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XM Cloud Changelog

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Accessibility in the Content Editor and other XM Cloud features

XM Cloud

XM Cloud


We have put a lot of work into making the Content Editor more accessible, in accordance with the W3C ARIA Authoring Practices Guide. Users can now use a keyboard to:

  • Navigate the ribbon and use these actions: create, rename, move, and delete items.

  • Navigate and expand items in the content tree.

  • Navigate and select various types of fields in the content area, including checking boxes, opening dropdown lists and links, and multi-selecting items.

  • Move focus away from components that are selected on a page.

In addition:

  • A visual indicator helps users focus on the element currently selected.

  • We have also provided labels to accommodate users who rely on assistive third-party technology such as screen readers, to read out information about UI elements (display names, field type, and state).

Other improvements:

  • In SXA, Datasource Workflow Actions can now be configured to include children or descendant items when executing an action.

  • You can now use the SXATags field to query SXA tags in the Preview and Edge schemas. The field is mapped to the MultilistField graph type.

  • In SXA, we have improved performance when retrieving site-specific standard values for published content.


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