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Release Notes

August 2021 – released Sitecore Headless Rendering 18.0.0


  • Headless Services now includes the Experience Edge Connector, that is available as a separate module. Experience Edge is an API-based service from Sitecore that enables globally replicated, scalable access to your Sitecore Experience Platform items, layouts, and media.
  • Debug logging is now available for Sitecore JavaScript SDKs in the 'debug' npm module.
  • The Angular SDK and sample have been updated to Angular v11.

New feature/improvements

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)AD no.
Headless ServicesHeadless Services now includes the Experience Edge Connector, that is available as a separate module.440792
Headless Services​GraphQL search now supports sorting of search results, via the mirrored Experience Edge schema.CS0184512, CS0187932407089
JavaScript Rendering​GraphQL-based clients for the Layout Service and the Dictionary Service are now available.439757
AngularThe server bundle build process has been simplified and the size of the bundle reduced. Thanks to Erik van 't Klooster for this contribution.447362
JavaScript RenderingIn the Experience Edge (node-headless-ssr-experience-edge),​ an experimental SSR sample has been added which can replace the Headless Proxy.452884
JavaScript RenderingDebug logging is now available for Sitecore JavaScript SDKs in the debug npm module.459742
​AngularThe Angular SDK and sample have been updated to Angular v11.459778
Next.jsIf you try to deploy files for a Next.js solution, when file deployment is not necessary, the JSS CLI now outputs a more helpful error message​.460433
Headless ServicesThe Headless Services module includes a mirrored version of the Experience Edge GraphQL schema, which can be used for authoring preview and local development.464244
JavaScript RenderingNumerous dependencies have been updated to address security warnings. For more information,see https://github.com/Sitecore/jss/pull/633.464638
React NativeThere have been numerous updates/fixes to the React Native SDK and samples. For more information, see https://github.com/Sitecore/jss/pull/624.464639
Headless ServicesThe GraphQL IDE that is included in Headless Services now utilizes GraphQL Playground, which includes multiple query tabs and support for specifying HTTP Headers.469244
Next.jsThe jss create and dotnet new starters for Next.js now include parameters which can be used to default the sample to SSG or SSR pre-rendering, and to specify the use of REST or GraphQL service endpoints.469722
​JavaScript RenderingThe RestLayoutService client now lets you override the named Layout Service configuration.476037

Breaking changes

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)AD no.
​Headless ServicesThe edge GraphQL schema that mirrors the Experience Edge schema has been updated to match the initial release of Sitecore Experience Edge.464244
Headless Services​The Sitecore configuration path for the publishing webhook has moved from layoutService to javaScriptServices and the base configuration of events and services no longer needs to be patched. For more information, see Sitecore.JavaScriptServices.AppServices.PublishingWebHook.config.example.​466674
Headless Services​The Layout Service now outputs media URLs instead of item URLs for linked media items in reference fields, such as, Droplink and Treelist.​466682
Next.js​The Next.js Apollo Client has been removed from the sample and is no longer a dependency for GraphQL calls.466680
Headless Services​​The Layout Service now outputs numeric values for numeric Sitecore field types.466755
Next.jsYou can now exclude paths from the sitemap query that is used in getStaticPaths.477917

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:

ContextDescriptionCustomer ticket ID (or other)AD no.
​Headless ServicesIn General Link fields, media links​ are rendered incorrectly in the Layout Service.CS0206214, CS0208458464473
Next.jsThe sitemap query that is used in getStaticPaths only returns 10 results by default.466143
AngularThe ApolloError: Http failure during parsing error appear in the console on the Styleguide /graphql route.469299
JavaScript RenderingComponent scaffolding outputs incorrect line endings in generated files469480
​Next.jsDictionary service output is not cached correctly.``469699
JavaScript RenderingForm fields that contain check boxes do not always store the correct data when the check boxes are not selected.CS0205985470766
JavaScript RenderingThe mediaApi.updateImageUrl function can generate invalid/missing hash value errors in the Sitecore log files when image parameters are not updated.CS0209534471229

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