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Release Notes

November 2018 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1.0

This a feature release. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes features that meet the specific needs of your organization. This release contains significant new feature functionality, and we encourage you to evaluate it.


Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1.0 includes:

  • Azure Toolkit - turning off performance counters significantly reduces data usage.

  • Azure Toolkit - the Application Insights functionality is now optional.

  • Azure Toolkit - ​​​Azure Toolkit 2.0.5 is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1.​​​​​

  • Content Delivery Network - Sitecore now allows customers to easily setup, integrate, and leverage the benefits of the Azure Content Delivery Network (or any CDN) for use with Sitecore's media library. With CDN, customers can increase the availability and performance of their sites without having to extend the number of CD roles that they are maintaining.

    With Sitecore 9.1.0 or later, you can:

    • Provision Azure CDN via Sitecore in the Azure Marketplace.
    • Provision Sitecore with Azure CDN via the Sitecore Azure Toolkit.
    • Configure CDN to work with your existing on-premise Sitecore installation.
  • Experience Management - all the analytics functionality has been removed from the XM packages - all the items, files, dlls, and configuration files have been removed. This improves performance when you run in CMS-only mode.

  • Experience Optimization - you can now get the personalization KPIs - Reach, Effect, Trailing Value per visit, without starting a personalization test.

  • Experience Optimization - you can now see detailed test results about completed tests.

  • Experience Optimization - Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine provides personalization suggestions.

  • Installation - new Sitecore Install Framework templates and PowerShell tasks have been added to support the remote installation of Sitecore in a distributed environment.

  • Installation - uninstallation support has been added for each topology and removes all the assets that are created during a standard installation except client authentication certificates and SSL certificates. ​​

  • Installation - new Sitecore Install Framework configuration templates for installing developer workstations have been added. These templates install all the required assets on a single machine.​​​

  • ​Installation - all the prerequisite software is now installed by the new SIF template file prerequisites.json.

  • JSS - a complete SDK that lets JavaScript developers build fully fledged solutions using Sitecore and modern JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks.​

  • Marketing Automation - you can now seed a plan from a contact list and all the contacts from the list are enrolled in the plan.

  • ​​Marketing Automation - has improved support for determining when a contact can not be re-enrolled in an automation plan.

  • Sitecore Forms - you can now use value providers to pre-fill form fields.

  • Sitecore Forms - you can now use conditions in form elements and build forms that respond to user input and show relevant questions.

  • Sitecore Identity - has been introduced as a default single sign-on mechanism across XM, XP, and XC.

  • Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine - has been introduced and provides a scalable platform for implementing Machine Learning within Sitecore​.

  • Search - support for the Lucene search provider will be deprecated in Sitecore XP 9.2.

  • Universal Tracker - a set of services that track mobile traffic and save it to xConnect.

    • Collection Service, build on Sitecore Host, designed to handle a large load and record millions of interactions a day.
    • Processing Service, built on Sitecore Host, designed to process interactions and apply any custom filters defined by the channel and save the updated interactions to xConnect.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
API​​The Content Delivery server role does not require the Core database when the Sitecore security membership provider is not used.​​
Azure Toolkit​​You can now turn off performance counters and this reduces the data usage of Application Insights by approximately 40%.​
Azure Toolkit​​The Application Insights functionality is now optional.215664
Azure Toolkit​Azure Toolkit 2.0.5 is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1.​​​​​
Email Experience Manager​The sender address of an email campaign can now be programatically customized.20613
Email Experience Manager​​​The From address is now validated when EXM uses the custom SMTP provider.231076
Email Experience ManagerSupport for using custom query string parameters when rendering email campaigns has been added.215431
Email Experience Manager​Email campaigns can now be classified as service messages.207200
Email Experience Manager​The new Marketing Category preference center has been added. This allows contacts to opt in/out of marketing preferences, and allows you to perform segmentation on these.​​201064
Email Experience ManagerThe Email Experience Manager subscriptions contact list source definition has been added. You use this to identify the subscribers​ to contact lists from EXM.219024
Email Experience Manager​​A number of new segmentation rules have been added.197343
Email Experience Manager​A new configuration has been added in the manager root to toggle whether unsubscribed confirmation emails should be sent or not.180332
Email Experience ManagerThe ability to configure contact sending limits, that allow you to control how many emails a contact may receive on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis has been added.201062
Email Experience Manager​​​We now support encryption of the PII data in the EXM.Master database in the suppressions table.187979
Email Experience ManagerWe now support the List-Unsubscribe email header​.75710, 75711
Email Experience Manager​A new marketing category taxonomy has been added.207257
Email Experience Manager​​The Create segmented list action has been added to the Recipients tab​.211313
Email Experience Manager​Unsubscribes are now processed in the UnsubscribeFromList pipeline, and the UnsubscribeEvent pipeline has been removed.211041
Email Experience Manager​You can specify the SQL timeout value.218085
Experience Management​All the analytics functionality has been removed from the XM packages to improve performance when you run in CMS-only mode.
Experience Optimization​​It is now possible to get the personalization KPIs - Reach, Effect, and Trailing Value per visit, without starting a personalization ​test​. To get them, publish a personalized page and then in the Experience Editor, on the Optimization tab, open a Personalization dialog.478488215187
Experience Optimization​You can now see detailed test results about completed tests. To see the details, in the Experience Optimization application, in the Historical tests list, click on an item.485648, 473564, 473378, 512452215168
Experience Optimization​​The Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine​ provides personalization suggestions:

- When a component test is finished and the winner is selected, users can see suggestions about how to personalize the page and achieve better results.
- The Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine generates the suggestions based on a number of different behavioral traits.

Experience OptimizationThe performance of Version Redirection Request cache has been improved​ in Content Testing.504837, 505481, 513969, 514838215433
InstallationNew Sitecore Install Framework templates and PowerShell tasks support the remote installation of Sitecore in a distributed environment. Remote deployment installs SIF remotely, copies the required assets; including the packages and license files to the target server, and installs Sitecore.​​​​ ​230625
Installation​Sample PowerShell installation scripts have been added for each topology.286558
InstallationUninstallation support has been added for each topology. Uninstallation removes all the assets that are created during a standard installation including IIS sites, app pools, Windows Services, files, and databases. Uninstallation does ​​not remove client authentication certificates and SSL certificates. ​​​230626
Installation​New Sitecore Install Framework configuration templates for installing developer workstations have been added. These templates install all the required assets on a single machine.​​​220452
Installation​All the prerequisite software is now installed by the new SIF template file prerequisites.json.192248
Item Buckets Content Search​Word and PDF documents can now be indexed without the need for 3d party software.​
Item Buckets Content Search​The Content Search API has been refactored to enhance customization.​94679, 402456
JSSSitecore JavaScript Services is a complete SDK that lets JavaScript developers build fully fledged solutions using Sitecore and modern JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks.​
List Manager​We can now show subscription sources from external systems​​.208795
List Manager​​You can remove a source from a list.199040
List Manager​Segments can be tagged and used in analytics​.195390
List Manager​​Event logging has been added for creating, changing or deleting a segment.189920
List Manager​Manual subscriptions are shown as a source​.149720
List Manager​​Converted lists are shown as a source​​.149717
List ManagerYou can import a csv file directly into a contact list​​.149719
LoginSitecore Identity has introduced as default single sign-on mechanism across XM, XP, and XC. Sitecore Identity is backwards compatible with Sitecore Membership user storage and can be extended with other identity providers such as Azure AD, Auth0, and so on.​217386
Marketing Automation​​Marketing Automation has improved support for determining when a contact can not be re-enrolled in an automation plan, such as limiting the number of times a contact can enter and exit a plan.219502
Marketing Automation​​​Marketing Automation now supports seeding a plan from a contact list. All the contacts from the list are enrolled in the plan.136664
Marketing AutomationIn the Marketing Automation Pool database, ​the resolution of the scheduled column has been increased.​190701
Marketing AutomationThe user is now altered if there are undefined activities in a campaign when they try to activate it.196033
Marketing Automation​You can now add contacts to an automation campaign from a list​​.136664
Marketing Automation​​You can now remove every contact from a campaign​​.136667
Marketing AutomationAn Enrolled contacts column has been added to the lists for campaigns.158321
Marketing Automation​You can now purge a specific contact from a campaign​.200037
Marketing Automation​Campaign templates have been added.145648
Marketing Automation​​Marketing Automation has been upgraded to Angular 5​.224229
Marketing AutomationEnrollment controls​​ that define how many times a contact can be enrolled in a campaign have been added.219502
Marketing Automation​The option to create a new campaign from a template​ has been added.136637
Marketing Automation​​A list page that shows the campaign templates has been added.202255
Marketing Automation​The option to save a campaign as a template has been added.136661
Marketing FoundationSampling has been added to xConnect to support the range of percentile values that can be used to filter data during the extraction of contact and interaction data. Sampling is built on top of the current data extraction functionality.​​225990, 225991
Marketing FoundationProcessing Engine t​​emporary data storage and tasks storage support the SQL Always Encrypted feature.217496
Marketing Foundation​​When a search cursor is restored from a bookmark, it now returns fewer contacts.235102
Marketing FoundationSitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine provides a scalable platform for implementing Machine Learning within Sitecore​.
Marketing FoundationThe Solr version has been updated to
Marketing Foundation​​High Availability support has been added for the Processing Engine.217497
Marketing Foundation​​​XConnect Web OData has been upgraded to version
Marketing Foundation​You can now use the Azure Search Query API Key on XConnect Collection/Search instances instead of the Admin Key.256372
Marketing Foundation​​SQL Server throughput has been improved by changing the XConnect IndexWorker data polling frequency to two minutes.229841
Marketing Foundation​​​The Reference Data clients are now .net standard and can be used from .net core applications.203686
Marketing Foundation​The Reference Data client cache is enabled by default to improve performance.225289
Marketing Foundation​​The performance of the Reference Data service cache has been improved.230550
Miscellaneous​Various assemblies have been updated to .NET standard 2.
Many assemblies still target .NET Framework 4.7.1.
MiscellaneousSome security improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.​​
MVC​A new ValidateAntiForgeryToken attribute that is aware of bearer token authentication has been added.223885
MVC​To improve performance, ChainedAreaResolveStrategy now uses Func for debug messages.517293258135
MVC​​​The Sitecore.Mvc.Helpers.CreateControllerInstance method has been optimized to improve performance.215098
MVCTraceBlock.Start has been optimised to improve performance when racing is turned off.220772
Search​​Azure Search now uses the POST method to submit search queries and thereby avoids the 4K bytes limitation.​228866147173
Security APIFederated Authentication now supports Azure AD B2C bearer tokens.​509834226318
Security APIThe new GetProviderUserKey method added to Sitecore.Security.Accounts.User.​​225264
Security APIThe Sitecore CM and CD server roles support the Resource Owner Credentials Grant flow with Sitecore Identity access tokens.226703
Sitecore FormsYou can now save your forms in a folder and use access rights management to manage the forms saved in these folders.​​
Sitecore Forms​You can now use value providers to pre-fill form fields. Custom value providers can be added to pre-fill fields with any specific data.
Sitecore Forms​​​You can now use conditions in form elements and build forms that respond to user input and show relevant questions.
Sitecore Services Client​​Has been updated to use OData


ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Email Experience Manager​​The following methods on Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Cm.ISubscriptionManager have been removed:

- Unsubscribe(ContactIdentifier contactIdentifier, Guid messageId, bool fromAll)
- RemoveUserFromList([NotNull] Contact contact, [NotNull] Guid listId);
- RemoveUserFromGlobalOptOutList(ContactIdentifier contactIdentifier, Guid managerRootId);

and replaced by:

- bool Unsubscribe(ContactIdentifier contactIdentifier, Guid messageId);
- bool UnsubscribeFromAll(ContactIdentifier contactIdentifier, Guid managerRootId);
- bool UnsubscribeFromAll([NotNull] Contact contact, [NotNull] ManagerRoot managerRoot);
- bool RemoveContactFromList([NotNull] ContactIdentifier contactIdentifier, [NotNull] Guid listId);
- bool RemoveContactFromList([NotNull] Contact contact, [NotNull] Guid listId);

Email Experience ManagerThe following methods on Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Cd.Services.IClientApiService have been removed:

- Subscribe(SubscribeMessage subscribeMessage)
- Unsubscribe(UnsubscribeMessage unsubscribeMessage)

and replaced by:

- void UpdateListSubscription(UpdateListSubscriptionMessage message)
​ ​
Email Experience Manager​The UnsubscribeEvent pipeline has been removed.211041
Experience OptimizationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.ContactPatternMatchCondition class is now marked as Obsolete. It has been replaced with the Sitecore.ContentTesting.Rules.Conditions.ContactPatternMatchCondition class from the Sitecore.ContentTesting assembly.
The \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Elements\Visitor\Matches Pattern item has been moved to \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Obsolete\Common\Conditions\Visitor\Matches Pattern as the corresponding class became obsolete.
Experience OptimizationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.HasCampaignCondition class is now marked as Obsolete. It has been replaced with the Sitecore.ContentTesting.Rules.Conditions.HasCampaignCondition class from the Sitecore.ContentTesting assembly.
The \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Elements\Visit\Campaign was Triggered item has been moved to \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Obsolete\Common\Conditions\Visit\Campaign was Triggered as the corresponding class became obsolete.
Experience OptimizationThe Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.CountryCondition class is now marked as Obsolete. It has been replaced with the Sitecore.ContentTesting.Rules.Conditions.CountryCondition class from the Sitecore.ContentTesting assembly.
The \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Elements\GeoIP\Country item has been moved to \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Obsolete\Common\Conditions\GeoIP\Country as the corresponding class became obsolete.
Marketing Automation​​​The custom condition serialization of Marketing Automation has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. If you're using this functionality, you should use the segmentation condition serialization features instead.221139
Marketing Foundation​​The Analytics.ClusterName and Analytics.Hostname​ settings have been deprecated.257459
Marketing FoundationThe AcceptSession and RedirectSession HTTP handlers have been removed.202341, 230523
MiscellaneousThe Sitecore.Analytics.Lookups.LookupManager class has been deprecated in Sitecore 9.1. You should use the Sitecore.CES.GeoIp.Core.Lookups.LookupManager class instead.
MVCControllerRunnerActionInvoker has been deprecated.76939

Breaking changes

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Email Experience Manager​Chilkat has been upgraded to the latest version.​230874
Email Experience Manager​​The constructor for Sitecore.Modules.EmailCampaign.RecipientManager now takes the additional ICurrentDateProvider and IEmailPeriodService arguments.
Email Experience ManagerThe constructor for Sitecore.Modules.EmailCampaign.Factories.RecipientManagerFactory now takes the additional ICurrentDateProvider and IEmailPeriodService arguments.
Email Experience ManagerThe signature for the IExmCampaignService.GetMessageCampaign(Guid campaignId) method now takes a CultureInfo culture parameter - GetMessageCampaign(Guid campaignId, CultureInfo culture).​
Email Experience Manager​​Sitecore.Modules.EmailCampaign.Messages.WebPageMail.FromItem`` and `Sitecore.Modules.EmailCampaign.Messages.ABTestMessage.FromItem` now take an additional `PipelineHelper` argument.``
Email Experience ManagerThe constructor for Sitecore.Modules.EmailCampaign.Core.TypeResolver now takes an additional PipelineHelper argument.
Email Experience ManagerThe SubscribeMessagesBus and UnsubscribeMessagesBus message buses have been replaced by UpdateListSubscriptionMessagesBus.
Experience Analytics​​The storage for dimensions has been updated so that each table only contains 1 dimension.194073
Experience Analytics​The storage for dimensions has been updated so that each table only contains 1 dimension. As a result some tables have been removed from the schema with the data has been migrated to other tables.194073
Installation​​​The SIF installation scripts have been updated to use a random generated password if no password is provided as a parameter and no longer use the legacy default password. The randomly generated password is written to the installation log file.​230627

- All the XP roles now require .NET Framework 4.7.1.
- All the XM roles now require .NET Framework 4.7.1.
- Various assemblies now target .NET Standard 2​​​.0.

Security APIFederated Authentication is turned on by default on CM and CD servers.​202556

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
API​A deadlock can occur when you start an application. ​209972, 208222, 218852, 228602, 229824
DataProvider MSSQLSitecore SQL queries do not support unicode.96969, 455421
Email Experience Manager​​Several localisation issues​ have been fixed.220718, 229458
Email Experience Manager​Email conditions only allow you to select emails in the default manager root.228511
Email Experience Manager​Some EXM conditions are broken in new rules engine​.192621
Email Experience ManagerThe Time of day events list does not open in IE​.204911
Email Experience Manager​​The default email validation regex fails for some real emails​.200540
Email Experience Manager​​Multiple query string parameters for external links are corrupted by decoding\encoding​​.219943
Email Experience Manager​The CRAM-MD5​ SMTP authentication method does not work.204052
Email Experience ManagerAn exception is thrown if an email bounces when an automated email campaign is dispatched.​217523
Email Experience Manager​​In the Value and Engagement report, the Value and Page view columns are incorrect if several pages are opened in the same session.215444
Email Experience ManagerThe location column in the Value and Engagement report shows "-" instead of the location.225351
Email Experience Manager​An exception may be thrown when a bounce is handled​.211321
Email Experience Manager​​Soft bounces are added to the global opt-out list​.230509
Email Experience Manager​A race condition​ can occur in the dispatch queue.230101
Email Experience Manager​​​Links in multilingual email campaigns always point to the default language​.231995
Email Experience ManagerDeploy​ment of the analytics campaign sometimes fails and this causes the dispatch of regular email campaigns to be paused or the activation of an automated email campaign to fail.229154
Email Experience Manager​Clicks and opens are not registered correctly when an email campaign does not have an en language version.232559
Email Experience Manager​​Some items contain references to non-existant renderings.211321
Email Experience Manager​It is not possible to get detailed delivery statistics using the campaign ID.221550
Email Experience Manager​The wrong ​A/B test winner is selected.125069
Email Experience Manager​If you disable EXM, aggregation​​ does not work correctly.215205
Email Experience Manager​​Members of the Forms and Marketing Automation Editors security role cannot view the lists of activated automated email campaigns.234728
Email Experience ManagerIn non-English languages, charts and report cards contain some unexpected text.232722
Email Experience Manager​On the Review tab, the Send button only sends a limited number of messages​​.214025
Email Experience Manager​​If a title element contains an attribute, it prevent dispatch​.255872
Email Experience Manager​Clicking on the Email Delivery Service link may show an error in the browser console.
Email Experience Manager​​When you click on the Email Delivery Service button, it can show an error in the browser console.160698
Experience Analytics​The Metrics dropdown list is not displayed on all reports for all languages.​220489
Experience Analytics​​Regions are incorrectly displayed as Unknown in reports.492420185047, 256788
Experience AnalyticsExperience Analytics displays incorrect region codes for Chinese regions.476628142883
Experience AnalyticsLinkBuilder returns an incorrect link to a campaign report.233625
Experience Analytics​Some items in the core database have broken links.222262
Experience Analytics​​​Some items in the user interface was not localized into the supported languages.220487, 254778
Experience AnalyticsThe link in the Experience Profile cannot be resolved in scaled environments.249822
Experience AnalyticsThe Pages reports do not display data when you use a language other than English.255832
Experience Editor​​An item can be viewed in Preview mode if read access is restricted for an anonymous user​.511668, 514058231227
Experience EditorIn the Experience Editor, pasting copied text breaks the markup in the RTE field in Chrome.509446224115
Experience Editor​Personalization prevents Sitecore from saving the values in fields.508787223553
Experience Editor​​A MyItemsCount request can block GetWorkFlowCommands and GetDatasourceUsagesCount requests and freeze the browser​.506040, 508191219064
Experience EditorA security issue has been fixed in the Experience Editor.505082, 504965214102
Experience Editor​The MyItemsCountRequest class performs RefreshIndex synchronously​ and degrades performance.502632, 506040, 508191, 507537, 509413, 510247, 510536, 512936, 515340, 516972208634
Experience Editor​The web.Debug.configand web.Release.config files are stored in the Sitecore installation archive​.500910206530, 205511
Experience EditorThe Experience Editor can break if there is no access to the Associated content checkbox​.​​491205, 496934, 503542, 477722, 481228, 485846, 490091, 493780, 499377, 502868, 510988, 515103145086
Experience EditorGeo IP Region and DNS values are not updated in the Experience Explorer​.472865, 483495, 484067, 489559, 498493132028
Experience Editor​Sitecore loses the sc_site query string parameter when you click Lock and Edit.469132, 475520, 492677, 495322, 497904, 499058, 509443, 510495, 509941, 513780126524
Experience Editor​​In the Experience Editor, in Debug mode, Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsDebugging shows false on pages.459454, 507706102657
Experience Optimization​​A/B Test stops performing when one of the tested items is modified and published.​491531188111
Experience OptimizationVirtual users are not logged off when additional background tasks are running at the same time​.503579, 504102, 478087, 484655, 480417, 489901, 487051, 493806, 493829, 493608, 497253, 499722, 498580, 500324, 500714, 499676, 504462, 506089, 506995, 507010, 511074, 512858, 515583, 514199, 515684, 516827154580
Experience ProfileThe Experience Profile dashboard​ does show Location.509482, 515151224129
Experience Profile​​Experience Profile throws an error when a contact has some profile/profile key values recorded, but the associated profile has no related pattern cards.475039, 479504,483228,490623,493935,498400,500451,511554,513963139548
Experience Profile​Details of the first interaction are always shown instead of the most recent interaction.​​502658, 503133, 511450, 512901209472, 213092
Experience Profile​Contacts without interactions or with interactions from channels other then web are not displayed.496526, 502343, 506518197271, 197303, 208466, 209041, 219043
Federated Experience Manager​The FXM Experience Editor does not pre-process the beacon in ​<head>.492737, 493378, 492734, 502080, 505913189862
InstallationThe Sitecore Install Framework templates contain inline comments and don't conform with the JSON specification.230618
Installation​The CreateBindingsWithThumbprint and CreateBindingsWithDevelopmentThumbprint task​​s contain typos.234759
Item Buckets Content Search​The AddFieldByFieldTypeName section is almost never used​.94802, 404831
List ManagerA user with a non-English language cannot create lists/segments.​201680
List Manager​Paging does not work in the list of contacts.207186
List ManagerA new segment can not be added to a segmented list.​​​207333
List Manager​​A segment is not completely removed from a list page.​​230567
List ManagerWhen you remove a list source, it leaves the undefined source type​​.230558
List Manager​The Save button is active after changes in list sources have been saved.​​230553
List ManagerWhen you create a segmented list page, it​ has the wrong title.215268
Login​​​If a locked user tries to log in when Federated Authentication is disabled, the yellow screen of death appears with the The method or operation is not implemented. message.511490, 513847, 518099229727
Marketing AutomationAdding more than 6 conditions to a rule in the rule set editor causes an exception.234839
Marketing Automation​The Active/inactive list pages only contain campaigns that are in English.223088
Marketing Automation​​Automation campaigns and templates can be named with only white spaces.230126
Marketing Automation​The application is hidden if the licensing key is not present.225531
Marketing Automation​In the Campaign Details dialog the MM and HH fields are not aligned with the Start date and End Date fields.230942
Marketing AutomationIn CMS only mode, the Marketing Automation icon is visible in the launchpad.​217914
Marketing Automation​​Activity classifications are not localizable.219852
Marketing AutomationThe Unsaved changes dialog appears for a defined listener when no changes have been made.201577
Marketing AutomationAn error appears in the log file when you browse from the campaign canvas to the list page and then open the campaign canvas again​.​213192
Marketing Automation​​A campaign cannot be activated when a delay is defined in the campaign.197433
Marketing AutomationMarketing themes cannot be localized​​.234599
Marketing Automation​An error occurs when you click Report view during a long-running request.214971
Marketing AutomationIf a Marketing Automation campaign does not have any activities, it does not have a Default path.​205510
Marketing Automation​​Marketing Automation items use the campaign ID instead of the campaign name.224571
Marketing AutomationYou cannot set 31 days as the Listen for-interval on listener activities.182966
Marketing Automation​If you activate a campaign after the end date has passed, the user does not receive a message that the end date has passed.191808
Marketing AutomationAn activity is not visible if its ID contains upper case characters​.​​227884
Marketing AutomationIn the toolbox, the activity category should remain collapsed when you switch to the context pane and back​ again.184946
Marketing Automation​A potential race condition couold occur when using Live Events with anonymous contacts.252301
Marketing AutomationThe Marketing Automation operations server has high CPU usage when handling Live Events.​​229806
Marketing Automation​The Marketing Automation operations server requires the Collection role to be enabled on the xConnect instance to ensure that the xDB model is available.226201
Marketing Automation​​Several stored procedures are missing from the dacpac file that is used for Azure deployments of the Marketing Automation database.225569
Marketing Automation​​Multiple definition types are created in the Reference Data service when multiple callers try to create the definition type at the same time.225572
Marketing Automation​In the SIF config files for the different deployments, the casing of the Marketing Automation service name is not consistent.216186
Marketing Automation​​Marketing Automation does not load all the contact facets that are required to support all the out-of-the-box segmentation conditions.249719
Marketing Foundation​​​Optional integration with Microsoft Machine Learning Server within the Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine​.
Marketing FoundationSitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine provides a scalable platform for implementing Machine Learning within Sitecore​.
Marketing Foundation​​A new reporting foundation​ has been introduced.
Marketing FoundationxConnect ignores the configuration used for self signed certificates that are not installed in the certificate store.
This is normal behaviour when cloud deployments try to use self-signed certificates.​
Marketing Foundation​The XConnect Indexer does not resume indexing if a rebuild fails during the Finishing step​.199590
Marketing Foundation​The LastModifiedDate field in contact facets is not indexed​.​​128942
Marketing FoundationThe Campaign on current Interaction has custom classification condition throws an exception if the campaign has no custom classifications.208816
Marketing FoundationWhen Solr is enabled, the web and master indexes of the marketing assets contain the entire media library and not just the marketing assets.​38857
Marketing FoundationThe xConnect search indexer may timeout if live indexing has more than a million of contacts/interactions waiting to be indexed.203919
Marketing FoundationIn xConnect search, the filtering of contacts and interactions by the date and time when a specific facet was last modified does not work.

Queries like this:

c.GetFacet().LastModified >= value​

Marketing FoundationThe Sitecore.Marketing.Definitions.MarketingAssets.Repositories.Solr.IndexConfiguration.config and the Sitecore.Marketing.Definitions.MarketingAssets.Repositories.Azure.IndexConfiguration.config files are required by the Reporting role for onPrem and for Azure solutions. They are not required because the search provider is not configured on the Reporting role.​​228245
Marketing FoundationIn the Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.config file, there is an irrelevant note about the Analytics.RedactIpAddress setting.228329
Marketing FoundationXConnect Index Worker Metrics fills up the AppInsights' daily cap​.

The performance counters that are used by the xConnect Search Indexer have been updated to prevent it reaching AppInsights daily cap.

1. The following performance counters have been disabled by default:
Category: "Sitecore Xdb Collection Index Write Operations"

- IndexWriteOpsTotal
- IndexWriteOpsRateSec
- IndexWriteAvgBatchSize
- IndexWriteAvgBatchSizeBase
- IndexWriteAvgTime
- IndexWriteAvgTimeBase

Category: "Sitecore Xdb Collection IndexWorker GetChanges Operations"
- GetChangesOpsRateSec
- GetChangesOpsTotal
- GetChangesAvgTime
- GetChangesAvgTimeBase
2. The following performance counters were moved to a new category:
Category: "Sitecore Xdb Collection Signal Indexed Changes"
- SignalIndexedChangesOpsTotal
- SignalIndexedChangesOpsRateSec
- SignalIndexedChangesAvgTime
- SignalIndexedChangesAvgTimeBase

Marketing Foundation​​The XConnect Search Indexer retrier is too aggressive and increases CPU usage.213419
Marketing FoundationWhen the client language is German, if you try to create a segmentation rule, the wo das Datum vorbei ist condition does not display the date picker.227841
Marketing FoundationIn xConnect, the Search cursor does not respect items that have already been consumed during a split operation.​221738
Marketing Foundation​​On the MongoDB provider, when an attempt to save a new contact fails, Interactions and InteractionFacets are saved.222999
Marketing Foundation​In a multi-threaded environment, parallel saves of interactions about a single contact lose facet data.183874
Marketing Foundation​When importing a large list of contacts, some contacts are imported twice with identifiers that are duplicated and saved in different shards.187635
Marketing Foundation​​​When Solr returns a non-JSON response, xConnect fails to log the error details, and logs an error parsing error instead.219950
Marketing FoundationWhen you deploy a new custom XConnect model to an XConnect search instances before before you deploy it to the XConnect indexer instance, search requests ignore the sort parameters.255643
Marketing Foundation​An exception occurs when identifying a contact if the Behavior Profile contains a reference to a deleted profile.163109
Marketing FoundationWhen using the Mongo session state provider, the MongoDB.Driver.MongoDuplicateKeyException sometimes occurs.​155149
Marketing Foundation​In the Japanese version, the country condition item - /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Definitions/Elements/GeoIP/Country - contains an incorrect parameter text.515914255115
Marketing FoundationIf the X-Forwarded-For header of an HTTP request contains a port number, it breaks the HTTP request​ header processing.​132442
Miscellaneous​​Sitecore XP 9.0 Update 2 has been merged into Sitecore XP 9.1.
MiscellaneousSC_TICKET entries are never cleared from the Properties table​​.223702
Miscellaneous​​The Item:create` command always creates items in the client language​.`225379
MiscellaneousThe Enabled clones feature decrease field read performance for non-cloned items​.​​227274
MiscellaneousWhen you create a new version of an item, the workflow state is not changed to Initial​.222542
Miscellaneous​​The Sitecore.Links.ItemEventHandler.OnItemCopied() method doesn't update links for subitems​.195204
Miscellaneous​​​A field name that contain a culture suffix is translated incorrectly.​192873
MiscellaneousAfter republishing, an item doesn't get a new name if its name and version are changed at the same time.251170
Miscellaneous​After republishing, ​an item doesn't get a new template if its template is changed​.236015
Miscellaneous​​​Every media item link contains the 'la' parameter in the query string.​96886, 453692
Miscellaneous​An item that is the target of an internal link isn't selected when you open the Insert a Link dialog.92179, 355602
Miscellaneous​Rendering parameters are double encoded.91473, 336760
Miscellaneous​​​In the Layout Details, a non-existant placeholder attribute can break the Device Editor​.96829, 452981
MiscellaneousThere is different language fallback behaviour on items created from branches and items created from templates.​147684
MiscellaneousThe fallback language version is indexed.127177​
Miscellaneous​Exclude all master database references config when role is set to ContentDelivery​​227326
Miscellaneous​​​When you use the LinqToLuceneIndex ApplyScalarMethods​ function, an excessive number of type casts are made.94847, 405790
Miscellaneous​The Icons cache folder does not respect the configured $tempfolder.​216195
MiscellaneousWhen you press Ctrl+S, an item is saved twice.96018, 433938
Miscellaneous​​If there is an invalid value in the __Preview field, it prevents the Content Editor from accessing the item​​.96826, 452905
Miscellaneous​​The "*" wildcard causes conflicts when you install a Sitecore package that contains no existing items on the same level.220315
MiscellaneousWorkflow validation replaces field values with empty strings.221523
MiscellaneousIt is not possible to automatically update the contents of the Links table on CD instances​.91375, 334874
Miscellaneous​​HTML characters in the alt attribute of the <img> tag are not encoded​.234443
Miscellaneous​​​If a template has the same template as a base template and one of the fields has a default value​, an error can occur.116550
MiscellaneousIf Solr is down, ​GetResults and GetFacets produce an InvalidOperationException.158329
Miscellaneous​The Solr search provider does not compare DateTime fields to see if they contain the same​ value.​173890
Miscellaneous​​In the Edge browser, focus on a selected image can be lost if several images are inserted into table cells in the RTE​.191129
Miscellaneous​​​The SolrFieldNameTranslator method is not able to resolve field configuration if FieldName consists of more than one word​.127550
Miscellaneous​​All master database references are not excluded when the server role is set to ContentDelivery​.227326
Miscellaneous​​When resolving dependencies, the items that should be excluded from the index are checked incorrectly.96740, 451056
MiscellaneousIn a Solr query, the Like LINQ methods escape the tilde character.​​149252
MVC​​​There is a performance regression in GetDynamicPlaceholderKeysArgs.220775
MVCRegistering a custom MVC route does not work and an exception is thrown.514056250351
MVC​​The /api/sitecore/ routing is not registered in CD instance​s.501203, 504700, 503663, 517792213935
Path Analyzer​The Base map standard values have a broken link.222263
Path Analyzer​If a user selects an item in the content tree that does not have a template, an exception is thrown.220596
Path Analyzer​​​The Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.Processing.BinaryKeyInteractionProcessingPoolScheduler.TryGetNextAsync() method​ contains an Incorrect null check.513150234551
Search​On Azure, if a search contains the # symbol, Sitecore can display the An error has occur and the search cannot be completed. error message.183396
Search​On Azure, if a search contains the %, & symbols, Sitecore can display the An error has occur and the search cannot be completed. error message.183381
SearchThe Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.Index.Core.config file excludes the template with the 76F63DF7-0235-4164-86AB-84B5EC48CB2A ID from the index.​​499959, 500635, 501461, 505681204191
Search​Azure Search requests are deadlocked.

Azure Search has been rewritten to prevent deadlocks and as a result, you can now reuse threads when performing searches​.

510172, 51167227363
Search​Azure search does not support the latest version of the API - 2016-09-01.501719213569
Search​​The CreateClient method in HttpClientFactory is not thread safe.500655, 502706, 509112, 516977210950
Search​When you search in a Multilist With Search field type, Azure Search can sometimes show an empty list.488089, 491419173022
Search​Field names that do not begin with a letter cannot be indexed in Azure Search.166844
Search​​Queries that contain datetimes values throw an InvalidCastException.485230, 500590166318
SearchThe Azure Search provider does not support index time boosting.493032, 493040, 493232, 497667, 509399164635
SearchUsing an ampersand (&) in a search query can cause an AzureSearchServiceRESTCallException.​145992, 479769151246
Search​​Media indexing is not disabled even though it is not supported by Azure Search.478184, 486252, 492268, 492317, 493048, 494435, 504223, 509381, 510107149909
Search​An exception occurs if you synchronize FXM and other index schemas when no fields are defined.504603, 506419, 514855132052
Search​​When an Azure Search query find no results, SearchContentSearchIndex throws exception.494393, 495131192588
SearchCD instances that are created during scaling have the wrong index name - they don't end with -secondary.515624, 516075, 516977229625, 254072
Security APIThe FederatedAuthentication.Enabled=false setting does not disable federated authentication DI registrations.​200649
Security API​​It is impossible to configure cookie timeout.200539
Sitecore FormsForm items are not displayed when the IndexAllFields setting is set to false​.​517042, 509491, 511191, 512408, 513334, 514225, 514228, 514871, 515760229445, 283473
Sitecore Forms​​​The Forms builder application does not work with federated authentication​.508484222573
​Sitecore FormsWhen the value of a radio button is changed on a form, the value is not always measured in the form performance metrics​.502029165940
Sitecore Forms​​​In Sitecore Forms, when you add a submit action trigger goal the new goal that you create is not assigned to the Analytics workflow.171323
Sitecore securityPreview mode​ uses an incorrect context user.511143231808
Sitecore securityASitecore.Owin.Authentication.Security.TicketManager is potentially vulnerable to CWE 601​.​230478
Sitecore Services Client​Sitecore Services Client is unable to return items that have duplicate field names.​501590, 504441, 507952, 513507, 514024, 515123207286
Sitecore Services Client​​The ItemService Search feature processes the version parameter incorrectly.​​513471249938
Sitecore Services ClientThe Sitecore.Services.Core.Services.FileReaderService class is potentially vulnerable to CWE-73.206153

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