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Release Notes

April 2018 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 Update 7 (rev. 180406)

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Experience Analytics​​The ability to truncate query strings for URLs in page related dimensions has been added.19666
Marketing Foundation​The Contact Segmentation Index was updated to be compatible with the Right to be forgotten feature.

This includes cases where tags, pages, and page event documents should be removed, as well as cases where the updates would have been ignored because of the setting to avoid indexing anonymous contacts.

Marketing Foundation​To enable an organization to implement the Right to be informed as part of GDPR, the new Sitecore.Analytics.Model.Entities​.IGdprStatus contact facet has been added. This facet contains the ExecutedRightToBeForgotten boolean field that indicates whether the Right To Be Forgotten has been executed for the contact. The facet also contains the PrivacyPolicyAcknowledgement collection that contains an audit trail of when the contact acknowledged the organization's privacy policy. Each item contains the following fields:

- Agreement Date - the date when the customer confirmed that they agreed to the organization's latest privacy policy.
- Policy Identifier - the unique identifier for the policy. This can include the version number.​

Marketing FoundationA new pipeline initializeMongoDbCollectionsIndexes has been introduced that enables you to customize the initialization of the MongoDB indexes. It is run during Sitecore instance initialization process. You can extend the pipeline to ensure that all the required indexes are included or to drop obsolete index​es from the MongoDB collection.​``
Marketing Foundation​To enable an organization to implement the Right of access and the Right to data portability as part of GDPR, the contact repository API was extended to retrieve the complete interaction history of a given contact. The Sitecore.Analytics.Data.ContactRepositoryBase.GetInteractionCursor method can be used to enumerate the contact's historical interactions, loading them in batches of a desired size.​201445
Marketing Foundation​To enable an organization to implement the Right to be forgotten, a new removeContactPiiSensitiveData pipeline has been implemented.201445
Marketing FoundationThe default interval between attempts by Shared Session State to place a lock on a contact has been increased from 10 to 200 milliseconds to avoid unnecessary use of Shared Session Store resources.196356
Marketing Foundation​​The Sitecore.Analytics.ExcludeRobots.config file has been extended with new user agents for the Googlebot/2.1 and BUbiNG bots.197618, 197619
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureTo avoid downtime, you can now switch Azure Search indexes on rebuild. ​495279, 486505, 485220, 493588, 491750, 478130, 485664, 484750146822
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​Azure Search now allows fields with the same name and different types to be stored next to each other in the index.​483540164142, 170084, 170254
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Azure Search now supports indexing in several languages.151795, 156686

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
API​The General Link Anchor saves to the wrong target.183327
API​The roles assigned to a virtual user are lost if the user is redirected to another server.196266
API​The order of the renderings changes when you remove a rendering from a layout.201886
API​​Loging in when the DisablePasswordRecovery setting is set to true breaks the login.js file.​193491
APIProfile changes for virtual users are not shown unless you clear the UserProfileCache​.193799, 216247
API​Automatic type conversion for IEnumerable​ doesn't work in the default Solr configuration.​197659
API​The LinkUpdaterJob job updates links for the same item multiple times.192299
Content Editor​​The TreeListEx field type does not respect ReadOnly permissions.94701, 402909
Content Editor​You cannot expand sections in the Content Editor that contain non-ASCII characters.93699, 385145
Content Editor​​Parameters are not sent to the QueryState method.93409, 380595
Content EditorThe Gallery.Icons control is broken and does not pop up correctly.202331
Content Editor​​The Check in command only unlocks the latest version of an item in the Content Editor.207331
Content Editor​​You always get old field values inside a validator.91313, 333285
Content Editor​On the Developer tab, the Serialize Tree button throws an exception when there are big trees of items.95200, 415261
Item Buckets Content Search​Fields with standard values are not indexed when the indexAllFields setting is set to false.​408318
Language Fallback​​Disabling item language fallback on an item leads to outdated documents in indexes.154372
Language fallbackAdding a new version of an item and publishing it removes documents in the fallback languages of the item from the web index. ​153722
Layouts and RenderingsWhen you publish a clone item, the final layout changes are missing.199088
Layouts and Renderings​The delta for the Final renderings field isn't updated for a different language if the Renderings field is changed.​196571
Links​​The EditingNotAllowedException exception occurs in rendering parameters.94858, 406071
LinksRemoveBrokenLinks.aspx does not work correctly.103875
Links​​When you add an anchor to a link in the RTE, it may appear in the middle of the query string instead of at the end.120848
Marketing FoundationHistorical aggregation only runs in a single thread.​199888, 96210
Marketing FoundationDuring historical rebuilding, if you copy definitions with the RebuildTargets setting set to Index, exceptions occur.​​ ​196778
Marketing Foundation​​The contact lease for the contact {GUID} exception is now renewed properly when the contact reaches the max page count threshold during one visit.198208
Marketing Foundation​A contact value may be lost if it is assigned after the contact reaches the MaxPageIndexThreshold during a parallel session.208784
Marketing Foundation​Tracker.Current.Session.Identify performs a MergeVisits operation that can exceed the MongoDB sort operation memory usage limit.142272, 104465
Marketing Foundation​A newly created campaign name is displayed as $name in the Attributes dialog, if the campaign item does not have a version in the default language.108531
Marketing Foundation​​It is impossible to configure the timeout for the web request created by Sitecore.Analytics.Commons.ConfigurationBasedHttpTransportFactory.109562, 110296
Marketing FoundationDuring the History Rebuild process, copying the definitions fails if Rebuild Targets is set to Index.196778
Media​Media hash generation change doesn't work correctly.192711
Media​You cannot detach file-based media items.​192625
Miscellaneous​If you add an anchor to an internal link, it doesn't appear in the rendered link tag.​202562
Miscellaneous​FieldEditor validation does not run correctly.90837, 322849
Miscellaneous​​The virtualFolder site setting doesn’t work properly if the physicalFolder property is not specified.91335, 334079
Miscellaneous​The raw URL is encoded twice in the HandleItemNotFound method.91478, 336908
Miscellaneous​The website is resolved incorrectly when it's hostname is a substring of the requested hostname.91535, 338338
Miscellaneous​The DateTimeMacro does not switch to the selected date/time.94423, 398199
MiscellaneousInline closing tags in HTML are removed and validation fails.139799
Miscellaneous​Mixing display names with item names that contain hyphens causes links to break.163173
MiscellaneousWhen the user selects an item with a detached file-based media item, the logging message level has been changed from Error to Warning.​173436
MiscellaneousWhen you access an item with an MVC layout in the Experience Editor, the The Controls collection cannot be modified error occurs.176688
Miscellaneous​​The RemoveLink method in the Layout field doesn't delete every broken link.188475
Miscellaneous​The HashEncryption class is not thread safe.190277
Miscellaneous​The ContextCache does not have any scavenging functionality and this can cause the OutOfMemoryException.191831
Miscellaneous​There are too many disabled attributes in field controls.​194585
Miscellaneous​Implement a lock-free DocumentTypeMapCache.195244
Miscellaneous​The grid view goes out of alignment when you add a new field to the search results.200327
Miscellaneous​​The item:saved event is fired more than once when you create items or add new versions.95306, 417978
Miscellaneous​The LanguageFallbackFieldValuesProvider.IsValidForFallback method ignores the standard value of the Enable Shared Language Fallback field.105327
Miscellaneous​Field level fallback indexing fails to update the fallback value when the original value is changed.​130860
MiscellaneousWhen using the Redis session state provider, a non-optimal mechanism for processing expired sessions data causes Sitecore to crash due to the heavy load.500283204592
Multibrowser fixes​The Rule Editor does not show the scroll bar.94730, 403632
Multibrowser fixes​​Changing the sort order of an item creates a new version of the item.93017, 373687
Multibrowser fixes​The Rich Text Editor incorrectly processes a Delete Line operation in the HTML.93773, 386098
Path Analyzer​​The standard values for Path Analyzer maps have a broken link that prevents you from deploying new maps.196134, 213960
Pipelines​​The rootItem is displayed instead of the Login page when the visitor does not have permission to access an item.96219, 437738
PublishingAdding templates to the queue in the publish pipeline does not publish the templates correctly.94747, 404036
PublishingTemplates with sections and fields are not published when the Related Items check box is selected.​94877, 406474
Publishing​The Publish related items feature publishes an item template without its subitems (sections, fields, __StandardValues)​.​94883, 406573
PublishingSitecore.Data.Items.ItemPublishing clogs up the ContextCache with null values during publishing.191837
Publishing​The Publishing Restrictions dialog causes unnecessary item re-saves.​200552
Rich Text Editor​The modal window of the Rich Text Editor is truncated if it is opened on a tablet device.131835
Security API​There is double encoding in the Sitecore.Pipelines.RenderLayout.SecurityCheck processor​.91438, 336004
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Search results only contain 50 items by default.492451, 491431, 481646, 479281, 497256, 495805, 492125147550, 147551
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​In the Content Editor, when a user filters search results by language, the filter is not applied. ​205818
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Searching by _fullpath does not return any results if the _fullpath includes empty spaces​.​200381
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureCorrupted items prevent users from rebuilding indexes in Azure deployments.498128, 500140, 498447, 495086198669
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​When you use Azure search queries, to search for items in a specific language that contains a hyphen in its name (for example, en-AU), the results incorrectly contain items for all languages.​502743, 491928, 487773, 501874, 496438171546
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Searches that contain multiple words should only return documents that match the whole search phrase. ​500897, 491064, 481633, 501874, 498841147386
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​On Azure, web indexes can not be rebuilt from a CM server. ​​499125, 495819194495
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​The Integer field does not map to Edm.Int32 by default.483540164142
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​Sitecore fields that are marked as non-searchable can be found using search.​​​​​​​ ​192278
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Complex search queries that contain OR statements return incorrect search results.485763, 492251, 503065166765

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