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Release Notes

May 2024, released Sitecore Connect for Content Hub 5.2.0

New features/improvements

DescriptionADO no.
​​Added support for Sitecore XP. 10.4.
(DAM) Added SXA query resolver.567514
(DAM) Added multivalue support to DAM attribute Mapping.573216
(DAM) Added DAM attribute mapping for Rich Text Editor.533266
(DAM) Added Image field Batch Sync for the DAM connector in Sitecore Connect for Content Hub.506972
(DAM) Added support of Content Hub transformations to public links.518659
(DAM) Added "Browse Sitecore DAM" link for File field type.579093
(DAM) Added General Link Batch Sync for the DAM connector.597104
(DAM) Add the “Insert from Sitecore DAM” command to all Rich Text profiles by default.595648
(DAM) Added new attributes dam-id in the XML value.588808
(DAM) Allow copy paste public url to image field and generate XML.612067
(DAM) Changed Image field thumbnail source to public link url for image and video type.612067
(DAM) Included custom attributes when using the html.Sitecore().Field() helper.531252
(DAM) Added isRendering option to include/exclude attribute for rendering.531252
(CMP) Added Self Reference role option.554476
(CMP) Enabled StringPropertyValueConverter to handle string array.547074
(CMP) Added Reflect entity deletion in Content Hub to Sitecore XP through connector.573637
(CMP) Added HubOut disable when the CMP.ServiceBusEntityPathOut connection string is empty.592312
(CMP) Migrated to Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus.593444
(CMP) Added Azure Service Bus Client Reauthentication when refresh token expire (due to Content Hub instance restart).609679, 611389, 613195
(CMP) Updated Content Variants used as Variants trigger Localization behaviour.557754

Resolved issues

DescriptionADO no.
(DAM) Incorrect description of the DAM_ContentHub environment variable.532114
(DAM) Exception due to multilingual field when inserting asset into image field.492001
(DAM) Videos and PDFs not rendered in GraphQL responses.586455
(CMP) Exception when mapping a multi-language fields on product entity.465914

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