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How shall product support and solutions support work between Workato and Sitecore?

Clients/Partners will contact Sitecore support as per normal procedures for Sitecore products. Any interactions, if required, with the Workato support team will be done in the background. Clients/Partners should not contact Workato directly for any Sitecore Connect issues.

Is there a timeline for Sitecore products to support Sitecore Connect with connections, actions, and scenarios?

Yes, but this is not public and in constant state of flux as product teams prioritize and re-prioritize.

Where will documentation updates for product, connections, and recipes be published?

Product updates are courtesy of Workato itself and they can be found at https://www.workato.com/product-hub/changelog/

Sitecore connectors are released and pushed from the main Sitecore Connect account and all recipes that leverage it will receive these updates seamlessly when accepting the update. Read https://docs.workato.com/developing-connectors/sdk/quickstart/sharing.html#sharing-your-connector for more details. In general, connections are owned by the client/partner themselves and maintaining their settings is their responsibility. Should a connector update require connection settings this will be in the connector update.

Recipes have various lifecycle management options. See https://docs.workato.com/Recipes/managing-Recipes.html#managing-Recipes for more information. We are evaluating these methods to make updates as frictionless as possible for all clients/partners.

What are the benefits of working with community supported platforms?

Just as with any community supported platform you find that support is given not only by the vendor but by peers that are trying to achieve the same. Innovation also often goes at a faster pace as the community contributes in a live fashion to the platform, enriching it with the strength of a vastly larger number of people than the vendor would be capable of sustaining. Community supported platforms also generally are more open to extension and integration allowing both yourself as well as capable partners to fill in gaps as required to bridge them either permanently or temporarily until the platform catches up.

What is the SLA and uptime guarantee working with Sitecore Connect?

As Sitecore Connect runs with dependencies of 99.9% uptime guarantee, we do an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

Where is integrated data being processed? Can this be controlled by clients?

Sitecore deploys Sitecore Connect using the Microsoft Azure network of data centers. Data processed and integrated in Sitecore Connect is processed in data centers within the country or region selected by customers. The following table shows available data centers where system is located, and data is processed:

Sitecore Connect/Workato Regions

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