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XM Cloud Changelog

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Three new features and additional improvements in XM Cloud Forms

XM Cloud

XM Cloud

ImprovementNew feature

Edit active forms - XM Cloud Forms now lets you edit forms that are already active. Saved changes to an active form are immediately available in XM Cloud Pages, and are automatically applied to all live instances of that form. 

Archive forms - you can now archive forms you’re no longer using, helping you keep your forms dashboard organized. 

Send custom text to your webhook - for select and multiselect fields, as well as radio button and checkbox fields, a new feature called Custom values lets you define custom text to send through your webhook instead of the option labels. End users of the form will not see this custom text. 


Additional improvements: 

  • The phone field now displays a country code instead of a flag. The country code drop-down list includes a lookup at the top of the list for ease of use. 

  • The Forms UI has been refreshed to deliver a more unified experience with the other XM Cloud apps. 


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