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For Partners and Developer Community

What does Sitecore Connect mean for developers and technicians?

It means a low-code/no-code approach to integrations. The ability to build custom connectors and recipes that fulfill your integration needs and share them with the community at large while profiting from the contributions of other Sitecore Connect and Workato customers. Make integrations quick and easy, not only to build but also understand. Enjoy deep insights into how your data flows and re-run failed operations after fixes to ensure consistency. For more details, please check: https://academy.workato.com/what-is-workato/864434

It is recommended to have a look at the quick start at the Workato Academy to get a feel for the experience: https://academy.workato.com/page/quickstart-library

What is the advantage of Sitecore Connect compared to Azure Logic Apps, Zapier, or other iPaaS apps?

Sitecore Connect firstly will make available Sitecore products SDK connectors, and business logic events which makes it extremely easy to execute actions against and based on Sitecore systems events. If you build the same logic yourself, you will not benefit from Sitecore support handling any issues regarding connectivity and you will be billed separately for additional product which includes additional procurement efforts. This is in addition to the top-notch features available with Workato. It is a Gartner Magic Quadrant recognized iPaaS platform that offers mature systems such as recipes lifecycle managements.

Sitecore partners position their own integration maintenance. How will Sitecore Connect benefit them?

For partners, we will be building a community library of recipes which partners can contribute to. Partners can additionally offer maintaining recipes to their clients and append them to their systems. Moreover, partners can contribute to recipes optimization scenarios in case of high consumption growth. For example, by creating APIs for data retrieval and manipulation optimization. Finally, there will be different requirement scenarios where leveraging Sitecore Connect could be cost-efficient such as over-night or bespoke integration scenarios.

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