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Release Notes

August 2020 – released Sitecore Experience Accelerator 10.0.0

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables parallel work streams (content, creative design, UX, coding) to not only reduce the time required to produce a website, but also improve the quality by allowing all contributors to validate each other's contributions. SXA provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.


  • SXA now supports running on an instance hosted in a Docker container​.

New feature/improvements

DescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
​​The introduction of HTTP header configuration now allows search service requests to be cached.540504, CS0167583361084
The SXA CLI now allows you to upload theme assets from the command line without having to run the watching task​.​​403655
jQuery has been updated to version 3.4.1.​​533216, 536044]334362
Language fallback has been enabled by default on all the out of the box data sources.​​​345838
​​Users can now de-select the selected facet values individually in the Facets Summary component.359629
​​The performance of the rendering placeholder wrappers​ has been improved.365404
​​A new custom workflow action has been added to improve the inclusion of data source related items in the Page workflow.369126
We have introduced a cache for tenant related tokens and this has improved system perfromance.​​541416, CS0181339370127
​​It is now possible to define an A/B test on a component in a partial design and for the test to be executed on every page that uses the partial design.374515
​​SXA components that accept content search queries now support SXA query tokens​.380800
It is now possible to add boosting rules to queries that are defined in rendering variants.​​381970
​​It is now possible to execute content search queries in Scriban using the new sc_search extension method.​383504
The Experience Editor now shows the Semantics field as well as the SXA Tags field when you click the Tags button.​​CS0180481388272
You can now use the new sc_inheritsfrom embedded function to test whether an item inherits a template within a Scriban template. ​​391261
​​You can use the new sc_getitem embedded function to retrieve a single item by specifying an ID or a path within a Scriban template.393752
The maxTermsCountInFacet setting is now set at 50 for backward compatibility and provides faster search in Azure search indexes.​​​​407140
Creative Exchange Live has been upgraded to leverage Gulp version 4.​​401392
Creative Exchange Live has been updated to run on NodeJS 12. ​​403648
The SXA CLI now allows you to build optimized theme assets from the command line without running the watching task.​​403651
​​You can now build, optimize, and upload CSS/JS/Sprite assets within the SXA CLI.406147
​​SXA now supports running on an instance hosted in a Docker container​.415946
​​If the CLI fails because of the required node packages were not not installed​, it provides a description of the problem.412131
​​A new --help parameter has been added to the SXA CLI to help developers discover which parameters are used.410847

Breaking changes

DescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
The SXA Azure extensions for GeoSpatial queries have been ported back to the platform so the every Sitecore customer can benefit from them.​​325329390744

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

DescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
The Restrictive cookie warning setting does not restrict access to the page content​.​​327035
​​​When you move the slider in a Slider or Range Slider, it issues search requests and creates unwanted server traffic.247977
If a visitor tries to scroll on a carousel component on a mobile device, the page cannot scroll vertically.​​526020312889
If Expand On Hover is enabled, you cannot click to collapse an Accordion section.​​526194313533
​​In the Basic theme​, the TagList does not scale the tag elements correctly.318747
​​The thumbnail image for the SXA Gallery Video component does not contain the alt attribute.528069319611
​​​Only the default POI variant can be used on a map.528149320751
When you unlock a content page, the composite datasource subitems remain locked.​​529122, 531509, 537040324927
​​If the Media.AlwaysAppendRevision setting is set to true, theme asset URLs are generated without a hash and this causes MediaRequestProtection errors.``````530905, CS0180370328685
​​If the name of a facet contains a space, it does not receive the active-facet class when you use a Filter (Checklist) with multiple selections.532747, 533232, 537276, 542335, CS0170369, CS0173958, CS0179707, CS0182401334311
​​A multi-language sitemap contains redundant language entries.533334, 534193, 537473, 538300, 539766335397
​​If you use the default link provider, the sitemap lists URL that contain a double hostname.532088, 536328337372
​​Publishing only clears the HTML cache for the first site definition if multiple site definitions exist in a site.536094, 543415, CS0177798346899
​​If you add the POI details from the Geospatial tab, unsaved data is lost.537926, 539448351468
If you remove a column splitter from a placeholder and then add and configure a new column splitter, you receive an error message.​​537150352447
The ResolveRenderingDatasourceCache processor does not take the request language into consideration when retrieving a data source.​​538461353548
​​The Language Selector dropdown list does not appear in themes that are based on the Basic 2 theme​.354286
​​Responsive images are not shown in the Search Result rendering.538670, 541429, 541530354543
If you use the Solr search provider, the suggestions that appear in the Search Box may not be clickable if the indexed text contains special characters.​​538663354683
​​Generating the Optimized-min item can cause SQL Server errors in scaled environments with a high load.537204355141
​​In the Presentation Details dialog box, ​if you add a component, the list of available renderings that you can select from is not filtered accordingly.​355825
​​If you use Page Layout as JSON component, the Could not find method: Process error appears for a page with the JSON layout.539143355892
​​An SXA datasource selection dialog overrides the default dialog for non-SXA sites without exposing the full functionality required to complete the task.539268, 540792355958
A facet filter will not display the Show more link when the configured threshold is higher than or equal to the number of available options.​​​359693
​​If the database is not specified in the site definition item​​​, pages will not load.359755
Depending on the page structure, the Search Results overlay can cover the content of the entire page rather than being limited to the Search Results component.​​​359763
​​If a checklist filter is added to a page, Creative Exchange creates facet classes.360198
Performance is degraded due to unnecessary per-request regular expression instantiation.​​360478
​​The SXA Json Result component does not respect configured SXA Indexes.540785360691
The Content Token feature relies on fast queries that place a high load on SQL Server.​​540893, CS0183392360996
​​The logging mechanism exposes credentials in the Creative Exchange Live CLI​.361067
​​The Snippet component does not work correctly with personalization.541281362002
If you add a composite component in Horizon, an error is thrown. ​​362517
If you use the Solr search provider, facet filtering does not work if the facet value contains a space character.​​CS0170369, CS0173958, CS0182401362577
​​The Select the Placeholder Settings dialog​ box does not contain any caching options.363467
​​If you save item that references itself as a data source, a StackOverflow exception is thrown.541543363683
An accordion item cannot be expanded in Edit mode in Firefox.​​363698
​​The rendering parameters are empty in components in non-SXA sites when SXA is installed.540151363994
​​In the Experience Editor, you cannot switch between Shared and Final layouts on non-SXA pages when the Caching.DisableCacheSizeLimits setting is set to true.540863366025
​​The General Link with Search field produces an error if its source contains an SXA token.542597366905
In the Experience Editor, if you click Publish, Site Themes, the Publish Item wizard does not open.​​``````542289, CS0169161367283
In SXA Storefront, you cannot remove facet filter values after a search operation has been performed.​​368445
If a regular Sitecore query: is used on a data source for an SXA component, content search should not be triggered.​​542030368851
On SXA sites, the rendering parameters in custom components are empty.​​540151368987
​​A responsive image that is nested in multiple sections does not render the src attribute.543089, 543152, CS0169946, CS0176478, CS0178218, CS0180226369204
When you update the rendering variants on a shared site in a non-English version, the content on the page on the non-shared site that uses the same variant does not change.​​543270, CS0170055369628
If the default personalization rule is set to Hide, you cannot select a rendering on a page.​​542831, CS0169662370056
​​If you duplicate a multilingual item that has clones or add another language version, multiple items are created.543265370654
An accordion section cannot be collapsed in Edit mode after you click the Open the item for editing button.​​370765
Buckets created within SXA sites do not adhere to the global bucket rules.​​CS0169464371091
Composite datasource subitems in different language remain locked when the content page is unlocked.​​CS0168926371166
If you clone a site, the item references in versioned fields are not updated for languages other than en.​​CS0170375371168
The Experience Editor does not show the variant preview for SXA renderings if you enable the SelectVariation processor in the Sitecore.ContentTesting.Mvc.config file on a CM server.​​CS0169216371515
​​If you add an HTML snippet to a page and do not publish its data source, the page page throws an error when you try to view it.CS0170298373034
​​Unexpected ANSI characters appear in a rendered on a page when you use Add This component.CS0174850373588
SXA query: data sources are not fully handled by SXA in the parseDataSource pipeline and this causes the platform to misinterpreting them as content search queries.​​CS0168943373937
​The Target Hostname is used to request the static error page. It should be used only to generate links on the page. ​​CS0170303374131
If you use SXA redirects, the language is stripped from the URL.​​CS0175013374202
​​Creative Exchange throws an exception during Export/Import if the exported page contains a Splitter rendering​.374429
A race condition in the SxaSiteProvider can throw an error.​​374769
If you duplicate a multilingual item without an English version, the item is not created in the delegated area.​​CS0169861375519
​​If you clone an item, the clone is not created with all the same language versions as the original item​.375964
If you use a snippet data source as a template that should be copied when used, the grid settings for embedded components are not correctly applied.​​CS0175096376681
​​An AmbiguousMatchException can be thrown when searching SXA on indexes.CS0168956377565
​​If the HTML Cache content is cleared for a site for the master database before the web database, the visitor's cache is not purged.CS0174442, CS0177798378032
​​The Html tags of a rendering variant are not rendered as self-closing tags.CS0176121378983
If a URL contains double quotes, an Illegal characters in path exception is thrown.​​CS0175687, CS0175687379395
​​If you use a component rendering variant with snippets, the presentation details are cleared.CS0176055380154
​​A form created with Sitecore Forms cannot be submitted from an SXA overlay.CS0175936380732
​​If the snippet grid control properties are empty, they are not copied.CS0175096381181
DateTime field are rendered incorrectly in components that are embedded in composite components.​​CS0177735384879
​​A Scriban rendering variant field does not wrap the template content in a tag field if it is defined.CS0178207385842
If an item contains a component with a data source that is defined as a query, publishing the item with its related items will fail.​​CS0178105387129
The Creative Exchange Scriban watcher freezes if you try to upload an empty .scriban file.​​387695
A JSS app hosted within an SXA tenant shows the Wireframe theme mock image instead of the original image.​​CS0177912387966
If the Show the Personalization Section application option is enabled, If you click the Edit style and behavior of the component button, it produces a NullReferenceException.​​CS0178361388700
When a Flip control without any Flipside subitems is rendered, an exception occurs.​​CS0178997390024
​​​The SXA Media component is hard-coded to use the http protocol and this prevents images from loading over https from YouTube.CS0179302390163
​​An Accordion component does not expand correctly if it is embedded within another accordion.CS0178126390812
​​The size calculation logic of JSON renderings is not correct and this causes a memory leak when they are stored in the HTML cache.CS0179059390898
Applying translations or importing content for a JSS item can fail for languages other than en.​​CS0179257391288
​​The Scriban template sc_placeholder function does not render the placeholder as an SXA dynamic placeholder.CS0179521391747
​​A request to the Sitemap.xml page sometimes results in a 404 HTTP error after application restart.CS0174956393910
​​If you personalize a composite component, the original data source is always shown.CS0180170393992
Autocomplete does not work for the Location Finder component in an overlay. ​​CS0179584394303
​​An incorrect URL is rendered in the OpenGraph og:url meta tag when the TargetHostName is set.CS0181130395328
​​The SearchService switches context to the shell site and this can result in incorrect search operations in a scaled environment.395907
A tag search returns no results if there is more than one space in the tag name.​​CS0180747397090
Unversionable media items are uploaded in the current site language and not in the current item language.​​CS0181207397673
​​If a query contains a large number of characters there is a long response time.CS0181367397871
In the Experience Editor when you use Internet Explorer 11, you cannot change personalization conditions before saving the item.​​CS0181713398923
The patch for the event handler for the publish:end and publish:end:remote event refers to an old platform handler and this can cause the processors to execute in the wrong order.​​CS0182090399584
​​Search rule boosting does not work for certain condition parameters.CS0181247400929
Rendering Variant tokens are not resolved properly in the variant field's data attributes.​​CS0181851401296
If a page contains multiple Search Results components and one of these components exhausts the available results, the Load More button disappears.​​``CS0184033405817
Model iterator notation does not work in the data attributes of a variant field. ​​CS0182218401400
If a facet value contains ampersands or commas, it breaks the filtering in Filter (Checklist) and Aggregated Facet Filter.​​CS0181191401465
​​A carousel can render an empty field-slidetext tag​.CS0182116401795
​​​The getRootSourceItems pipeline processor returns the site's virtual folder and not the Media Library hosted folders.402015
If the root of the Media Library has been added to a virtual media folder of the site that is being edited, the Open Media dialog causes an error.​​402343
If personalization is applied with a mix of local and site/global data sources, SXA personalization is not applied and a Solr error is logged.​​CS0182062402415
If you duplicate an item with a child that is a master for a Delegated Area, multiple child items are created in the Delegated Area.​​CS0182611403775
​​If Read access to the Home item is denied to anonymous users, the Page not found error page may not be available to them.CS0182364404072
If you enter a white-space in an accordion headline, it causes the focus to escape from the field.​​CS0183302404970
​​Cached content tokens do not take the language version into account.​CS0183392406854
​​The media folder validator interferes with the installation of SPE packages when SXA sites are already created on a Sitecore instance.407143
​​The predicted text in a search box changes to the typed text if you move the focus from the search box to any part of the page.CS0183884405500
Content Tagging requires the new OpenCalais provider URL​​.420924
A new init command has been added to the CLI that creates the files required by Creative Exchange Live in a theme that didn't have them already.​​​403658
​​In the Search box, the predictive text changes to the typed text when you move the focus from the Search box to any other part of the page.CS0183884405500
​​The getAttributeTokenValue pipeline does not support Number fields​.CS0183306405564
A Move item operation that is performed in a Delegated Area is not reflected in its target.​​407101
​​If a page contains multiple File List components, the pagination for the File List components is empty.CS0181350407445
​​If you duplicate a page that contains a component, it creates versions in every available languages.CS0184356407685
​​The Edit the placeholder settings dialog does not show the renderings that are assigned to the placeholder.``408518
If you add a Test variation to a composite component​, a NullReferenceException occurs.​​408717
​​If a custom processor modifies a newly created item in the item:created event, an exception occurs in an SXA processor.CS0184998409554
​​In a JSS SXA site, the JSS Dictionary is not based on the Dictionary Domain template.CS0184250409778
The JSS Dictionary Domain is referenced by name rather than by its GUID​.​​CS0184250409779
​​JSS Dictionary translation does not work.CS0184250409780
A link that is wrapped around a Rendering Variant​ Image has an incorrect URL if the Image is under a section.​​CS0185108410171
​​If you use personalization rules on partial designs, a NullReferenceException occurs.CS0183779410869
​In the Content Editor, ​if you preview a page, it redirects you to the desktop.CS0183856, CS0191868, CS0197029, CS0200232, CS0215861, CS0183447, CS0180395355817

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