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Release Notes

January 2018 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 Update 1 (rev. 171219)

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Email Experience ManagerThe new exmEnabled:define setting in the web.config file specifies whether you want to enable or disable EXM.190429
Email Experience ManagerA submit action has been added to the Forms component that allows you to send an automated message​​​​​​.190241
Email Experience Manager​A send email action has been added to Marketing Automation.​​​136680
Email Experience Manager​​All custom EXM events now use the xConnect event model.137520
Email Experience ManagerYou can now specify the target language when you send an automated message through the client API.190924
Email Experience Manager​The new EXM.DispatchBatchSize setting specifies the number of contacts that are processed at a time.​​​​​​168073
Email Experience Manager​​The Reporting list now includes Bounce type and Reason columns.187582
Email Experience ManagerThe new EXM.IncludePIIinLogFiles setting specifies if EXM should log PII-sensitive data.​​​97103
Email Experience Manager​​​​​​The new eds:define setting in the web.config file specifies whether you use the CustomSmtp or the EmailCloud provider.182515
Email Experience ManagerAutomated messages have a new Import HTML option.192699
​​​​​​Email Experience ManagerThe following segmentation rules have been added to the rule set editor:​

- where the contact clicked email
- where the contact clicked any email
- where the contact clicked  email and produced a productive visit
- where the contact opened email 
- where the contact opened any email
- where the contact was sent the email that bounced
- where the contact was sent any email that bounced
- where the contact was sent the email that resulted in a spam complaint
- where the contact was sent any email that resulted in a spam complaint

Experience Editor​You can now use different queries and pass in multiple datasources to render components in the Experience Editor.​​​181739
Experience Editor​My Items, and the Active, Suggested, and Historical tests count requests are now made asynchronously to improve the Experience Editor's loading time.​​​​​​190602, 184948
Experience Profile​​​​​​Users can now anonymize a contact.
List Manager​​​​​​You can now create and manage reusable segments in List Manager.
Marketing AutomationThe ability to search for items (for example, Goals, Campaign and Outcomes) has been added to Marketing Automation activities.

You can search for items, such as goals, campaigns, or outcomes, then add them to Marketing Automation activities.

Marketing Automation​​​​​​​The report view now includes a date range selector.
Marketing Automation​You can now set a campaign start date to schedule automatic campaign activation.
Marketing Automation​​​​​​The XConnectClientConfigurationConfigurator now supports loading custom models. This enables you to use of all custom xDB model types within your custom activities.152588
Marketing AutomationThe Marketing Automation Engine now includes a configurator that automatically scales the number of pool workers based on the current machine. This removes the need to manually configure more workers.123846
Marketing AutomationThe performance of the Marketing Automation Engine has been improved.​​​​​​
Marketing Automation​The Marketing Automation Engine includes access to the new Message Bus that provides support for EXM.191383
Marketing Foundation​The Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.CurrentInteraction.RegisterOutcome method lets you register ​outcomes with custom values for an interaction.​​​185650
Marketing Foundation​The Sitecore.Analytics.XConnect.DataAccess.Constants.IdentifierSource field lets ​you construct the tracker identifier.​​​188052
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.ContactManager.RemoveFromSession method lets you reload a cached contact in a shared session state. ​​​​​​189332
Marketing Foundation​Historical aggregation now supports time slices. This allows you to rebuild a specific portion of the Collection database, for example, from the last three months.​​​​​​​191328
Marketing Foundation​When you use the Sitecore Installation Framework, users are automatically created in the xDB Collection database.175389
Marketing FoundationRetry logic of XConnect operations has been extended with incremental and random exponential strategies.187634
Marketing FoundationThe xConnect Search Indexer includes the following performance improvements:

- Changes made to IDataProvider.GetChanges result in reduced memory consumption.
- The speed of interaction retrieval, search, and indexing has been improved.
- The collection speed of small batches for both interactions and contacts has been improved.
- The Indexer now only reads once all facet keys per entity type from ISchema.GetAllFacetKeys.
- The new, specialized RevolvingIndexer, that uses IDataProvider.GetChange facilitates the retrieval of the next set of IDs to index while the current set is being indexed.

182638, 185165
Performance​​​​​​The performance of save and get operations for contact identifiers has been improved for the Collection database.188565
Performance​The performance of Get operations has been improved for the Collection database.175367
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​​​​​​Azure Search now allows​ fields with the same name and different types to be stored next to each other in the index.483540164142, 170084, 170254
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureAzure Search now supports indexing in several langauges.151795, 156686
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureThe ​number of fields that are indexed by default has been reduced​.196551
Sitecore Services ClientThe Sitecore services client login controller now supports CORS.​​​​​​192848
Sitecore Services ClientMVC and SSC now use the same assembly scanner.181643

Breaking Changes

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Email Experience Manager​​The /sitecore/layout/Layouts/Email Campaign folder and the /sitecore/layout/Layouts/Email Campaign Sample Newsletter item have been moved to the /sitecore/layout/Layouts/System/Email folder.190819
Email Experience ManagerThe /sitecore/layout/Renderings/Email Campaign folder and the /sitecore/layout/Renderings/Email Campaign Sample Newsletter item have been moved to the /sitecore/layout/Renderings/System/Email​​​ folder.190819
Email Experience ManagerThe ​​​​​​/sitecore/system/Modules/E-mail Campaign Manager folder has been moved to the /sitecore/system/Settings/Email folder.190819
Email Experience ManagerThe /sitecore/templates/Branches/Email Campaign folder and the /sitecore/templates/Branches/Email Campaign Sample Newsletter item have been moved to the /sitecore/templates/Branches/System/Email Campaign folder.190819
Email Experience Manager​​​​​​The /sitecore/templates/Email Campaign folder and the /sitecore/templates/Email Campaign Sample Newsletter item have been moved to the /sitecore/templates/System/Email​ Campaign folder.190819
Experience ProfileSome security and performance improvements have led to minor API changes in Citecre.Cintel.dll.​​​
List Manager​​​​​​​​List Manager uses the new segmentation definitions provided by xConnect. Users who have created segmented lists need to recreate them based on the new segment definitions.​
Marketing FoundationThe EmailAddressList facet was changed. The PreferredEmail property is not longer marked as PIISensitive. Only the SmtpAddress of the EmailAddress type has to be marked as PIISensitive.197114
Path AnalyzerPerformance and security improvements have led to some minor API changes in Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.dll, Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.Services.dll, and Sitecore.SequenceAnalyzer.dll.
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Interface ISearchServiceManagmentOperationsProvider​ has been refactored due to languages support​.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
APICaches may be corrupted due to a race condition in SqlDataProvider.GetPrefetchData.178649
CachingWhen search runs in the Content Editor, a NullReferenceException can occur in the log file when the IsDisplayedInSearchResults[master] cache is populated.185484
Email Experience ManagerAn email that you send using emulation mode creates an Email Sent interaction.​​​​177381
Email Experience ManagerThe UTC offset is now shown for the Time of day report.​​​167180
Email Experience ManagerYou should disable Automated message activation if you have not configured the Dispatch manager .​​​​​​137745
Email Experience Manager​EXM makes un​necessary status requests​​ from dispatch​ servers for sent messages​.​​​172604
Email Experience ManagerWhen you navigate to the message list using a breadcrumb link, an incorrect menu icon displays. ​​​190177
Email Experience Manager​​​​​​In message lists, search terms do not properly trim for spaces.170929​
Email Experience Manager​When EXM checks the recipient count for a message, the excluded lists are not checked.​​​165596
Email Experience ManagerAn error occurs if a space is entered in the Reply to or From email​​ fields​​. ​​​172983
Email Experience Manager​​​​​​When you save a message, the Use preferred language check box's selection status does not save properly unless you send the message.167282
Email Experience Manager​​​​​​Sending a campaign in emulation mode creates failed interactions.​191714
Email Experience Manager​In some cases, the Dispatch completed notification email is sent even when the dispatch has not completed.192365
Email Experience Manager​An exception occurs when you delete an item after you have deleted the template that it is based on.​194388
Experience AnalyticsThe Page URL report displayed an incorrect number of rows in the list control​​​​​​180649
Experience Analytics​​The Analytics Data Controller overrides the browsing users language.184552
Experience AnalyticsInteraction aggregation would fail if the marketing definition could not be found.186470
Experience AnalyticsThere are two ​​Example configuration files ​in the wrong location.​​​​​​187526
Experience Analytics​The Reports graphs display the wrong units for goals and outcomes.​​​188528
Experience Analytics​​Some charts use an incorrect format when displaying dates.191798
Experience Editor​​​​​​​The backslash is removed from a field value after you edit it with the Field Editor​.461855, 497095, 437047, 448324, 441708, 486689, 43806654843
Experience Editor​​​​​​The Bootstrap.css styles change the appearance of some Experience Editor UI elements.457282, 428251, 47104497939
Experience Editor​​​​​​​Users do not get redirected to the login screen from the Experience Editor after a session expires​.494226, 467630, 494127, 480697122942
Experience EditorThe Experience Editor does not support login functionality for a website when it is in Preview mode​.​​​​​​469002, 471006125781
Experience Optimization​​​​​​​The Personalization dialog does not show data when Sitecore is set up in mixed mode. Mixed mode is when the Processing server is deployed in the Cloud and the Content Management server is deployed on premise. This error occurs because in mixed mode, the Processing and CM servers use different Master databases.186028
Experience Optimization​You can create a component test even if a page test is already running on the page.​​​​​​487672177477
Experience ProfileThe E​xperience Profile icon appears in the Launchpad when running in CMS-only mode.189784
Experience Profile​Experience Profile displays an error when a contact has a non-web interaction. ​​​183703
Experience ProfileIn the Experience Profile, an exception occurs when a contact's preferred email is not available.​​​173810
Experience Profile​​​​​​Event definitions do not display correctly in the Events sections of Experience Profile.173908
Experience Profile​​​​​​Only 50 search results are displayed.495805198583
Experience Profile​The ​Date picker for search has an error187153, 193487
Federated Experience Manager (FXM)​​​​​​Tracking page events on FXM sites after a session timeout causes incorrect tracking and site resolving.489691183196
Federated Experience Manager (FXM)​FXM does not work on an​​ Azure Web App when the Temp folder path is outside of the Website folder.​​​496581, 486486, 487275170911, 190405
Federated Experience Manager (FXM)You cannot track with FXM if an external site uses RequireJS.​​​491935, 472651, 489619, 491857132468
Federated Experience Manager (FXM)​The visitSuccess method fails to check for document readiness and does not find the parent control that lets you insert FXM content on websites​​ that ​require JS.437744, 489367, 490880135966
Federated Experience Manager (FXM)Javascript errors appear because of a code issue in the Api.js >> insertBefore function​.​​​​​​476239, 490203, 491964, 490216142195
Federated Experience Manager (FXM)​​FXM duplicates the TriggerElementMatch request when the element is a hyperlink​.​​​481137, 490624158124
Item Buckets Content SearchSearch does not work properly on GUIDs in Sitecore fields.190076
List Manager​If you add a condition to a segmented list that has multiple contact lists as sources, an exception is thrown.​131527
Marketing Automation​Marketing Automation is now fully supported in Safari.​
Marketing AutomationYou can enter an invalid date in the Date field for Delay activity.​154257
Marketing Automation​​​​​​​Contacts are incorrectly processed when they move to another inactive campaign.186685
Marketing Automation​You cannot listen for a combinations of goals, outcomes or campaign actvities by using the And/Or toggle. The listener listens for an Or query by default.​​​​​​​186644
Marketing Automation​You cannot create a campaign that contain multi-language characters, for example an umlaut or hieroglyph. If you try to save the campaign, the Campaign name is invalid error appears.​​​185923
Marketing AutomationThe Change engagement score activity cannot subtract engagement points. It can only add engagement value points.​169936
Marketing AutomationThe View contacts dialog does not work in Cloud environments.​​​​​​​185958
Marketing FoundationA database deadlock can occur when you add a large number of contacts to the processing pool​.​​​182335
Marketing FoundationFail over of the Shards db causes data loss in List Manager import operations.186921
Marketing Foundation​When the system is idle, high CPU usage is caused by the Indexer executing unnecessary GetChanges calls.189340
Marketing Foundation​The XdbUnavailableException is not thrown when IdentifiedContactReference is used.186414
Marketing FoundationThe InteractionsCache facet is merged incorrectly for collections that are populated from the UserAgentInfo, WebVisit, and IpInfo facets.​189877
Marketing Foundation​The contact's email address should be deleted when the user decides to Anonymize. ​​​188912
Marketing FoundationThe XConnect Search Indexer replication timeout setting does not work correctly.185938
Marketing Foundation​The Solr core can fail to initialize due to a bug in Solr version 6.6.1.​190445
Miscellaneous​The e​​xecutionTimeout setting​ in the ​web.config file is set​ to 3600.``184688
MiscellaneousWhen a page renders, Preview ignores the general link text between < and >.184363
MiscellaneousIn xConnect search, complex Solr list queries could include extra unrelated contacts and interactions.
This happened very rarely and only under very specific conditions.
Miscellaneous​​​​​​License files are stored with an incorrect naming convention.182755
MiscellaneousWhen deploying via ARM templates or the Azure Marketplace, Application insight logging does not work for XConnect web services and jobs.286852
MiscellaneousVarious logging improvements have been implemented for the xConnect indexer.​​​​​​187708, 183388, 187122, 186798
Miscellaneous​​Sitecore 8.2 update 6 has been merged into Sitecore 9.0 update 1. Sitecore 9.0 update 1 contains all of the​​ fixes and new features from both updates.
Miscellaneous​​​​The xConnect search indexer may slow down due to Azure logging an exception.187120
MVC​The additional rendering parameters for dynamic placeholders do not properly parse dashes.191830
MVCWhen logged in as an anonymous user, the login control does not render under View Renderings.​​​​​​401446,40187794634
MVC​TempData values do not persist after subsequent requests to the controller rendering.406181, 406955,410370, 42773194903
MVCThe rendering html helper does not respect the Data source field value from a rendering item.443823, 44396796499
MVCThe Field HTML helper does not handle null parameters values​.​​​​​​455542, 45554896983
MVC​The XSLT Rendering parameters are empty in MVC layout​s.461846108638
Path Analyzer​​​​​​The browser title was not set in Path Analyzer.185818
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureSitecore fields marked as non-searchable can be ​found using search​.​​​​​​​192278
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​When a user performs a content search based on facets, an error occurs.189117
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureLanguage-based content searches return results from all available languages.156686
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureThe Integer field does not map to Edm.Int32 by default.​​​​​​483540164142
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​Complex search queries which contain OR statement return incorrect search results.​​​​485763, 492251166765
Sitecore Services Client​​​​​​Service client API returns the HTTP 400 error when it uses a context language other than English​.​194521
Sitecore Services ClientThe Sitecore.​Services.Client.config file does not include the​ Sitecore.Updatecenter assemblies.​​​188431
Sitecore FormsThe List control can't show more data because the scrollbar is not displayed​.​​​​​​162752
Sitecore Forms​​The number markup for the min, max step uses a dot (.) instead of a comma (,) as the decimal separator.162729
Sitecore FormsWhen a user sets multiple checkboxes as checked by default, these settings are not always applied correctly on the form. This happens when you use a dynamic data source.173987
Sitecore Forms​When a user navigates through a multi page form, every forward, back, or submit action is registered as a submit confirmation and this results in incorrect form metrics for the submit button(s).​​​​​​160013
SPEAKOpening the Insert link dialog can cause an exception​.​​​96011, 433804
Web Forms for MarketersIn the Form Designer, the scroll bar does not appear in the window when you select item fields in the Selecting Sitecore Items mode.​​​


ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Email Experience ManagerThe exm.web database has been removed.137525
Email Experience ManagerThe Search box has been removed from the recipient activity tabs, because the search queries are not supported by Azure Search.168073
Email Experience ManagerThe Email preview and Spam check functionalities have been removed.184146
Email Experience ManagerThe /sitecore/layout/Sublayouts/Email Campaign/Process Personalization Tokens item has been removed.190819
Email Experience ManagerThe /sitecore/layout/Sublayouts/Email Campaign/Subscription Form item has been removed.190819
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.DataAccess.Dictionaries.ReferringSitesDictionary class has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Pipelines.TrafficTypes.ReferringSite class has been deprecated and removed from the configuration file.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.OmniChannel.Pipelines.DetermineInteractionChannel.ReferringSite class has been deprecated and removed from the configuration file.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.sitecore.shell.Applications.Analytics.ReferringSiteClassification.ReferringSiteClassificationPage page has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Environment class has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Environment.TrafficTypes class has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Data.Dictionaries.TrackingDictionaries.ReferringSites property has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.DataAccess.Pipelines.InitializeKnownDataDictionaries.InitializeKnownDataDictionariesArg.ReferringSitesDictionary property has been deprecated and removed from the configuration file.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.DataAccess.Dictionaries.KnownDataDictionaries.ReferringSites property has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Environment.TrafficTypes.ReclassifyReferringSite method has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.AnalyticsTexts.YourChangesWillBeAppliedImmediatelyButWillNotBeDisplayedInTheReportsUntilTheDataInTheCurrentCacheIsUpadetd constant has been deprecated.``175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.AnalyticsTexts.ChangTheTrafficTypeForTheReferringSiteWhereItIsCurrentlyClassifiedAs constant has been deprecated.175825
Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Analytics.AnalyticsTexts.NewTrafficType constant has been deprecated.175825

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