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Download Sitecore software, tools and resources

Composable DXP

XM to XM Cloud Migration Tool

Tool for migrating content, media and users from an XM instance to an XM Cloud environment.

Sitecore Connect recipes for migrating visitor contact data from xDB to CDP

Platform DXP Releases

Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) including: XM, XP layer applications, and links to corresponding module releases.

Commerce application and modules integrated with Sitecore Experience Platform.

Platform DXP Modules

Single sign-on mechanism for SXP deployments, used with Sitecore's membership storage or extended for use with an external identity provider.

Tools to accelerate the production of SXP websites enabled by reuse of templates, layouts, and renderings.

Code and segmentation rules enabling business users to extend the xConnect schema without requiring code development.

Optional service as an alternative to the default SXP publishing mechanism, focusing on high performance publishing in large-scale deployments.

Integrates the optional Sitecore Publishing Service with SXP, and provides additional features.

Next generation editor for SXP, whose technology later evolved to become XM Cloud's editing solution. Horizon is discontinued after SXP 10.2

Headless services bundle including the server-side APIs, Edge Connector, and front-end SDKs for JavaScript (JSS) and ASP.NET rendering.

Framework enabling SXP based forms to be displayed on any website page, including websites that are not Sitecore applications.

Optional mechanism for tracking site visitor interactions, well suited for headless implementations and for collecting from different sources.

Optional personalization mechanism for SXP deployments, using AI-driven automatic personalization of content presented to site visitors.

Developer Tools & Resources

Tooling for configuring and deploying Sitecore topologies to local or remote servers or virtual machines.

CLI for interactive and automatable interactions with XM Cloud and SXP, including managing the serialization of Sitecore items.

Graphical tool for interacting with SXP from within Visual Studio, an option for users less familiar with command line tools.

SDK for working efficiently with SXP development and developer operations.

Azure Blob Storage package for XM Developer, XM Scaled, XP Developer, XP Scaled configurations.

Scripts for moving the Sitecore security membership provider from the Core to an individual or existing database.

Module resource files in support of SXP upgrades. Aligns with SXP feature that moves default Sitecore items out datebases into resources.

Tool for updating SXP Core, Master, and Web databases.

Tooling to convert and migrate data from an SXP 8.x database to SXP 10.0.

Tooling for packaging and deploying Sitecore solutions to Microsoft's Azure App Service.

Dedicated server deployed with SXP for speeding up message generation and sending.

PowerShell script to assist in finding the connection strings in an SXP Managed Cloude installation, useful when whitelisting an IP address.


Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Content Hub.

Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Salesforce CRM.

Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Framework for transforming and transfering data between SXP and 3rd party systems.


SDK for building SXP based front-end solutions using modern JavaScript libraries. Replaced by Sitecore Headless Rendering starting in SXP 10.1.

Tooling for marketers to create simple web forms on SXP. Deprecated as of SXP 9.1.

Tooling to manage print production with SXP. Discontinued after SXP 9.2/9.3.

Email Experience Manager delivered as a module. Discontinued. As of SXP 9.0.1, Email Experience Manager is included in the SXP delivery.

Tooling to deploy SXP to a Microsoft Azure computing cloud. Discontinued after SXP 8.1.

Tooling for distributing update packages to the SXP Update Center content management application.

Tooling to help migrate older SXP releases SXP 9.0.

Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit (SPEAK), framework for efficiently developing SXP apps with a consistent interface.

Tooling to integrate the Active Directory domain with SXP.

Application for marketers to create and manage new campaign activities.

Tooling to deploy a server role on SXP, which automatically processes timeouts of contacts with live sessions on the website.

Service using a site visitor’s unique IP address to collect location and other information, to enable visitor segmentation and personalization.

Connector for synchronizing data between Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Sitecore Content Hub's Content Marketing Platform (CMP) offering.

Connector for synchronizing data between SXP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where SXP enriches CRM with information on site visitor's activity.

Connector for synchronizing Sitecore site visitor data with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Discontinued after SPX 8.2.

Connector for synchronizing Sitecore with Komfo, for advertizing on social networks. Discontinued.

Connector for integrating SharePoint into SXP, to leverage SharePoint's document management features.

Tooling for integrating web video and other media services with SXP.

Framework for developing native mobile applications using content managed in SXP.

Framework for developing native mobile applications using content managed in SXP.

Documentation and Release Notes for SXP's xDB Cloud Services.

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