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XM Cloud FAQ
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XM Cloud FAQ - Scaling and Availability

Learn more about what XM Cloud is and what features it has.

Is XM Cloud multi-tenant or single tenant?

XM Cloud runs the Experience Manager environment as a single-tenant instance. The delivery environment and the composable services such as Sitecore Personalize and Experience Edge are running in our multi-tenant global delivery platform.

Is scaling done on demand by the customer or does this happen automatically?

Authoring environments will be scalable to customer needs. The Experience Edge delivery platform is scaled automatically.

What will be the uptime availability?

The uptime availability will be 99.9% at a service-level agreement (SLA). XM Cloud also provides disaster recovery.

Which data center regions will support XM Cloud?

Initially, Sitecore will support XM Cloud in the following regions:

  • East US
  • West US 2
  • West EU
  • Australia East
  • Japan East

How does XM Cloud comply with the laws that some countries have regarding storing personal data outside of the country?

XM Cloud will be available in the five regions in which our other SaaS applications like Sitecore Content Hub are available. If there is a need for specific regional data privacy that isn't met by these five regions, then Sitecore Managed Cloud may be the right option if it can be delivered in the desired location.