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Release notes

June 2024 – released Sitecore Experience Platform 10.2.2 rev. 010645

This is a product update. Sitecore recommends that you upgrade to this release if it includes fixes that meet the specific needs of your organization. If this release does not include new functionality or specific fixes that your organization requires, you may benefit from waiting to upgrade until Sitecore releases an update that is relevant for your organization. This is especially true in production environments.

New features/improvements

ContextDescriptionADO no.
PlatformUpdated the ChilkatDotNet47.dll library version to
PlatformAdded the ability to enable LiveMode in SiteContext in runtime.585571
PlatformUpdated the Sitecore Installation Assistant to version 1.4.2, as part of adding support for the SXP 10.2.2 update release. This tool is available on the SXP 10.2.2 Downloads page in the Download options for On Premises deployments section; see Installation Assistant for XM Scaled and Installation Assistant for XP Single.N/A
PlatformUpdated the Traefik container image​​ to version
PlatformUpdated the default SQL server version for container deployments - from an older SQl version to SQL 2019; published a new mssql-developer:2019-ltsc2019(ltsc2022) image.614529
SecurityEnhanced security in product and 3rd party libraries to reduce potential vulnerabilities.594651, 606641, 609758, 615391

Resolved issues

ContextDescriptionADO no.
Content EditorOpening an item from the Content Editor Navigate tab results in an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.491656
Experience EditorSimultaneous launch of Experience Editor in two browsers after restarting the Sitecore instance causes one of them to crash.412499
Experience EditorBreadcrumbs do not resolve the correct site when clicking the Go button without selecting any item.597335
Experience EditorA Mutex corruption blocks all requests to open Experience Editor.603194
Experience EditorA Speak request is using wrong site context in preview mode.607142
Rich Text EditorThe internal link to a versioned media item added in the Rich Text Editor contains the wrong language.592307
Rich Text EditorThe internal link to a versioned media item added in the Rich Text Editor contains the wrong language using a Sitecore link via Search when languageEmbedding is set to always.592301
PublishingPreviewing unpublishable items is not possible even when setting previewUnpublishableItems to true.498395
FormsA multipage form validates fields even though the page has been skipped.592310
FormsUnable to access a closed stream error occurs while saving files from filestorage table to disk.603638
ProcessingA cumulative hotfix applied on Sitecore XP 10.2 creates deadlocks in an XP1 topology.591897
Experience AppsThe LeaderBoard is empty when selecting it from the Reports.597461
PersonalizationNo rule fact resolver can be found for ISegmentationServiceContext when using a filter with goal taxonomy facet rule.516003
PersonalizationLong personalization rules in the segmented list leads to a serialization exception.589574
Marketing AutomationScheduled enrollment adds contacts to Marketing Automation plans even if a plan is inactive.605291
Marketing AutomationWorkitem processing does not check the plan state, e.g. Active or Inactive.613815
Marketing AutomationScheduled enrollment does not respect the maximum enrollment setting.614401
Email Experience ManagerThe email campaign description does not support special characters.604409
Email Experience ManagerThe EmailOpenedEvent is saved against source contact after merging a known contact (source contact) into a known contact (target contact).608291
Universal TrackerA System.ArgumentException error may occur after retrieving a contact by multiple identifiers in a single batch.606531
PlatformExtraction of shared media content is performed for each language during indexing.324449
PlatformGetDataSourceItemByQuery aborts the pipeline even if it could not process the data source.486907
PlatformA BlobProviderException occurs when publishing a site item if the media was detached from the item.490149
PlatformThe GetRenderingContentDependenciesPipeline crashes when there are broken links.593160
PlatformRecursive related items in a content dependency is not working as expected.593054
PlatformRecursive related items and related items in a content dependency returns all items in all languages.593323
PlatformUnable to login virtual user in the httpRequestBegin pipeline after installing previous SXP 10.2 hotfix #554564.594111
PlatformLiveModeEnabler does not support publishing in preview mode.605729
PlatformWrong method name OnDoubleClick in Sitecore.Reflection.Filtering.config.589519
PlatformThe .pdf file should be opened in ReadOnly mode when its content is read for indexing.591674
Platformthe ResizeProcessor may be inefficient when invoked for non-image media.595667
PlatformMedia files are stored on the file system during indexing.595670
PlatformCreating a validation rule with parameter Result=FatalError does not allow standard values to be saved.598149
PlatformA DataEngine deadlock can occur between two threads that are making changes to unrelated items.599633
PlatformContent extraction of many .pdf files using PdfSharp may consume excessive CPU resources.604026
PlatformAccessing a Sitecore URL such as https://(CD domain)/(item ID format) results in an Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.609009

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