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Release Notes

October 2017 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 Initial Release (rev.171002)

This a feature release. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes features that meet the specific needs of your organization. This release contains significant new feature functionality, and we encourage you to evaluate it.


Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 includes:

  • Sitecore xConnectTM – the ability to collect and act on any customer behavior from any channel at any time.
  • New Sitecore Forms – completely redesigned UX that strongly focuses on the business user.
  • Marketing Automation – Omni-channel automation with updated engagement plans in a modern UI that is designed to work at scale with specific support for Personalization, Email, and Commerce scenarios.
  • SSC Headless capabilities – Sitecore Services client for full headless scenarios - websites designed using JavaScript and API calls.
  • Federated Authentication – support for external authentication providers.
  • Dynamic Placeholders – the ability to add the same placeholder name several times across multiple renderings or use the same placeholder multiple times in a single rendering.
  • Platform improvements – including upgrade and performance improvements, and a new installer framework.
  • Improved Experience Editor performance.
  • xDB Data Conversion – a tool that supports xDB data conversion.
  • Sitecore Install Framework – a new developer friendly tool for installing Sitecore.


To see all the Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 documentation, please visit the Sitecore Documentation Site.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
ConfigurationA new configuration approach has been introduced which dramatically improves the configuration of Sitecore server roles and the configuration file structure.
96572, 447737
Device Detection​The startup performance of Sitecore has been improved by loading the device database in a background process.
Experience Analytics​Experience Analytics has been updated to work with xConnect, increasing Sitecore's reporting options.
Experience Analytics​Flexible dimensions give Sitecore the ability to record domain specific metrics. The previous approach to dimensions is still available, but will be deprecated in a future version of Sitecore.​
Experience Analytics​Experience Analytics now uses the new configuration management system.​
Experience Analytics​In a scaled environment, the reducer agent has been moved from the reporting server to the processing server due to dependencies on sub-systems that are no longer available on the reporting server.
Experience AnalyticsA new drop-down has been introduced that allows you to choose the currently displayed metric. ​
Experience AnalyticsThe reorganized reports provide a better and more consistent user experience.​
Experience Analytics​The updated list control supports the new structure for dimensions.
Experience Editor​The performance of the Experience Editor has been improved​​ - the number of POST requests has be reduced by using bundling technologies and by using sprites for​​ icons.437395, 450445, 456229, 464495, 471251, 472285, 473578, 48057075437, 143009
Experience Editor​The performance of the Experience Editor has been improved​​ - the My Items counter now uses indexes and runs faster.47484881747
Experience EditorWhen the ribbon is collapsed and a user clicks on a tab, the buttons in the ribbon are shown dynamically.476625, 47635980320
Experience EditorNow you can insert and edit external hyperlinks in the inline rich text field.368902, 383498, 377636, 319254, 309711, 336680, 408623, 339347, 45587349479
Experience EditorWhen you edit a field in the field editor, the content updates and saves automatically. You can configure this feature.364695, 391117, 347007, 388738, 350264, 371657, 349468, 366531, 336888, 398505, 439059, 463477, 471879, 48391051523, 59543
Experience EditorThe placeholder name now appears in the tooltip when you hover over an Add Here button.452720, 454377, 455496, 48915363900
Experience EditorIn the Insert Page dialog, you can select any folder to create a page.
Experience Editor​The usability and performance of the content tree navigation control has been improved.
Experience Editor

The Explore mode now works with the new marketing operations and tracking API. The Performance and stability of the Explore mode has been improved.

The 'sitecore\Experience Explorer' role​ was removed. Explore mode is now available for users with sitecore\Author and sitecore\Designer ​roles.

Experience EditorWhen you click the Unlock button, all associated content items and datasources are unlocked with the page item.​​
Experience OptimizationExperience Optimization has been updated to work with xConnect.​
Experience Profile​The Experience Profile has been updated to work with xConnect.
Experience Profile​A new set of search facets have been introduced. They allow you to filter contacts based on a subset of behavioural data.​
Experience Profile​Now displays information about the marketing automation campaigns that a contact is enrolled in.
Federated Experience ManagerFederated Experience Manager has been updated to work with xConnect.
Federated Experience Manager​The performance of FXM has been improved by removing unnecessary requests.
Federated Experience ManagerNow supports multilingual external sites and different content languages.447884, 455171, 475056, 481678, 48041273033, 146744, 146737
Item Buckets Content SearchIDisposable has been implemented in IndexSearch/Update/DeleteContext/LockScope.​
91498, 337467
Item Buckets Content Search​The Optimize agent can be run asynchronously.
96445, 442799
Item Buckets Content Search​The Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrProvider.SolrSearchIndex​ class is now more customizable.​
95486, 423757
Item Buckets Content SearchIf there is no appropriate IFilter for an extension, a warning is written to the log file.
94703, 402930
IP GeolocationThe IP Geolocation client no longer sends lookup requests for local network IP addresses.472136131486
List Manager​List Manager has been updated to work with xConnect.
List Manager​List Manager has been updated with new segmentation rules, providing a wide variety of combinable audience segmentation capabilities based on demographics and time-specific online behaviors.
List Manager​​To accommodate new multiple identifiers and sources on contacts, the import functionality has been extended to allow both identifiers and sources to be mapped when creating or updating contacts.
List Manager​To accommodate new multiple identifiers and sources on contacts, the export functionality has been extended to allow both identifiers and sources to be exported from List Manager.
Marketing AutomationThe application has an easy-to-use interface, a versatile menu system, and an intuitive canvas that guides the user through the process of building automated campaigns.​
Marketing AutomationThe new automation engine is fully integrated into the new xConnect architecture.
Marketing AutomationSet simple plan entry conditions based on goal triggers, and configure advanced entry conditions in the Rule Set Editor.​
Marketing AutomationListener activities evaluate customizable conditions for specified time periods, and decision points give you flexiblity for additional rule-based filtering.​
Marketing AutomationThere are an extensive number of conditions available in the Rule Set Editor that you can use to evaluate contacts. You can manage the conditions centrally and they are consistent across Marketing Automation, Experience Analytics and Segmentation.​
Marketing Automation​Delay functionality gives you control over the precise timing of marketing actions and lets you schedule actions based on a specified marketing deadlines.​
Marketing AutomationDynamic Activity Loading enables developers to extend the application and create new actions, listeners and decision points, allowing you to deliver new email activities with the next EXM release.​
Marketing AutomationYou can move contacts back to the start of a campaign or into other campaigns to accommodate complex marketing scenarios.​
Marketing AutomationThe reporting overlay and fly-outs display where contacts are located in automation campaigns and provide you with historical enrollment counts
Marketing AutomationNew rules enable personalization based on the contact's enrollment or their specific position within an automation campaign.
Marketing FoundationThe new Marketing Automation Engine is a Windows service and Azure WebJob that processes automation plans.
Marketing Foundation​A new reference data API has been introduced to enable you to collect key/value pair data that you can use to refer to contact experience data and reduce data duplication.​
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the new Page Event Definition Manager that lets you use the API to manage page events instead of having to create content items.
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the new Profile Definition Manager that lets you use the API to manage behavioral profiles instead of having to create content items.
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the new Contact List Definition Manager that lets you use a centralized API to create contact lists. You can use this in List Manager and other products that use the new API.
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the IsLiveEvent property has been added to page events, outcomes, and goal definitions. When enabled, this triggers an automation plan before the end of a web session rather than waiting until the session expires.
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the new Segment Definition Manager lets you use the API to create centralized contact segments. You can use this in List Manager and other products as they consume the new services.
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the Alias property that has been added to all definitions. This lets you create a text-based unique identifier.
Marketing Foundation​The Marketing Operations API updates include the new Automation Plan Definition Manager that lets you create automation plans programatically instead of having to create content items.
Marketing FoundationRebuilding the reporting data will no longer also rebuild the contact search index.​
Marketing FoundationThe Interaction aggregation pipeline and processors now use xConnect.
Marketing FoundationProcessing now uses SQL tables for processing pools.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker has been updated to use a contact identifier instead of a contact ID.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker no longer saves contact data at the end of a web session. You must now use the xConnect client API to do this.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker now uses the Marketing Operations API instead of accessing definition items directly in the content tree.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker now supports specifying the facets that are loaded on session start to reduce the amount of data sent across the network.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker no longer adds contact changes or interactions directly to the processing pool. These are now done on the xConnect Collection server.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker no longer updates the Key Behavior Cache. This is now done as an xConnect calculated facet.
Marketing FoundationThe Analytics Web Tracker no longer updates the Contact Behavior Profile. This is now done as an xConnect calculated facet.
MiscellaneousSitecore now supports .Net Framework 4.6.2.
MiscellaneousArchive performance has been improved by adding indexes to the ArchivedVersions and ArchivedFields tables.
MiscellaneousSystem performance has been improved by prefetching _StandardValues.
MVCSitecore MVC now supports Dynamic Placeholders that allow you to use the same placeholder key multiple times in the same rendering and across multiple renderings in the same placeholder.​
Path AnalyzerPath Analyzer has been updated to work with xConnect​.
Path AnalyzerYou can use the new segmentation definitions in xConnect. Users who have created custom filters will need to update and redeploy them based on the new rules.​
PerformanceThe performance of PrefetchCache has been improved.
Platform​There is a new API that supports SOLR Spatial Search and Result Grouping.
94472, 399029, 94505, 399507
PlatformThere is now support for content database SQL replication. This enables you to move the EventQueue and Properties tables to individual databases.
PlatformDynamicFields pipeline was removed along with Quick actions feature.
PublishingReferenced media items are not published in the datasource items.
95121, 412710
Security APISupport for OWIN authentication middleware has been added enabling users to log in to Sitecore via standard Microsoft OWIN authentication providers.​
Sitecore Services ClientA​PI key management that allows developers to have multiple configurations for individual Web APIs.
Sitecore Services ClientRead only OData Content REST service.
Sitecore Services ClientImproved CORS handling for the Sitecore Service Client API controllers.
SolrThis release introduces support for the Solr Managed Schema API.
SolrAn API has been introduced to support Solr Spellcheck, Suggester, Highlight, and MoreLikeThis.
94474, 399058
SPEAK​The DialogWindow component now has a subtitle.
SPEAK​The DraggableElementList component has been added, which provides a mechanism that is used by applications with a toolbar and a canvas.
SPEAK​A Drag and Drop module that works with the DraggableElementList component has been added.129466
SPEAK​Some predefined pages for Dashboard, List, and Task pages have been added.129981
Update Installation Wizard​The Update Installation Wizard can now analyze breaking changes. This feature detects code in the customer's solution that is affected by breaking changes in the Sitecore platform.

Breaking changes

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Experience Analytics​Experience Analytics now uses the new segmentation definitions provided by xConnect. Users who have created custom filters must update and redeploy them based on the new rules
Experience Editor​The sheerUI ribbon has been removed from the Experience Editor.155282
List ManagerList Manager has been updated to use the new segmentation definitions provided by xConnect. Users who have created segmented lists will need to recreate them based on the new rules.
MiscellaneousThe httpRequestBegin pipeline is now triggered during the OnPostAuthentication HTTP Module event (was OnBegin). This may impact custom code that is sensitive to HTTP module event timing.145522
Experience Editor The Explore mode has been refactored. Sitecore.ExperienceExplorer.Business.dll was removed. 495905 

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Configuration​Setting up in the web.config file causes error in the Content and Experience Editor.​175184
Content EditorGeneral link with Search doesn't support source-based filtering.​94601, 401475
Content EditorItems that have publishing restrictions can not be displayed in Preview mode.92774, 369648
DataProvider MSSQL​You cannot insert a duplicate key in the dbo.SessionState object.96296, 439438
DataProvider MSSQL​The Sitecore.Data.DataProviders.Retryer class doesn't support transient errors.108743
Experience Analytics​Experience Analytics adds data to the segment cache even when the value was retrieved from cache.​522705, 523846306434
Experience EditorThe Rendering parameters template cannot be edited in the Experience Editor if its fields contain values with double quotes.456543, 456974, 457892, 463984, 464965, 467385, 471902, 473714, 473168, 474127, 475550, 475606, 475690, 476130, 476967, 480213, 480209, 48378888222
Experience EditorWhen you open the Experience Editor from the Launchpad, it sometimes fails to resolve sites correctly.456630, 457285, 457519, 458198, 458907, 458920, 461205, 464845, 465180, 466035, 466285, 466455, 470093, 470210, 475094, 47681488883
Experience Editor​An invalid value is saved for a rich text field that contains a resized image or a link​.459435, 461257, 462268, 464085, 471489, 471488, 478358102239
Experience Editor​An image gets removed from an RTE field when the field loses focus.​463875, 464320, 467811, 468679, 471488, 479091, 484329111572
Experience EditorYou cannot add a rendering to an MVC placeholder unless you have write permission to the placeholder item.447451, 442897, 432267, 429834, 438811, 42013895411
Experience EditorIf you delete a page that contains a reference to another item, a Handle not found error appears.471460, 472559, 472644, 473920103751
Experience Editor​​The Experience Editor attempts to validate fields from renderings that have been removed.​436474, 488449, 496507, 49856554721, 437459
Experience Editor​​Item name validation is not performed correctly when the ItemNameValidation setting is configured to allow scandinavian characters​​.452801, 460237, 465152, 47566579537
Experience EditorWhen a user with the Sitecore Client Users and Sitecore Client Designing​ roles tries to switch tabs in the Experience Editor ribbon​, ​a JS exception appears in the browser console.475557, 475730, 470037, 477981139115
Experience Editor​In Internet Explorer, the
tag is saved in a Single-line Text field instead of an empty string.
455525, 458048, 458290, 459809, 464210, 466680, 475799, 48375784184
Experience Editor​An HttpRequestValidationException error occurs in Content Editor and in the Experience Editor when .473355, 422718, 450364136227
Experience Editor​The page is not refreshed after you change the workflow state.463056127327
Experience Editor​The MyItems.Count pipeline doesn't take into account the value of the WebEdit.ShowNumberOfLockedItemsOnButton setting.44791772917
Experience Editor​The translation of the Add associated content text is not shown in the Experience Editor​.474223123129
Experience EditorIn Shared Layout mode , Field Validation of versioned fields does not work.478183149177
Experience Editor​In the Control edit toolbar, the name of the Usage button is not translated into different languages.​480828153490
Experience Editor​Security improvements474388137878
Experience EditorYou cannot save an item that has validation rules set on the Renderings field in the Experience Editor​.454094, 455993, 471913, 478101, 478279, 478541, 478751, 483313, 48350882226
Experience Editor​The Edit Final layout button is disabled on a multisite instance.452401, 453021, 454030, 452611, 453370, 462008, 463451, 467979, 467905, 471503, 473523, 477722, 478742, 48335478974
Experience Editor​In a multiline text field, when you press Enter, two lines are added instead of one.460336, 466832, 473776, 477259, 484196, 485160103584
Experience Editor​An error occurs when you save an ​​item with a rendering that has an image field as a parameter field​​.471913, 478522, 479173, 479349, 480029, 479273, 480942, 480982, 482154, 482412, 482536131168
Experience Editor​​In some multisite configurations, when you click the Experience Editor button on the Launchpad, a Page​ Not Found error occurs.453929, 461019, 461352, 462892, 46333280705
Experience Editor​The Experience Editor hangs when a validation message is too long.​479836150258
Experience Editor​The Personalization Bar overlaps related fields.45703889035
Experience Editor​The Date control does not work correctly in the Experience Editor in a multi-site configuration.454251, 461442, 464164, 466825, 468826, 470021, 470580, 472680, 473294, 475687, 480818, 479311, 481086, 48500182260
Experience Editor​Double quotes (") in a link description prevent the page from being saved​.456252, 468495, 474811, 482914, 480779, 484829103363
​Experience EditorWhen template inheritance is used​, the ​Experience Editor breaks the Layout delta.477366, 478788144214
Experience EditorSearching in the Experience Editor ignores the context language.423128, 462962, 478333, 48148295479, 423566
Experience Editor​If you open a page with SCBeacon.trackEvent in it, two interactions are created​.479212147778
Experience Editor​Pasting texts that contain double quotes into an inline RTE field prevents the page from being saved.484292160870
Experience Editor​The value in a Multi-Line Text field gets trimmed when you save it.458592, 471695, 470390, 473604, 473776, 479225, 480117, 479672, 482355101295
Experience EditorValidates a field in the wrong language version.​468649, 479508, 480424, 481487, 481665, 490098, 491202121983
Experience Editor​Too many redirects occur when you open an item with an MVC layout​.469911, 477325, 484275, 483819, 485273, 486260, 488005, 489745126992
Experience EditorDoes not strip HTML tags for the Single-line text field.​​451162, 455843, 468905, 478812, 484103, 484196, 48513177381
Experience Editor​The media item is not selected in the tree in the Media Link tab of the ​​Insert link​​ dialog​.452112, 455351, 463411, 472449, 478460, 487578, 48935478495
Experience Editor​User-related personalization rules are not triggered when a user is simulated via presets in the Explore mode​​.462635, 470983, 48150955269
Experience EditorThe language switcher generates an incorrect URL on multisite configurations.441748, 456787, 47338777213
Experience EditorExplore mode throws a null reference exception when a page has a personalization rule that contains a contact.463598, 47025670639
Experience Editor​The rendering order ​is changed on the non-default device after saving changes in the Page and Experience Editor​s.476930, 478111, 489406144386
Experience EditorFull presentation details are stored instead of a delta for the Shared Layout​ after you edit.452151, 48665678237
Experience Editor​Saving text that contains special characters may lead to text corruption​ in some situations.461963107584
Experience EditorIn some cases, Explore mode causes an exception​ in the Content Editor.474576, 486190140351
Experience Editor​When trying to render an item under a custom routed MVC controller using SitecoreHelper.RenderRendering, an expection occurs482255154844
Experience EditorUnder certain conditions, the ​Experience Explorer substitutes the real user with the eevirtualuser.​482583160513
Experience EditorInappropriate use of Context.Database​ can cause NullReference exceptions can occur in Explore mode.479180154836
Experience EditorUses the wrong name for the edit registry setting.480337, 480375151800
Experience EditorThe language selector button now shows the full language name.458960101494
Experience Editor​Unlocking a page locks previously unlocked datasource items.489262166899
Experience EditorYou cannot insert a page in the Experience Editor if the Enforce Version Presence feature is enabled on the page template.​470167, 461060, 487441183776, 105682
Experience Optimization​Personalization Reach is not aggregated across all dates when there is no test in place​.482828157497, 159444
Experience OptimizationIf you create a test in a non-English language, users cannot change the test variants​.470510, 461994, 482003140227,110468
Experience Optimization​When you create a page test, the String was not recognized as a valid DateTime error appears in the log files.478416152181, 154439
Experience Profile​If all the profile card values were set to "0", the "NaN" values appear in the Profiling group.465520117074
Experience ProfileRecords of every contact are written to the Top contacts by value per visit report.163659
Experience ProfileAll contacts load when you open the ​Top Value Per Visits report​. This slows down the application.163659
Federated Experience Manager​There are several occurrences of the SCbeacon initialization in the beacon.js file​.475190, 476672, 463054, 477624, 475056, 481179147868
Federated Experience Manager​If the TempFolder setting is set to the absolute path,​ FXM does not bundle the beacon.479502130319
Federated Experience Manager​The FxmSiteProvider increases the use of AccessResultCache and ItemPathCache.479355156442
Federated Experience ManagerContact.System.Value is not aggregated for page events that are triggered by the Click Action feature​.478464151460
Federated Experience Manager​Goals triggered in FXM don't have Contact.System.Value and this causes inconsistencies in the reports.​481137153995
Federated Experience Manager​The FXM beacon script does not update results obtained from TrackEvent​.485573, 486237166693
Federated Experience Manager​The Control Properties dialog does not open after inserting an MVC rendering into a placeholder on an external site via FXM.485582170806
Item Buckets​Access to the ExtraParams property ​has been simplified.158132
Item Buckets Content SearchIn the Content Editor, Item Buckets Content Search does not take the item language into account.95017, 409955
Item Buckets Content Search​Applying configuration settings to fields with an underscore or a space in the name ​​causes unwanted behaviour.94334, 396117
Item Buckets Content Search​The SwitchOnRebuild method for Lucene and Solr indexes switched indexes when you stopped rebuilding the indexes.96016, 433895
Item Buckets Content Search​The Solr SwitchOnRebuild mechanism does not use the swapped index it only rebuilds it​.96429, 442441
Item Buckets Content SearchThe ThenBy() and ThenByDescending() sort results do not work as expected .110825
Item Buckets Content SearchMultilist with Search fails if the master index location does not point to the /sitecore item.95301, 417893
Item Buckets Content Search​The result of the index update operation still depends on item security restrictions​.135755
Layouts & renderings​Incorrect placeholder was not found warnings are added to the log file for cached renderings​.100334
List Manager​Security improvements.146963
Marketing FoundationA thread sychronization error occurs when multiple threads are trying to create a contact and the sessions are ending at the same time.42838195735
MiscellaneousThere was an incorrect caption for languages with a neutral culture in the Languages group in the ribbon.162413
Miscellaneous​Insert page does not successfully create an item when the Enforce Version Presence feature is enabled on its template​.105682
Miscellaneous​When you change background color of a table cell that is already colored, the browser freezes or becomes unstable.160066
MiscellaneousThe onPublishEndAsyncSingleInstance update strategy is defined twice​.109819
MiscellaneousThe Sitecore.Tasks.CounterDumpAgent agent creates txt files in the $(dataFolder)/diagnostics/ folder that never get cleaned up.141145
Miscellaneous​The FieldTypeManager method returns null for the Integer field type​.109443
Miscellaneous​Breaking links drop the values from some rendering parameter fields​.109456
MiscellaneousDevice data is not updated in the analytics database immediately after a contact is identified.​​492895, 478502146899
Multibrowser fixesThe Select Media message overlays the Media Library display in the Edge browser​​.``136146
Multibrowser fixes​The first character in Japanese text is not shown in Chrome. ​139216
MVCThe RequireLogin property of the site definition is not taken into account for items with an MVC layout​.387386, 385489, 425617, 41573, 461310, 465466, 47385993728
MVCMVC stops working when Sitecore.Speak.MVC.config is disabled​.474037, 474344124761
MVCStackOverflow is caused by recursive view rendering.408760, 47004794991
MVCSitecore MVC does not honor the DisableBrowserCaching setting.​405087, 465974, 456330, 431589, 473413116813
MVCGiving duplicate names to MVC Controllers when you use Sitecore MVC Areas causes an AmbiguesController exception.478853117725
MVCWildcard items take precedence over named items when routing URLs with encode name replacement.442703, 438041, 451259, 427233, 451720, 464712, 466421, 469940, 473341, 47342896265
MVCSecurity issue relating to preview.481585153472
MVCRendering HtmlHelper does not respect the cacheability settings from the rendering item458788, 458879, 460270, 462787, 474424, 474940, 482311, 387596, 387950, 393583, 410778, 418064, 433178, 45043393868
Publishing​The PublishNow command ignores the security permissions for languages.110894
Rich Text Editor​Firefox 5.2 or later does not let users copy and paste into the Rich Text Editor .153992
Rich Text Editor​The background-image style parameter can be stripped out in the RTE​.145733
Rich Text EditorChanging the text color in the RTE can cause the browser to hang.100553
Rich Text Editor​Using the table properties popup in the RTE may mess up the table layout​.101901
Rich Text EditorThe OptimizeSpans filter is enabled by default and removes some tags. ​​120786
Sitecore Services ClientA cross-host OPTIONS request throws an error​.468702122649
SolrSolrIndexSummary initializes incorrectly for collections.117163
SPEAK​If the server and the client timezones are different in certain ways, the DatePicker repeatedly changes its value when a user specifies an initial value that is close to the end of a day.131368
SPEAKWhen a user opens one component that shows a dropdown and then selects another component that also shows a dropdown, Sitecore does not always close the first dropdown.140943, 141123, 141122, 154161
SPEAK​In some cases, the UploaderInfo component failed to show a preview of the image to be uploaded.143643
SPEAK​The QueryDataSource component does not respect the PageSize property.153821, 155557
SPEAK​The ActionControl does not wrap long action names.152650
SPEAK​The DatePicker component does not support null/empty values.130021
Update Installation wizardThe versioned fields in Standard Values cannot be emptied by an update package​.165244
Update Installation wizard​The shared fields in Standard Values cannot be emptied by the update package​.151720
Update Installation wizardAnalytics data indexing stops during package installation​.179032
Update Installation wizard​Installing an update package that contains a large number of items can take more than 230sec on Azure and this can cause a timeout and then the installation fails.142101


ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Campaign CreatorThe enrollment link for Engagement Automation has been removed from Campaign Creator because Engagement Automation has been replaced by Marketing Automation.
Experience AnalyticsMany search engines no longer provide keywords when referring users to a site. As a result, the Keywords report no longer shows any data and has been removed.​
List ManagerThe new Marketing Operations API does not support folders and this feature has therefore been removed.137297
Marketing FoundationThe contact processing pipeline is now obsolete and being removed from the codebase.
MiscellaneousThere has been a major code cleanup and lots of obsolete code has been removed. Legacy indexes in Sitecore.Search namespace have been removed.
Social Connected​The Social Connected application is not included in Sitecore 9.0. Information about future availability will be confirmed at a later date.

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