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Content Hub ONE
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Content Hub ONE

Centrally manage your omnichannel content with a cloud-hosted headless Web CMS.


Sitecore Content Hub ONE is a cloud-native, agile headless Content Management System (CMS), for developers and marketers to efficiently launch centrally managed, reusable omnichannel experiences. With Content Hub ONE, you can quickly model, author and deliver content of any type, for any channel. Business users can manage content using a simple modern user interface, while developers can make use of comprehensive APIs and SDKs to create and deliver omnichannel experiences.

What are the main capabilities of Content Hub ONE?

Content Hub ONE consists of:

  • A powerful content modelling user interface for creating structured, modular content
  • A modern, user-centric content authoring experience
  • Media management for image assets
  • Content management Swagger OpenAPI for developers to manage the content model and content items with full CRUD permissions
  • Preview and Delivery GraphQL API delivered through a geographically distributed layer (Sitecore Experience Edge) for consumption of content into multi-channel experiences, at scale
  • JavaScript and Client SDK for developers to leverage a rich set of developer tools
  • Command line interface (CLI) to serialize and source control content and content types

What problems does Content Hub ONE solve for marketers and developers?

Content Hub One is designed for brands that need an agile headless CMS to support quickly evolving experiences targeting multiple channels. With Content Hub ONE marketers can deliver consistency across touchpoints while maintaining the content in one central location.



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