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Release Notes

December 2022 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3.0 rev. 008463

This a feature release. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes features that meet the specific needs of your organization. This release contains significant new feature functionality, and we encourage you to evaluate it.


Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) 10.3 delivers new capabilities and quality improvements that enable organizations to deliver unforgettable experiences with increased ease and convenience.

Whether self-hosted, implemented in Sitecore Managed Cloud, or used as Experience Manager (XM) through Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud (XM Cloud), the 10.3 release improves how organizations extend and integrate the Sitecore Experience Platform with other applications in their marketing tech stack. New management and administration APIs and webhooks enable developers to take an API-first and industry-standard approach to customization, reducing the reliance on in-process custom code. This separation makes it easier for developers to upgrade to new versions of the Experience Platform in the future.

Additionally, the introduction of Headless SXA, Headless Services 21.0, and enhancements to developer tools with 10.3 makes it easier for organizations to use SXP as a headless CMS, and to build engaging experiences using modern front-end frameworks.

Other highlights include:

  • Headless SXA: Benefit from site scaffolding and templating, and new Next.js components, when building applications with XM as a headless CMS.
  • ​​​​EXM enhancements: Added OAuth support for custom SMTP deployments.
  • ​​​​​Headless Services 21.0: Includes the new starter framework to accelerate the creation of new projects, and support for Next.js 12.3.x and React 18.
  • ​​​​​Management Services 5.0: Enhanced Experience Edge publishing, resolved default publishing target, and added support for single-item publishing.
  • ​​Sitecore CLI 5.0: Added Linux support and new telemetry.
  • System updates: Upgraded Identity Server and Publishing Service to support .NET 6, added support for Solr 8.11.2, and SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for encryption of data at rest. Support for Windows Server 2022 coming in January.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionADO no.
ContainersDatabase prefix support can now be configured during deployment.​​421400
ContainersLog-level customization is now added for all Sitecore roles.​427142
ContainersPersistent storage is now used for a device detection database.​487053
ContainersThe ID role is now based on the .NET 6.0 image​​​.​​529430
ContainersThe Solr container has been updated to version 8.11.2.​​545838
ContainersSitecore GraphQL settings has been added to the parameters.​553271
Email Experience ManagerOAuth support has been added for EXM Custom SMTP. ​429737
Experience Optimization​​To improve performance, an index is added to the Fact_Personalization table in the analytics database.454089
Installation​​Sitecore Installation Assistant 1.5.0 supports Sitecore XP 10.3​.0​​​.
List Manager​​You can now assign a user from an external identity service as the owner of a segmented list.502516
Miscellaneous​Sitecore now supports MS SQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). With TDE enabled, data can be encrypted at rest to secure customer data and protect intellectual property.
PlatformThe X-Content-Security-Policy header has been removed from the Content-Security-Policy response.​​​​​482758
Platform​​The implementation of TemplateFieldCacheKey has been changed to reduce memory allocations.484186
Platform​An API has been added that identifies every change that is made to the default items in Sitecore XP - items in resources. This helps you to safely upgrade your solution to a newer version.​495854
Platform​The performance of Factory.GetSiteInfoList() has been improved to avoid excessive memory allocation.505774
Platform​​The performance of the FilteredItemsCache has been improved.505778
Platform​​For jobs where the job.Status.Processed property is not set, the number of units processed is no longer logged.538296
Platform​​​​​You can now receive real-time notifications about events or workflow actions by creating a webhook. You can also use a webhook to run external validation of the workflow state changes of an item.493334, 504626, 504714
Platform​​To ensure that customers receive security updates promptly Sitecore has introduced Sitecore Identity Server 7.0.0 based on .NET 6.531140, 516330
Platform​​The new clearroleswhensignin setting for the identity provider determines whether the roles assigned to a user are managed in Sitecore or in an external identity provider.583085, 534067
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​Searching by ID and path has been improved.474407
Sitecore.ContentSearchA warning is now logged when FullRebuildItemCountThreshold has been reached. ​​​​​497050
Sitecore.ContentSearchIHttpRequestInitializer has been made public. This allows clients to modify request parameters for connections to Solr.​​512890
Sitecore.ContentSearch​The initializeOnAdd setting is now ignored in Solr search indexes.517923


Horizon End-of-Support with SXP 10.3

Sitecore is discontinuing support for the Horizon visual page builder beginning with the SXP 10.3 release. If you are using Horizon, you should remain on 10.2, as an upgrade to 10.3 or later will cause you to lose access to Horizon.

Removed features

ContextDescriptionADO no.
Platform​​​​​An unused Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory reference was removed.430895
Platform​​​The Developer Center has been marked as obsolete and will be removed in a future version.
The GridDesigner, IDE, RenderingLister, PageDesigner, Layouter, Imager, and PageScreenshots that were previously marked as obsolete have been removed.

Known issues

The following is a known issue:

ContextDescriptionADO no.
Media​​When a media blob is referenced by multiple duplicated media items, deleting one of these duplicated items will result in the deletion of the media blob.563054

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionADO no.
Containers​​The mssql-init and solr-init jobs fail to start in the containerd container runtime.524541
Email Experience ManagerGeneral UI improvements have been made.468918
Email Experience ManagerIf you set the value of Analytics.ForwardedRequestHttpHeader to X-Forwarded-For, the EmailOpenedEvent tracking logs an error.473430
Email Experience ManagerIf you add domains in EXM, there are no notifications about the new domains.485161
Email Experience Manager​​The Delete button is not disabled after a campaign has been deleted.485314
Email Experience ManagerIf you specify a filter in Marketing Automation, the automated email campaign is not sent to the recipient list.490233
Email Experience Manager​​The Export button for a suppression list is enabled even when there are no items in the list or Sitecore Delivery Cloud is not enabled.494592
Email Experience Manager​Even when Sitecore Delivery Cloud is not enabled, an error message related to it is shown.494601
Email Experience ManagerIf you export a suppression list using a date range where the date in the From field is later than the date in the To field, no validation error is displayed.​​​​​495802
Experience Analytics​If you delete an item when xConnect is unavailable, an exception error is thrown.497506
Experience Editor​If you change the date and time format in the Region and Language Settings dialog box, an incorrect format is displayed in the Experience Editor.51661
Experience EditorIf you open the Personalization wizard after you have reset a shared layout, an error occurs.166528
Experience EditorThe Experience Editor Insert button does not work correctly in EXM.​234193
Experience Editor​In the Experience Editor, if you replace compatible renderings, the UniqueId changes.361317
Experience Editor​The performance of Sitecore.ExperienceEditor.Speak.Ribbon.Requests.DatasourceUsages.GetDatasourceUsagesDropdown.ProcessRequest is not optimized.406728
Experience EditorIn the Experience Editor, if you click the Edit Experience Editor Options button or the Add associated content button, the page scrolls up.458264
Experience EditorThe enableWebEdit parameter is always read from the Preview.DefaultSite value.​​​​​489128
Experience Editor​​In a multi-line text field, if you paste text that contains formatting, the HTML tags are not removed.500606
Experience Editor​If HtmlEditor.RemoveScripts=false and the field type is removed from Rendering.HtmlEncodedFieldTypes, ​FieldRenderer.Render() returns an empty string.507001
Experience Editor​An extra <br> tag is added at the end of a multi-line text field.509260
Experience Editor​​In the Experience Editor, if you edit an empty Rich Text field, a JavaScript error occurs.509296
Experience Editor​In the Do you want to open the start Web page instead? dialog, if you click the Cancel or X button, the start Web page opens in a new tab.511601
Experience Editor​​​​​The fallback value of a field changes after another field has been saved with a new value.517115
Experience Editor​​The HTML tags of a single-line text are removed when editing and saving other fields.520726
Experience Editor​​​If you enter any HTML tags in a multi-line text field using a field editor dialog in Experience Editor, the HTML tags are removed.531146
Experience Editor​​​​​​The Insert Image button in the WebEdit ribbon only works if the image has an en version.533388
Experience EditorIf you set the Date field value to 5/23/2080 and use the ar-sa language, the page does not render the date field.​​540755
Experience Optimization​​​​​If you change the standard values item and apply personalization, the final rendering changes are not saved.457081
Experience Optimization​​​​​If you select the Enable variation of component design check box, the setting does not persist and the selected component design renderings are reverted.460603
Experience OptimizationIf you run multiple tests for a single page, the historical tests list does not display all previous tests.​​496833
Experience OptimizationItems in draft state are published when creating a page test for an item.​​​​​505988
Experience Optimization​Disabling Track effect of personalization on this component does not work when more than one component is personalized.509251
Experience Optimization​​​​​If you use a filter using a goal taxonomy facet rule, there is no rule fact resolver found for the ISegmentationServiceContext.516003
Experience Optimization​​​​​Items in draft state are published when creating a version test for an item.527227
Experience Optimization​​If you create an A/B page test between a parent and a child item, the items may not be completely published.530482
Experience Optimization​​The Experience Optimization dashboard fails to load if there are empty experiences in the index.537304
Experience Profile​In Firefox, if you open Experience Profile, the search box is rendered incorrectly.371711
Federated Experience ManagerWhen you use Azure Request Routing, the FXM SCBeacon service uses an internal domain name instead of a public domain name.221942
Federated Experience ManagerThe FXM folder contains configuration files related to Azure Search.501534
Headless ServicesThe Edge Preview and Edge delivery endpoints return an inconsistent order of child items.​529047
Headless Services​​​​​Publishing fails and throws an ArgumentNullException error due to TemplateFieldDeliveryEntityGenerator.534137
List ManagerIf a contact does not have a last name specified, ​{LastName} is displayed.​​324998
List ManagerIf you import a CSV of contacts, ListManager does not identify duplicate entries and creates multiple dedicated contacts.469483
Marketing Automation​​​​​The IContactRepository is registered with an incorrect DI lifetime​.331761
Marketing Automation​​​​​The delimiters in Marketing Automation reports are not rendered based on the user's culture.464103
Marketing Automation​​A potential ThreadPool starvation issue has been resolved.504859
Marketing AutomationIf you start and stop a campaign in the previous month and open it in the next month, an error occurs when you select a start date.​​515379
Marketing Automation​​​​​The ScheduledPlanEntryWorker and ActivityTimeoutWorker classes can stop working unexpectedly.515456
Marketing Automation​​​​​If you create an automation plan in multiple languages, a duplicate key error occurs in the ActivityTimeoutWorker class.525976
Marketing Automation​​If you switch the pages in the SelectPlanActivity dialog, a The data could not be loaded error occurs.533272
Marketing Automation​​The Move to another campaign activity does not prevent subsequent actions on the same path.535686
Marketing Automation​​The Move to another campaign activity does not allow Remove from Campaign to be added to the flow.542482
Marketing Foundation​​​​​The interaction and device profile ID reference to an incorrect contact after a known-to-known identification.470569
Marketing Foundation​If you use Redis Session State Provider and set AlloConcurrentRequestPerSession to true, a NullReferece exception is thrown.505522
Marketing Foundation​​​​Marketing definitions search indexes reference an obsolete computed index UrlLink field.​521532
Marketing Foundation​​Tolerance has been increased to handle transient faults when trying to access Submit Queue.531111
Marketing Foundation​​The Redis session lock does not work as expected leading to inconsistent data.535277
Miscellaneous​​Some security issues have been resolved.373821, 498938, 506984, 506986, 508237, 509802, 512209, 513368, 514144, 525885
Miscellaneous​​​​​Localization has been improved.489199, 489394, 489680, 492791, 492793, 492795, 493348, 496745, 504663, 507540, 508987, 509455, 526858, 549833, 550452, 550453, 550454, 550942
Path AnalyzerCustom goal maps do not display any data.​​​​​501157
Platform​In the ValueLookupField class, the ​ValidateLinks method slows down rebuilding the LinkDatabase.115854
Platform​​​Too much information is serialized to the EventQueue for clone items.146631
Platform​​​​​​The encodeNameReplacements rules break GUID-based media URLs.158936
Platform​​​​​​Sitecore Query can be run every time the Translate.Text(string) method is invoked.178849
PlatformWhen you try to delete or archive an item, a Relink | System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null error occurs.211195
Platform​​If you set the RequireLogin attribute, it breaks the authentication logic of a front-end site.229436
Platform​​​​​​The Copy To button on the Final Layout tab copies the rendering to the other item but does not show an updated list in the Layout Details dialog.287225
Platform​​The CleanupAgent does not clean up log files created by RollingFileAppender.313137
Platform​The AddClonesToPublishQueue method slows the locking and unlocking of an item if clones are widely used.​​​​​329904
Platform​​The AddClonesToPublishQueue method could make changing the workflow state of an item that has a lot of clones to be slow.331567
Platform​​​The default ScavengeStrategy.DoCleanup method can clean up less than the value specified in CacheScavengePercent.384576
Platform​If you delete an item that has a clone, a Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes… error occurs.​​​​​445206
Platform​​​​​​If ItemCloning.DeleteClonesWithOriginalItem is true, the PublishManager.DataEngine_DeletedItem method can throw a NullReferenceException.450353
Platform​​​​​If security is set to null on any item, ​a security rules parsing error occurs.461985
Platform​​​​​If the AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting is set to false and parallel publishing is enabled, the ​PublishAgent fails.462837
Platform​​​The GetTargetItem() method returns null for cross-database links.479550
Platform​If you rename an item to its initial name, ​the PathCache is not cleared on a CD instance.493542
Platform​​In the Sitecore.Sites.config file, if the enforceVersionPresence setting is set to true, an item may not be identified as a content item.494792
Platform​​If you use a .jiff file with an incorrect MIME type, it is not displayed in Internet Explorer 11.494964
Platform​​If the previewUnpublishableItems setting is set to true, you cannot ​preview unpublishable items.498395
Platform​​​​​​The PublishEndRemote EventArgs do not determine the name of the context database.498865
Platform​​​​​If you access LayoutCache.GetCacheKeys(), the entire concurrent dictionary gets locked.499061
Platform​​Cache size recalculation slows down full cache clearing.499631
Platform​​If an item does not have a parent item in the EN language and the enforceVersionPresence setting is set to true for all items, ​links to the item in the EN language are incorrect.499753
Platform​​​​​​If changes in the context of the StatisticDisabler are made by StatisticDisablerState.ForItemsWithoutVersionOnly, they are not published incrementally.500567
Platform​​​If you use OWIN and have a large number of web sites, application startup is interrupted by a StackOverflowException.500740
Platform​​If you republish a blob, the blobIDs cache is not updated on the CD instance.503173
Platform​​​​​If the Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.ItemCache setting is set to true, the ​Sitecore caches are not cleared on a CD instance.503828
Platform​​The __Standard Values of the Rendering parameters are not read.505185
Platform​​If you publish a clone item, the FilteredItemsCache is cleared for every sites.505342
Platform​​​​​​​If you publish a clone item, the ItemPathsCache is partially cleared.505584
Platform​​​​​​Unnecessary blocking occurs in Logger.CallAppenders(LoggingEvent).506173
PlatformIf you run an incremental publishing from the Publish Agent, a number of unintended update jobs are executed.​​507191
Platform​​​There is a typo in Sitecore.Sites.DefaultItemSiteResolver.CanResolve.507668
Platform​​​​​​If one language falls back to another language, a StackOverflowException occurs in Sitecore.Globalization.Translate.Text().509668
Platform​​The Custom Properties of a virtual user are not fetched from the database.510291
Platform​​​​​​If you log in an external Sitecore site via an external identity provider, the Sitecore title appears on the browser tab.510418
Platform​​​A 404 error for non-existent media files is still cached in web[paths] cache even after publishing.512303
Platform​​​The Sitecore.Diagnostics.Statistics class is not thread-safe.512493
Platform​Download filename becomes garbled when using non-ASCII characters.518999
Platform​When entries are added to a cache, the cache size is calculated incorrectly.520870
Platform​​Sitecore.Collections.TemplateDictionary is not thread-safe.526344
Platform​​​If you rebuild the Links database, many records are duplicated multiple times.526584
Platform​​​The Customize My Toolbar dialog does not use Client translations.526616
Platform​​Exclude Robots does not work correctly with the IP ranges specified in IPv6.528926
Platform​If you use the where the current user is a member of the specific role personalization condition, an ​Application access denied error occurs.528947
Platform​​The publishing behavior for items as resource files is incorrect.529023
Platform​​​​​​If you restore an item from resources, it can cause a StackOverflowException.529187
Platform​​​​​​Reading the child items of items as resource is not thread-safe.530961
Platform​​The Custom Properties of a virtual user are lost during RuntimeSetting serialization.531248
Platform​If an item has a large number of language and numeric versions, the output of the Gallery Links form becomes unmanageable.531872
PlatformIf you change the client settings in the identityServer.xml file, users are not logged out.535578
Platform​​​If you publish related items to one publishing target, it fails when another publishing target is unavailable due to an error in the LinkDatabase.535675
Platform​​If a user has not been assigned any Sitecore roles and the Identity Server login page is disabled, a ​redirect loop occurs.536782
Platform​​​​​​When Sitecore XP resolves a target site, it uses the site root path and the language but ignores the database.537827
Platform​​​​​​References to items that have a large number of language and numeric versions degrade the performance of the GalleryLinksForm and the Experience Editor.542261
Platform​​​​​​If a username contains a single quote, the My Items dialog throws a ParseException error.555436
PlatformIf you rename a __Standard Values item and have enabled language fallback, a ​StackOverflowException occurs.​​118166, 187731
Platform​​​Some security vulnerabilities have been fixed.390129, 363636, 500712, 513299, 525345, 92375, 539826, 492315, 390299, 459146, 504543, 533235, 525192, 531019, 548363, 539965
Platform​​​​​​In the Rich Text Editor, if you use Alt codes, an extra unnecessary symbol is output.489654, 549048
PlatformIf the ​​​Publishing.CheckSecurity setting is set to true, it does not work with external users.526576, 526577
PublishingThe Content Availability - HTML cache is not cleared when a data source is updated.​​508762
Sitecore.ContentSearch​If ​ContentDatabase is null for a context site, LinqHelper throws an NullReferenceException error.186703
Sitecore.ContentSearchThe Name (Lookup) Value List field containing IDs without braces is not indexed.​​283431
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​The unused _url and _lastestversion virtual fields cause performance issues.314849
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​Populate Solr Managed Schema does not cover all default Sitecore languages.437509
Sitecore.ContentSearch​Sitecore connects to the old SolrCloud server after a warm Disaster Recovery has been triggered.447307
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​​​​The indexing.getDependencies pipeline causes an InvalidOperationException error after an item has been deleted.485321
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​The GetDataSourceItemByQuery processor aborts the pipeline even if it could not process the data source.486907
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​​​​CultureExecutionContext is lost if the index field name cannot be resolved from the configuration.487890
Sitecore.ContentSearchSolrFieldNameTranslator attempts to resolve an index field name based on a Virtual Field name. ​​487891
Sitecore.ContentSearch​The index properties are saved into the same database regardless of the database being crawled.497496
Sitecore.ContentSearch​The Location Finder component does not work on items that do not have an English version.505615
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​The IEnumerable``<T> properties of a search result POCO remain unassigned.508786
Sitecore.ContentSearchPDFsharp media content extraction can omit delimiters between words or paragraphs.​​509467
Sitecore.ContentSearch​​The web index rebuild performance degrades after applying Hotfix 494627.520721
Sitecore.ContentSearch​In OperationsMonitor, the number of queued actions is always zero.524509
Sitecore.ContentSearchThe search operations are run in the context of a sitecore\Anonymous user instead of the actual user.​​​​​529807
Sitecore.ContentSearchIf the culture of a thread is set to ar-SA, the search result is not loaded because the date cannot be populated.​​540756
Sitecore Forms​​​If you change the value of a specific form item, the Revision field is changed in all form items.404956
Sitecore Forms​​The hidden File Upload field is validated and does not redirect the request to the correct URL.483476
Sitecore Forms​If you save a language version of a form and languagefallback is enabled, ​a You cannot edit the 'the form' item because it is protected error occurs.485274
Sitecore Forms​​​In the Experience Editor, the form is not displayed until you click the Save button.485487
Sitecore Forms​​If you add a form with two navigation buttons, the page source code of the form contains duplicated IDs.486154
Sitecore Forms​Field validation can be bypassed by changing related inputs.490008
Sitecore Forms​​The Text field is not decoded in list elements and displays an incorrect list name.491143
Sitecore FormsIf you submit a form with an empty File Upload element, a NullReferenceException occurs.​​491488
Sitecore Forms​​Language-specific or special characters are not allowed in form labels.493648
Sitecore FormsThe validation message for a required element is displayed after the form element has been disabled.​500992
Sitecore Forms​Searching a form with multiple keywords does not work.503212
Sitecore Forms​​A reference to the core databases breaks the indexing on CD instances.510810
Sitecore FormsIf you submit a multi-page form after the session has expired, an unexpected Redirected to Page submit action is executed.​​513277
Sitecore FormsThe Form data entries deleted successfully message is displayed incorrectly when a form data entry deletion has failed.​​513372
Sitecore Forms​​The radio button list labels behave incorrectly in multi-language forms.513382
Sitecore Forms​​If you save a form with a Text field tag set to span, a The form was not saved error occurs.525169
Sitecore Forms​Test cases do not account for time zone differences of agents.558874

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