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Migrations and Upgrades

Can I migrate my current Sitecore 10.x headless JSS implementation personalization rules, variants, and actions to Sitecore XM Cloud Personalization/Personalize?

No, it is not possible to migrate Sitecore XP (SXP) personalization to XMC.

Can I migrate my XM Cloud embedded personalization to Sitecore Personalize license?

Yes, full upgrade and keeping your data is fully supported. There is a seamless migration for the customer where they will get access to the updated features of Personalize.

Whom should I contact in I need to acquire capabilities of a full Personalize license?

It will be part of a sales process, if customers want more personalization functionality, they will need to contact their sales representative to purchase a Sitecore Personalize license. The resulting feature set is described under the Features Matrix section.

If an XM Cloud user licenses a Personalize/CDP standalone tenant, will they lose data capturing with Embedded Personalization? Will there be any additional configuration needed with this license purchase?

No, all data will be kept and available with the updated license.

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