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Release Notes

November 2021 – released Sitecore Experience Accelerator 10.2.0

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) enables parallel work streams (content, creative design, UX, coding) to not only reduce the time required to produce a website, but also improve the quality by allowing all contributors to validate each other's contributions. SXA provides reusable user experience layouts and components that are fully integrated into the Sitecore editing experience.


  • Multisite sharing has been greatly extended to support Redirect maps, data source configurations, available renderings, and more.
  • In Horizon, you can now add, remove, and reorder items for components that store a data source under a grouping root item, like Carousel, Tabs, or Link List.
  • SXA is now distributed with Items as resources.

New features/improvements

DescriptionADO no.
The toolbox now triggers search after you enter one character.329847
Scriban now supports Responsive Image.335207
The Gallery Video rendering now supports additional URL formats for Vimeo video URL.437899
A secure flag has been added to the XA.cookies API.430837
You can now edit the Rendering Parameter fields of a component in Horizon.413809
The SXA Video component now supports YouTube closed captions.441656
Multisite sharing has been greatly extended to support Redirect maps, data source configurations, available renderings, and more.449319
Renderings now have a minimum height of 30px during editing and this makes empty renderings selectable.439982
It's now possible to create a local data source for a component that is already present on the page in the same way as when the component is dropped on the page.455949
The Clone Site functionality now lets you select the target location, for example, the Site folder.442301
The SXA integration with JSS now supports the serverSideRenderingEngineApplicationUrl setting.457778
You can now add, remove, and reorder items in Horizon for components that store a data source under a grouping root item, like Carousel, Tabs, or Link List.410965
SXA is now distributed with Items as resources.454958
You can now access metadata for Link and Image fields in the Scriban templates.350226
You can now use Scriban to wrap an HTML area with a link.442331
The Tag Cloud component now lets you display the titles of tags based on the language setting.462072
JSS tenants and sites have been renamed Headless tenants and sites.416295
A new url parameter has been added to the SXA CLI and you can now switch all commands​ to a different environment from the command line.463754
Whitespace characters are now automatically trimmed in the SXA Site Host Name field and this avoids some hard to diagnose configuration problems.465402
The new sc_responsive Scriban function can render images sourced from Content Hub.453414
The SXA CLI now supports uploading of fonts.465929
The FillGridDefaultValues.GetTargetParameters() method has been improved to better handle GridParameters null string.470566
The Page canvas is now automatically refreshed after rendering parameters are changed in Horizon.473825
The Create a new SXA component wizard has been extended with the newly added data source behaviors.472075
You can now remove the robots.txt file for an SXA site with a virtual folder specified.477207
WebApi calls like Search Results can now use Scriban variants without the need for a PageContext.477741
You can now configure the Browser Cache-control settings for SXA sitemap.xml files with a configuration file patch.478843
SXA now supports the new Bootstrap 5 grid.462645
The Lodash library has been updated to the latest version.465726
The Scriban library has been upgraded to version 3.6.466923
You can now use Scriban templates in JSON variants.483214
The JSS tenants and sites are now called Headless tenants and sites.473833
In Rich Text fields, site-internal links are now updated during cloning to point to the cloned site.482662

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

DescriptionADO no.
An ArgumentNullException occurs when an item defined in the Pass Through Field does not contain any value.334632
If a partial design contains a container rendering, you cannot save any changes that you make to the rendering.316029
​If you search using a date filter, the search results do not include the day specified in the To date value.242338
If you use the Load More component, all the search results are not shown.334643
The Pagination component does not work when it is embedded within a rendering variant.345803
​If you use the component wizard to create a new rendering, it creates a data source item but does not link it to the new rendering.326489
The Dropdown filter component for SXA search ignores the scope defined in the URL when providing the search results.337994
The Rich Text Editor profile is different in the Content Editor and in the Experience Editor.358258
If the current user has no access to the Home item, the sitemap.xml is inaccessible.354111
In the Splitter component, if you remove and re-add a snippet, it causes unintended layout output.338253
In components that were created with the Component Wizard, the rendering view tries to render variant fields even when the component variants are disabled.338269
The same site is resolved differently when you open it in Experience Editor before and after you install SXA.380953
In the Experience Editor, the Select Media dialog does not show the language version's display name of media items in the content tree.397386
Global item bucket settings do not work in SXA headless sites.421007
If you remove and re-add a snippet in the Splitter component, it results in an unintended layout output.338253
If a data template is missing for any item under /sitecore/layout, the SXA Toolbox is not displayed.411659
In the Experience Editor, if you collapse the ribbon during a drag & drop operation, the drop target (blue triangle) is hidden.427672
Links from the wrong SXA sites are generated in EXM emails.430959
The draggable area in SXA is always limited by the initial window size.433768
Personalization doesn't work for composite components that use local data sources.450108
The Data source workflow action only works with the English language version of items.446345
In the Multi-Root Tree View field, when a query is used as the source, every site is displayed as the Current Site.449900
In the Experience Editor, if you open the Select the Placeholder Settings window, the Server Error in '/' Application. error is displayed.449816
In the Experience Editor, the Convert data sources to GUID/Local command does not respect the language of the item.412559
The Cleanup Data Folder script removes the data sources related to partial design renderings.450784
If one form is in the page body and another is in the Overlay, the NavigationData of the FormDataModel in the FormBuilderContoller is NULL.395458
In the standard values of the SXA templates, the translation is wrong for some fields.418505
The Cleanup Data Folder script removes page datasources in the Japanese language.451984
The Add Site Language script adds a language to delegated items.384988
The LayoutModel object is created multiple times per request.450878
The DateVariant in Fallback scenario does not acquire the expected date format from the primary variant.362491
In the Content Editor, if you try to assign a data source to a component, an error message is shown.444859
If you clone multi-language pages with subitems, the args.SourceItem error occurs.452497
The LayoutModel constructor is inefficient.450879
In the Content Editor, in the SXA datasource selection dialog, the Create link is greyed out.452779
If you add a non-English version of an item, the DuplicateItemNameException occurs.452840
The Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.PathCache setting can affect the ability to resolve optimized assets.454138
If the current site is linkable and linking to other sites is enabled, the Insert link functionality does not show the selected item.458190
Dynamic placeholders are not excluded from the placeholder wrapper.454375
If the data sources for rules are snippets within a snippet, the Snippet component does not work correctly with personalization.454464
If you change the data source of a snippet that contains a nested snippet, it can clear the nested snippet.456401
If the site at the root of the Sitecore instance requires a login, it will affect the operation of /layouts/system/VisitorIdentification.aspx.454338
In Experience Editor, if you open an item, it is not always possible to resolve the site.458313
If you run the Cleanup Data Folder script and a partial design item contains a Data folder without any child items, an error occurs.458937
The OpenGraph component renders an incorrect Image media URL if Target Hostname is set.453945
The Video component does not work on a page in the Turkish language.456995
The ListRepository.GetContentSearchQueryItems method retrieves too many fields from a search index.454453
​In the Experience Editor, if you save a page that contains the same components for different devices, it drops renderings from the Final Layout, Presentation details and throws the Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation error.459597
If a variant data attribute contains more than one token, an error is thrown.460090
You cannot use the HTML Tag variant for Images that are loaded from Content Hub.460711
In Experience Editor, if you use the Insert button on a rendering, the Do you want to save popup does not save your changes.459392
If a Scriban template includes a Language Selector component, the component does not show any languages in the Experience Editor.460101
Link attributes are not rendered in variants.463178
If a query contains a large number of characters, there is a long response time.460395
If a page has been unpublished, PublishReferencedItems fails with NullReferenceException.461327
The SharedItemsPublicationHandler method queues too many publishing jobs.462572
The Search Result component renders all links with the hostname of the current site even if they originate from a site in another domain.456595
The Sitecore.XA.Feature.SiteMetadata.Templates.ITitle method does not work.466766
​If you install SXA, in the Campaign Creator, the Going to Experience Analytics button does not work.470565
If you use SXA with Sitecore Publishing Service, local data source items are not always published.466844
If Creative Exchange IS triggered from a CI server, Scriban files are not imported.472114
The rules in the Datasource Validation field are not applied.472579
A snippet that has A/B testing applied is not displayed after publishing.472147
The Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Multisite.EventHandlers.HttpRoutesRefresher.RouteExist method, can throw a System.InvalidCastException error.473253
If you remove an item and then publish its parent item with Sitecore Publishing Service, the item is not removed from the Web database cache.470449
If you edit a login component and save your changes it does not take into account the value in the Login Button caption field.471559
If you use a composite rendering, the data source workflow actions do not work.475427
The Carousel component causes the page to scroll back to top automatically.473871
The JSON Template Variant field is not implemented in SXA 10.0.464881
The Sitecore.XA.Foundation.SitecoreExtensions.Extensions.SiteinfoExtensions.ResolveTargetHostName method can throw a System.NullReferenceException error.473864
If you publish SXA rendering items, the SXA CustomRenderingViewPath cache is not cleared.476138
If the websites are in different languages, the cross-site links are created incorrectly.476608
The implementation of the IsMatchingPath method is not thread safe.476107
If you use a Link component without a data source, an error is shown on the page.471754
The SXA 1.7.0 to 9.3.0 upgrade scripts dry run fails and throws the Get-AllSxaSite : The term 'Get-UniqueItem' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. error.469150
The DateVariant renderer does not use the primary renderer format when it is used in a fallback scenario.464250
The sitemap generator unnecessarily analyzes the page Data folders.470658
If you use the Aggregated Facet Filter component and have multiple filter renderings that use the same computed field one of them is not displayed.475536
The Wrapped If Not Empty variant field link option does not function with the out of the box Image rendering.464002
If the custom session state is saved in Custom mode, a serialization exception occurs.421394
The LocalizableLinkProvider method performs redundant GetSiteInfo calls.462235
If a rendering variant definition is used outside the context of a site, an error occurs in the Allowed in templates field.463959
If you install the DAM Connector, the Rich Text Editor profile is hardcoded.463997
In an SXA page item, the Twitter Text field contains a an inaccurate description.465965
The performance of SiteInfoResolver GetSiteInfo calls is poor.467931
In the Experience Editor, if you add a snippet to a composite component and the snippet is copied from a global data source to local one, an error occurs.480390
If you remove a Page Branch item, a System.NullReferenceException error occurs.468612
Sitecore Forms do not work correctly if they are embedded in an overlay.475554
In a Multiroot Treelist field, if the Source contains / at the end of a value, the Index was outside the bounds of the array error occurs.479136
If an image in Content Hub is missing the src attribute, a NullReferenceException occurs.498844
If SXA is installed, changing the upload destination in Upload media dialog does not work correctly.487044
If you use Creative Exchange to export or import of a page with a Scriban item, a metadata item appears.486135
If you add when two or more placeholders to a template, Scriban dynamic placeholders are generated with incorrect IDs.484936
On a Content Delivery server, the OnPublishEnd handler calls Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Multisite.EventHandlers.SiteCacheClearer` too often.`484843
In the Redirect Map, the $vf token ca not be used for the redirect target URL without a language or a language token.484830
Renaming or moving a page item creates inconsistencies in the site cache.484542
The Ignore other caching settings override with defined below setting does not work with some nested components.483750
Support for map files in SXA CLI is broken.483046
If the same field on different items in the same language refers to the same item, the site clone script fails to update the link references.482572
​In a Redirect map, if a target URL contains contains a language and Language Embedding is set to true, the redirect URL contains two languages.481452
​If SXA is installed, in the Experience Editor, you can not delete a page that has links pointing to it.480530
It is impossible to export pages with a non-English version through Creative Exchange.477303
If you install a package, FlagPublishingGroupingItems creates an invariant language item version.477263
PublishReferencedItems does not publish newly created composites for languages other than en.476634
If the alwaysIncludeServerUrl setting is set to true, the rendering background image media url is is not built correctly.473305
The switchableLinkProvider setting does not resolve cross-site links to non-SXA sites correctly.469199
An interaction with the Site Selector component submits all forms on a page.454315

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