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Release Notes

July 2019 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 9.2.0

This is a feature release. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes features that meet the specific needs of your organization. This release contains significant new feature functionality, and we encourage you to evaluate it.


Sitecore Experience Platform 9.2.0 includes:

  • Consumption tracking - ​Sitecore may collect telemetry metrics to help us understand how our customers use the product and develop web sites using the features in the product.

  • The Redis Sessions state provider now uses StackExchange.Redis 2.0​​.

  • On Sitecore Azure, all the Appenders are configured the same. There is no distinction between log statements that are written using the Sitecore.Diagnostics.Publishing logger, the Sitecore.Diagnostics.Search logger, or any other logger.

  • In Sitecore Forms, the following required parameters have been added to the ​Send Email Campaign Message submit action:

    • Select email field
    • Specify the identification source
    • Select the consent field

    Forms that use the Send Email Campaign Message submit action will no longer work. These forms must be updated and the required parameters must be configured.

  • Sitecore Forms has added ​support for Sitecore JavaScript Services​ (JSS​)​.

  • ​A new abstraction for the Job and Schedule classes has been introduced to support extra integration scenarios.

  • ​The Rebuild Link database functionality has been improved with the addition of a new provider. It is not enabled by default. For more information, see the Sitecore XP 9.2.0 documentation .

  • Overview of all the pages that contain active personalization.
    The Experience Optimization application now has a single place where you can find all the personalized pages across each Sitecore instance.
    The information displayed includes:

    • The name of the page that contains personalized components.
    • The website that the page belongs to.
    • The number of personalized experiences this page contains.
    • The number of combinations of personalized components on the page.
    • The number of components involved.
    • Effect in Test – the highest effect if there is a personalization test running.To see detailed information about each personalized experience, select a page in the list.
  • ​Tracker performance has been improved by reducing the number of calls from the tracker to xConnect.

  • MongoDB 4.x is the required version for xConnect and the Session State Provider.​​

  • You can now delete a contact and all the information related to it.

  • A new Indexing sub-role has been added to the Sitecore server roles to simplify the configuration of content indexing.
    When you assign the Indexing sub-role to a server role, that role manages content indexing automatically and the other server roles that have not been assigned this sub-role do not index content.
    You configure the Indexing sub-role in the web.config file and can combine it with the CM and CD roles, for example, ContentManagement, Indexing.

  • Sitecore XP now supports YAML serialization.
    The Serialization API has been refactored and improved to also support serialization in YAML format. Tree serialization is now available and is similar to what Unicorn does.
    The old serialization format will be deprecated and removed in one of the next major releases.

  • Sitecore now supports SSL offloading. A new configuration file has been introduced to enable SSL offloading. The \App_Config\Include\Examples\Sitecore.LoadBalancing.config.example file is disabled by default.

  • Whitelisting is enabled by default for Azure Search.
    Sitecore now indexes a predefined set of fields. This gives full control over the size of the index and overcomes the 1k field limitation in Azure Search.

  • ​The stability of session end event handling has been improved in the Tracker.

  • The performance of processing/aggregation and especially the performance of history rebuild has been improved.

  • Improved integration between EXM and Sitecore Forms
    If you use both EXM and Sitecore Forms, the 9.2 release provides some enhanced functionality that empowers marketers.
    The default send action for Sitecore Forms now allows marketers to send personalized messages to both known and new contacts. The send action is triggered when a form is submitted and can use data from within the form itself as a result of enhanced support for custom tokens.

  • The zip archive of the Sitecore Experience Platform root folder is no longer shipped with the product.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Experience EditorWhen you open the Experience Editor from the Launchpad or from the Content Editor it now behaves consistently. This behavior is set in the Sitecore.config files in the Preview.DefaultSite setting.​​​452611, 455068, 45904581313
API​​​​A new abstraction for the Job and Schedule classes has been introduced to support extra integration scenarios.290073
Configuration​​A new Indexing sub-role has been added to the Sitecore server roles to simplify the configuration of content indexing.
Email Experience ManagerThe integration between EXM and Sitecore Forms has been improved.
Experience Analytics​​​​We have removed a number of items that pointed to deprecated code​.206204
Experience Editor​​​An empty image field placeholder now scales to the available layout size.
Experience Editor​​The P​review, Explore, and Debug buttons are now located on the Experience Editor ribbon.295488
Experience OptimizationThe Experience Optimization application now has a single place where you can find all the personalized pages across each Sitecore instance. ​​​
LinksThe Rebuild Link database functionality has been improved with the addition of a new provider. It is not enabled by default.​​
Marketing Foundation​Tracker performance has been improved by reducing the number of calls from the tracker to xConnect.​​​
Marketing Foundation​In Sitecore 9.2.0, MongoDB 4.x is the required version for xConnect and the Session State Provider.​​253259, 307152, 253260
Marketing Foundation​​You can now delete a contact and all the information related to it.252714, 289962, 289966, 292179, 292183, 289965, 292392, 292155, 292136, 289964, 289960, 289961, 289963, 289967, 292189, 292190, 292195, 292114, 292169, 149323, 301655
Marketing Foundation​​​It is now possible to specify the concurrent threads that are used to handle session expiration. This solves the thread starvation problem that occurred in high load scenarios.
It is now possible to configure dedicated servers to process session expiration, which can lower the load on content delivery servers and improve their performance and stability.
Marketing Foundation​​Session expiration handling has been improved:

- Long-running operations no longer use the default .NET thread pool.
- The custom expiration queue and a custom thread pool are utilized for session expiration.
- You can now control the degree of parallelism that occurs by specifying the number of threads that should run simultaneously to process the work items in the queue when a session expires.
- A new concurrency executor mechanism has been introduced to control size of the queue by limiting the number of session end events that are handled simultaneously.

Marketing Foundation​The number of requests sent from Tracker to xConnect has been reduced by ​saving Contact, Interaction, and Device in a single batch​​​257658, 290876
Marketing FoundationThe Web tracker now handles the ContactNotFound exception on session expiration by ensure that when a contact was removed from xDB during an active web session, a new contact with the same identifier is created.​​289882
Marketing Foundation​​SessionEnd processing can now be disabled per-instance for any supported out-of-proc session state provider.220932
Marketing Foundation​​​The stability of session end event handling has been improved in the Tracker.
Marketing Foundation​Sitecore.Analytics.dacpac has been renamed as Sitecore.Reporting.dacpac​.​​​313887
Marketing Foundation​​The Cortex Reporting Foundation​ now supports SQL Always On.230129
Miscellaneous​Sitecore may collect telemetry metrics to help us understand how our customers use the product and develop web sites using the features in the product. ​​
Miscellaneous​​​​New default polling intervals have been a assigned to the Sitecore.Framework.Messaging library to reduce the pressure on SQL Server.315543
Pipelines​​​Sitecore.Pipelines.HttpRequest.BeginDiagnostics and EndDiagnostics are not enabled on CD servers.318134
PlatformThe Rules Engine has been updated to check if conditions can be evaluated before executing a rule​. Condition.CanEvaluate can be overridden to specify that a condition cannot be evaluated.​​301303
SearchThe Redis Session state provider now uses StackExchange.Redis 2.0​​.227831
Search​​Whitelisting is enabled by default for Azure Search.
Serialization​​Sitecore XP now supports YAML serialization.
Sitecore AzureAll the Appenders are configured the same. There is no distinction between log statements that are written using the Sitecore.Diagnostics.Publishing logger, the Sitecore.Diagnostics.Search logger, or any other logger.
Sitecore Forms​​​Support for Sitecore JavaScript Services​ (JSS​)​ has been added.
Sitecore Forms​​​The name of the selected goal/campaign/outcome/page is now shown in the list of selected save actions in the property editor.
Sitecore security​​Sitecore Identity now has Chinese, Danish, German, and Japanese translations.217389
Sitecore securitySitecore Identity now supports AppInsights logging. ​​​305570
Sitecore securitySitecore Identity now supports Single Signout. ​​305571
Sitecore SecuritySitecore now supports SSL offloading. A new configuration file has been introduced to enable SSL offloading. This file is disabled by default.​​


ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
API​​The code annotation attributes such as CanBeNull, NotNull, and so on have been deprecated.
If you wish to use these attributes in your own code, you should use the ReSharper Annotations package from NuGet. For more information about annotations, see https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2015/08/12/how-to-use-jetbrains-annotations-to-improve-resharper-inspections/
InstallationThe zip archive of the Sitecore Experience Platform root folder is no longer shipped with the product.​​
Experience OptimizationThe obsolete Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.ContactPatternMatchCondition class has been removed.
The obsolete \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Elements\Visitor\Matches Pattern item has been removed.
Experience OptimizationThe obsolete Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.HasCampaignCondition class has been removed.
The obsolete \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Elements\Visit\Campaign was Triggered item has been removed.
Experience OptimizationThe obsolete Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.CountryCondition class has been removed.
The obsolete \master\sitecore\system\Settings\Rules\Definitions\Elements\GeoIP\Country item has been removed.
Marketing AutomationSitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Loading.ContactLoader has deprecated. You can use Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Loading.AsyncXdbLoader.Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Core.Loading.IContactLoader in Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Core.dll has been deprecated. You can use Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.Loading.IAsyncXdbLoader in Sitecore.Xdb.MarketingAutomation.dll.295626

Breaking changes

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Content Editor​WebDav has been completely removed from the system.​​255697
Content Editor​​​The File Drop Area field type has been deprecated as part of the removal of WebDav. The field type has been moved to the corresponding section and should not be used.
Email Experience ManagerThe new submit action that sends an email after a form is submitted is not compatible with previous versions​ of EXM. ​​​
Marketing Foundation- The Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Abstractions.ITaskDependencyProvider interface has been merged into the Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Abstractions.ITaskDataProvider interface.
- The Sitecore.Processing.Tasks.Abstractions.ITaskDependencyProvider interface ​has been removed.
- The TaskDataProviderCountersDecorator(ITaskDataProvider inner, IPerformanceCounters performanceCounters, ILogger logger) constructor has been removed from the Sitecore.Processing.Engine.Diagnostics.TaskDataProviderCountersDecorator​​ class.
Marketing Foundation​​​In the Sitecore.Analytics.ExcludeRobots.config file, the excludedUserAgents​ node is now empty​. The list of user agents is not required because the Device Detection component is used to filter robots. You can still extend the node with a custom user agent string.288952
MiscellaneousThe Sitecore.Framework.Messaging library that uses SQL Server now requires queues to be split into individual tables.​​​314726
MVC​​ILogger has been replaced with BaseLog.194498
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureThe Lucene.Net.Search.Searcher get_Searcher() method has been removed from Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.CloudSearchSearchContext, Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.dll​.​​​145418, 150403, 206188, 214813
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​The following new abstract methods have been introduced in Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure:

- Sitecore.Caching.ICache get_TokenCache() in type Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.ICloudSearchIndexConfiguration,
- System.Void set_TokenCache(Sitecore.Caching.ICache value) in type Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.ICloudSearchIndexConfiguration,
- System.String AnalyzeTokens(System.String text, System.String analyzer) in type Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.Http.ISearchService,
- System.String GetTokens(System.String text, System.String analyzer) in type Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.Http.ISearchServiceDocumentOperationsProvider​. ​

Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​​The IsDisplayedinSearchResults field with the \{DCA13350-3EC5-408A-A190-D8FC9F63DCD1\} ID has been removed from the exclude list and is now included in indexing.207492
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​​​The zh-Hant.lucene analyzer has been removed from the analyzers list.250815
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​The lowercase_keyword analyzer is set for fields of the Link type​ and fields named urllink.164995
Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure​​The configuration of the Content field has been changed, it is not facetable, filterable, or sortable. ​218625
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureThe i​ndex all fields functionality has been turned off by default. In the Sitecore.ContentSearch.Azure.DefaultIndexConfiguration.config file, the value of the indexAllFields property has been changed from true to false. ​ ​​220940
Sitecore Forms​​The following required parameters have been added to the ​Send Email Campaign Message submit action:

- Select email field
- Specify the identification source
- Select the consent field

Forms that use the Send Email Campaign Message submit action will no longer work. These forms must be updated and the required parameters must be configured.
Sitecore Forms​​​​The Checkbox list custom CSS class is ignored​.501053205864
Sitecore Services Client​​The Content facet in no longer available in item search​.306417
Sitecore Services Client​​The Sitecore.Services.Infrastructure.Sitecore assembly has been merged into the Sitecore.Services.Infrastructure assembly.207369

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)TFS no.
Caching​​​The performance of the ItemPublishing APIs ​needs to be improved.216266
ConfigurationYou cannot configure WebUtil.QueryStringCache. ​​220607
Configuration​​​The config provider of the domain manager uses the sitecore domain as the default instead of the default domain.141171
Configuration​​​The web.config file does not contain the ​Rules.MaxCachedRules setting.92804, 370442
Content Editor​​The Validation dialog runs slower than the actual validation result.318106
Email Experience Manager​​An automated message is sent multiple times​​​.524616309570
Email Experience Manager​​The The dispatch process is completed message is shown when a dispatch is aborted​​​.509557, 523130225604
Experience Analytics​​Some mappings for Experience Analytics stored procedures are missing in the Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation.config file and this degrades performance.313757
Experience AnalyticsIn the Line chart for specific time zones, the Date labels are not displayed correctly.​​502232, 505609, 507834, 508943, 510189, 520410215465
Experience Editor​​​FXM does not work with the MVC Form rendering.202377
Experience Editor​​​Suppressing validation rules does not work in Experience Editor​.434666, 475442, 447050, 480232, 488837, 495600, 504509, 505442, 509350, 513043, 518515,529886139071
Experience Editor​​​The screenshot functionality does not work in the Experience Editor or in the Content Editor. This functionality is obsolete and the buttons were removed.521662, 527212, 527681, 527818, 529863299764
Experience EditorIn the My Items dialog, the performance of the Unlock all functionality​ is not good.​​​516153, 509909, 503739213578
Experience Editor​​An error occurs when a user tries to edit an image in the Experience Editor.498433, 522282196761
Experience Editor​​​If the Short description field of an item contains double quotes, it causes errors in Experience Editor.157334
Experience EditorThe Date and Time dialog ignores the user's preference for the date/time format.​​​435035, 435055, 456688, 461850, 486681, 495484, 498424, 498586, 507240, 516641, 519499, 51956851661
Experience EditorIf the raw value in the Datasource field of the rendering items is the item path​, workflow bundling does not work.​​504458213412
Experience Editor​​In Google Chrome, if the HtmlEditor.LineBreak configuration is set to the <br> tag, the [No text in field] watermark does not appear in multi-line fields.520977297635
Experience EditorA datasource item is created under a wrong path if there are multiple items with the same name and the relative data source location is used in the rendering.​​​499366202329
Experience Optimization​​If you use the control bar in the Experience Editor to select a personalization condition, an exception is written to the log file.474167, 479758137311
Experience Optimization​​​When a page test is started, but not fully published from the CM server, an error occurs on the CD server.510779, 488615, 503898, 513065, 514686, 517849, 522837, 530359173501
Experience Optimization​​​The __Is Running field is indexed as String​ on the Azure Search provider.508546, 516557, 521880, 527071, 528361222569
Experience Optimization​​If you use Azure Search, content tests are removed unexpectedly.524070312428
Experience Optimization​​The Test the component dialog does not save your changes if an empty variation was created first​.479568152448
Experience OptimizationCancelling a test generates an exception in the log file.​​5223727307746
Experience Optimization​​​​The test summary shows an incorrect Test objective when the goal was selected from the second page​.486413, 502953, 514487166710
Experience Optimization​​The Do you want to create a test? message is still displayed when the page contains an active test.​507615230213
Experience Optimization​​​Content tests do not work on a fallback device.524126, 524136314641
Experience Optimization​​If xConnect is down​, pages that contain active tests cause Sitecore to stop functioning.516179, 522677286052
Experience Profile​​​Some search filters are translated incorrectly.300243
Item Buckets​​​Items made from branches that have inherited the ability to be saved inside the bucket are not organized inside the bucket after synchronization.93207, 376447
Item Buckets Content Search​​The ContentSearch.DefaultIndexConfigurationPath setting is duplicated in 2 configuration files.96787, 452103
Item Buckets Content Search​​​​If you delete the last version of an item in any language, the language version of the item is not deleted from the index.141095
Item Buckets Content Search​​​In the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config file, the description of the indexing.filterIndex.inbound pipeline is incorrect.95074, 410950
Item Buckets Content Search​​Using the syncMaster index update strategy degrades performance.96659, 449339
Federated Experience Manager​​​The Sitecore.FXM.config file​ contains ​an incorrect processor reference.470319, 506968125710
Layouts & renderings​​​The Date field does not respect neutral culture settings.92512, 363903
Links​​The Broken Links report ​does not contain a ​Show only latest version checkbox.92614, 366185
Links​​​​Port 443 is added to the URL of an item.93141, 375448
List Manager​​Several security issues have been resolved​.527670, 522331307638, 300583
Marketing Automation​​It takes a long time to build the Marketing Automation campaign tree when there are more than 35 activities​​​​.520909302132
Marketing Automation​​The List of contacts that are currently in the selected element dialog lists all the contacts​​​.528780322236
Marketing Foundation​​If the DI service assembly is missing, xConnect only logs the configuration errors.231590
Marketing Foundation​​​The ClearFacetOperation method can be executed from the RightToBeForgottenOperation method.163878
Marketing Foundation​​​The Rules engine crashes when visitors are identified as bots on the website.95531
Marketing Foundation​​​The Processing Engine now supports the ​AzureServiceBus.287121
Marketing FoundationInteractions that are added to a non-existing contact are not marked as failed.​​314506
Marketing Foundation​​​Empty batches can be returned during data extraction.309006
Marketing Foundation​It is impossible to remove an identifier that contains a space. ​​200174
Marketing Foundation​​In the Content Editor, on the Analyze tab, the Attributes dialog displays campaign names without escaping special characters.316994
Marketing Foundation​​​UpdateSearchIndexObserver can fail during construction if the search index is unavailable when recycling a CD instance.255663
Marketing FoundationIn the Profile Card options window, you cannot scroll through the list of profile cards.​​​139171
Marketing Foundation​​The XdbContext Batch Execution exception appears in the xConnect logs when the Tracker tries to save a contact from the submit queue that has already been partially saved to xDB​.251787
Marketing Foundation​​​The Sitecore.Marketing.Solr.IndexConfiguration.config file contains incorrect declarations for the classifications, profiletype and automationstateenrollmentlist fields​​.``````234761
Marketing Foundation​​​The Sitecore.Marketing.Solr.IndexConfiguration.config adds a Culture field of the text type instead of the string type.234444
Marketing Foundation​​The MediaRequestTrackingInformation.​IsTrackedRequest() method creates two instances of TrackingField and this degrades performance.215604
Marketing Foundation​​​Tracking field initialization slows down the processing of non-tracked media.​215599
Marketing Foundation​​​A classification conflict exception occurs when two simultaneous web sessions end for the same contact.203218
Marketing Foundation​The Sitecore.Web.IPAdresses.IPRange.Contains(IPAddress address) method detects whether the range contains an IP address incorrectly.​​150102
Marketing Foundation​​In the Sitecore.Analytics.ExcludeRobots.config file, the ​IP ranges do not support IPv6​.``149113
MiscellaneousIn the HttpClientFactory, the CreateClient method is not thread safe​​.500655, 502706, 509112, 516977, 521654, 521755210950
MiscellaneousApplication Insights does not contain the System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource.dll and therefore adds a message within Application Insights​​​.523336302665
Miscellaneous​​Requests are not displayed in the Application Insights dashboard.525705291373
MiscellaneousIn the Azure environment, custom font files cannot be found.504837214941
Miscellaneous​The SelectMedia dialog returns no results if the media item does not have a version in the current client language​.​​96838, 453109
Miscellaneous​​​Invalid HTML markup causes a page to load infinitely.297463
MiscellaneousThe AddItemLinkReferences processor contains a deepScan setting that is not shown in the the Sitecore.config file and it is set to true by default.​​219170
Miscellaneous​​​In the Select Media dialog, when you search for an item, the exact word order is taken into account by default.221414
Miscellaneous​​​Indexing does not use a white list of the fields to include.220940
Miscellaneous​​​In the File field, the Open file link uploads the file in the wrong language.218634
Miscellaneous​​​A deadlock can occur during application startup.319791
Miscellaneous​If IndexCustodian.RefreshTree causes an exception, the RefreshTree handler is not unsubscribed from the indexing:updateditem event. ​​302248
Miscellaneous​​In some situations a field value that does not have a culture code is not indexed.308977
Miscellaneous​EventHub triggers events twice.​​​288084
Miscellaneous​​​ulrlink always produces links for the default (English) language version.290977
Miscellaneous​​​The Sync strategy does not index every item if the context user does not have access to the index root item.234357
Miscellaneous​Image links contain a double hash.​​97023, 456206
Miscellaneous​When you use Advanced upload and select the Overwrite existing media items option, Sitecore clears the workflow state and resets the fields of the original item. ​​
Miscellaneous​​The MailServerUseSsl setting is not shown in Sitecore.config file.204188
MiscellaneousUpdateIndexTimestampTimerTick is executed after the search indexes have been disposed and this causes an IndexNotFoundException.​​​181435
Miscellaneous​​​DatabaseSwitcher changes the context database incorrectly.177113
Miscellaneous​​​If IndexAllFields=false, the fields in the IncludedFields list are indexed as string values.252532
Miscellaneous​​The JSON configuration file for the Processing Role contains Solr parameters.​251533
Miscellaneous​The DateTime equality clause does not work in the Solr Managed Schema.​​​233873
Miscellaneous​​​The Sitecore.Text.ListString class is ineffective.231799
Miscellaneous​​​When IndexAllFields=false, AbstractDocumentBuilder tries to index all the included fields even if an item does not contain any fields.230603
Miscellaneous​​​Solr auto-suggest adds the q= parameter to the query string.229911
Miscellaneous​​Multi-valued fields can be indexed as a single line instead of being split into multiple values.228832
Miscellaneous​Users that have been assigned the sitecore\Sitecore Client Publishing role cannot select any publish targets. ​​​​295982
Miscellaneous​​​ulrlink generates media links for the shell site rather than for the actual website.291228
Miscellaneous​​​​The Internal link dialog does not take the current language into account.288817
Miscellaneous​​​StoreVersionTermVector causes conflicts with custom item fields and should be removed for all search providers.287726
MiscellaneousWhen IndexAllFields=false, ​cloned items do not inherit field values.​​257284
MiscellaneousDatabaseAgent is included in the Sitecore.Processing.config file but is not required for the Processing role.​​​256452
MiscellaneousThe Required field validator saves fields that should generate a fatal error.​​316530
Miscellaneous​When you change the user for a job, there is a memory leak in the <job> pipeline.​​318517
Miscellaneous​​​​A string that contains a hyphen is treated as a valid language​.318925
MiscellaneousOn the Sitecore Desktop, the All Applications, Sitecore on the Net, Sitecore Homepage page does not display any content.​​319402
Miscellaneous​The Result=FatalError parameter does not prevent an item from being saved.​​305324
Miscellaneous​In the Layout Details dialog, removing a sublayout also removes additional parameters.​​159068
Miscellaneous​​​Unversionable media items are uploaded in the current site language and not in the current item language.189805
Miscellaneous​​​The RestoreColorProfileProcessor processor sets the wrong extention for thumbnails.209652
Miscellaneous​​​When you try to view a media item that is locked by another user, an exception can occur.212651
Miscellaneous​​Items created from a branch are not deserialized correctly.215244
Miscellaneous​​​Sitecore does not support SSL offloading on a load balancer.115252
Miscellaneous​​The scheduling engine ​does not support any advanced scheduling functionality.95620, 426578
MiscellaneousYou cannot control the size of the [isLanguageFallbackValid] cache independently.​​221831
Miscellaneous​​​​RefreshTree.ShowProgress uses a method that is not thread-safe to add messages.302249
Miscellaneous​If you install ​Hotfix #257120-2, validation fails if it is run in a job. ​​305539
Miscellaneous​​​Hotfix #257120 causes problems when returning and validating field values.306221
Miscellaneous​Installing Hotfix #257120 causes problems with field validation.​​289605
Miscellaneous​​When you rebuild the master database, it can hang indefinitely.308411
Miscellaneous​​​The CM and CD roles use different databases as transport for events and as a result messaging does not work.310341
Miscellaneous​​​​The UI notifications about datasource items are broken.520840, 522971301564
Miscellaneous​​​Links that contain the ? and = symbols in the query string parameter value, are not rendered correctly.310374
Miscellaneous​​​​SolrFieldMap.availableTypes can cause performance issues when a large number of LINQ search queries are executed.312897
MVC​​MVC cannot resolve an item when the name contains a dash or when the context item is switched.513831, 522220252805
MVC​​When a URL references an item name that contains a dash, the wildcard item is used as the context item.519609294344
Path Analyzer​​​There are some items that point to deprecated code.206204
Path Analyzer​​No contacts are displayed in the Path Analyzer.257140
PerformanceThe performance of processing/aggregation and especially the performance of history rebuild has been improved.​​​
Performance​The Links table​ has performance overheads.​​143842
Performance​Cleanup of blob files takes a long time and causes timeouts on large databases.​​255301
PlatformOptimization now allows Sitecore MVC to efficiently manage the execution of the <mvc.getrenderer> pipeline for the same renderings on repeated page requests. This addresses previous performance issues from redundant pipeline runs. However, with this change, configuring personalized content while setting the caching option for rendering is no longer possible.310097
Publishing​​​​Incremental and Smart Publish will not publish a renamed item if the item does not have a language version in the language being published.103944
Publishing​​​Incremental parallel publishing does not unpublish every item.126440
Publishing​​​The content of ​shared blobs is not published when you publish a media item if the media item does not have a language version in the language being published.298205
Rich Text Editor​The width and height of images is not consistent.​ ​​93837, 387262
Search​​​In the Sitecore.ContentSearch.Lucene.DefaultIndexConfiguration.config file, the indexallfields setting is set to false, and this breaks the Azure Search indexes.226988
Search​​When Azure Search queries the Item Search API, an exception is thrown.521436214219
SearchWhen the Azure Search index is updated in parallel, some documents may be missed.522938303519
Search​​The _content field is used to build facets, sort, and filter data. It should only be used for search.506114, 509381, 509904218625
Search​​​Azure search does not return the thumbnail of an item from the media library.501838, 510746, 518648207492
Search​​The Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith search methods do not work if the terms used in the search are not separated by a space.501629, 502305, 514493, 519598, 521350, 522779207513
SearchIn Azure Search, the ​​Count, Any, First, Single, ElementAt commands retrieve too many documents​.479281147549
Search​​Azure Search contains references to Lucene.478501, 504837145418, 150403, 214805, 206188, 214813
SearchWhen language fallback is enabled, some item gets deleted from the index.​​​520831, 520948299679
Search​​In Azure Search, the linq equal operator == does not working correctly for the URL field.482755164995
Search​​In Azure Search, the CloudFieldNameTranslator method does not resolve item names correctly.522538301873
SearchWhen Azure Search returns an HTTP 207 response code, there is no meaningful message.488998178851
Search​​The GetResults method does not work if the search results contain a large number of documents.306365, 308782
Search​​In Azure Search, the SwitchOnRebuildEventRemote event is shared through the EventQueue of the Web database instead of the system EventQueue.519226290638
SearchIn Azure Search, if the Azure Search indexes are not created, you cannot use the Content Editor​​.178565
Search​​When the schema sync is slow, the search service schema synchronizer clogs the thread pool.511167, 511713, 513733, 520674, 5206229598
SearchSearches that use Contains, StartsWith, and EndsWith do not work if the search terms are not separated by a white space​.501629, 502305, 514493, 519598, 521350, 522779, 530949207513
Search​​​Azure Search doesn't work for the Item Service.521436, 528376214219
SearchThe Azure Search provider does not support the Select LINQ method​.522723, 526466302171
Search​​​If you use Azure Search, Sitecore cannot rebuild the indexes because it hits the 1000 fields limit.478680, 478723, 482933,482951, 485437, 487550, 488198, 499888, 500830, 500936, 505020, 505747, 506114, 506339, 506724, 507287, 507302, 507561, 508196, 509381, 509729, 510677, 510678, 511191, 513223, 513335, 513507, 513516, 514361, 515892, 517664, 518169, 518739, 519419, 520348, 520675, 520691, 520959, 522124, 522205, 522391, 522772, 523646, 525845, 526442, 526726, 526909, 527025, 529154, 527292, 527772, 528151, 528225, 528425, 528559, 529059, 529167, 529237, 529541, 530084, 530772, 531060, 531873, 531873, 531946, 532445, 534152207507
Search​​​The Azure Search provider does not return any results when you use the * value for fields of the System.String [] collection type.526184314856
Search​The Azure Search provider does not respect the EnableSecurityCheck option.​​526075314858
SearchWhen Azure Search goes offline, the application does not re-initialize the CloudSearchProviderIndex for Azure.526765318104
Search​​​The sorting parameters are in reverse order.317080
Search​The whitelist of searchable fields is not aligned with the field map.316025
SearchThe Azure Search configuration is not applied by default when a field is in the whitelist but not in the field map​.315836
SearchWhen retrieving search results​, boosting values are sometimes ignored.304104
SearchWith Azure Search, if you perform a content search from the Marketing Control Panel, you can receive the following error: System.ArgumentException: Can not convert Array to String.522975, 529538, 531127, 532954, 533114, 533753, 534940299893, 255403
SearchBad request exceptions appear in the log files on the Processing server, related to different indexing properties, for example, alt, sidebar, footer, campaign_facet_1.​176589
Security API​Some security vulnerabilities have been fixed in the Content Editor.​​​316995, 317000, 317017, 317072, 317073
Sitecore Azure​​In xConnect, when you use Azure Search, the IsRetrievable setting is not set to false for string collection fields​​.231042
Sitecore Azure​​Content Delivery timeouts when all the threads are used up.501841, 502444, 504077, 505107, 505434, 505481, 505937, 506952, 507484, 507564, 508663, 510057, 510518, 510958, 511330, 515524, 522053, 501690, 500630, 500318, 499263, 497637, 497347, 495297, 489097, 486796, 485967, 478301301549
Sitecore AzureInformation about requests is not displayed in the Application Insights dashboard​​.533055, 525705, 528449, 529693, 531710, 532152, 532190, 532902, 533917, 534251, 535027, 535297, 535526, 535905291373
Sitecore AzureThe AI: Fix missed .dll e​xception causes application insight errors not to be added to the log files.523326302665
Sitecore AzureWhen Application Insights logging is set to filesystem, it does not work​.315471
Sitecore Azure​When you use Application Insights, Sitecore does not specify which logger the log statements come from.302169
Sitecore.ContentSearch.AzureThere are ​​​bad request exceptions in the log files on the Processing server role.176589
Sitecore security​​In Sitecore Identity Server, there is no controller for the Consent page.522901303532
Sitecore security​​​Index names are hardcoded in the GetSearchIndexNameForDatabase method of the Sitecore.Services.Infrastructure.Sitecore.Data.ItemSearch class.234726
Sitecore securityThe Kick User functionality (DomainAccessGuard) does not work with Sitecore Identity​ Server.​​308748
Sitecore securitySitecore intersects with routed POST requests.​​523648305761
Sitecore security​​​Data Protection key management - the keys in the registry are not created after deployment.306623
Sitecore security​​​The user must login, when they move from the Admin pages to the shell pages.232484
Sitecore security​​In local.ps1, the Clean command does not delete the SI Server certificate​.314017
Sitecore security​​An infinite login loop occurs when the maximum number of authors is reached.522818, 523654, 525313, 528145, 528794308082
Sitecore securitySitecore Identity authentication fails when you change the hashAlgorithmType setting in the web.config file.​​​522630, 523687, 527084, 527271302092
Sitecore security​​LoginVirtualUser​ causes excessive client data rewrites.526622316302, 312902
Sitecore Services ClientThe database name is hardcoded.​​487997110474
Sitecore Services Client​​A Delete request must delete the item in a specific language version and not the whole item.502833127265
Solr​​​In a MultiValued field, a Null value not formatted correctly.110796
SPEAK applications​Searching in the Select media dialog generates an incorrect query.​​​5580, 425826
Workbox​​​In the Workbox, a user can change the workflow state of a locked item.131108
WorkboxIn the Workbox, ​the Mixed Content error can occur.​​212515

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