". Link to documentation.N/A
Business UsersAdded a note to the topic "Create a new tenant and site with commerce features" about bootstrap 3 not being supported by the Storefront template. Link to documentation.287825
DevOpsAdded information on cloning a Catalog. Link to documentation.279179
DevOpsAdded a paragraph describing what the Clean Environment request does. Link to documentation.279186
DevOpsDocumented Catalog export via script (CURL). Link to documentation.286791
DevOpsDocumented IIS configuration for importing Catalogs. Link to documentation.288803
DevOpsDocumented SolrCloud configuration. Link to documentation287189
DevOpsAdded documentation pertaining to synchronization content request path, e.g. that it does not need a manually entered version field value. Link to documentation.277060
DevOpsDocumented how to pass PolicyKeys in a code-first approach, for importing Catalogs. Link to documentation.288861
DevOpsDocumented how to optimize the CommerceContext cache for a long running process. Link to documentation.288862
DevOpsAdded more description of how to use sample Postman API calls. Link to documentation.N/A
DeveloperDocumented how to rebuild Sitecore indexes.Link to documentation.268929
Connect DeveloperNew parameter IncludeBundledItemsInventory for GetStockInformationRequest added to the Connect Developer's Guide. Link to documentation.251160

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