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Tutorial: How to make a data template available to the Component builder in XM Cloud

Learn how to take a create data template and make it available for authors to use in the XM Cloud Component interface.

What You are Going to Learn

In this quick tutorial, you will go through the steps to take the Text Teaser data template and make it available for use by authors in XM Cloud Components. You will learn:

  • How to configure the settings on a Site definition to select FEaaS component data sources
  • How to validate the data source is now available in the XM Cloud Components application


Previously, you learned how how to create a data model for the Text Teaser component. Now you will configure your Site definition to make that data sources available to XM Cloud Components

For this tutorial, you will:

  1. Configure the FEaaS component data sources settings on a Site to include the Text Teaser data source
  2. View the available data sources in XM Cloud Components to validate Text Teaser data source is available to authors


In order to complete the following tutorial, you will need these resources:

  1. A valid organization login for the Sitecore Cloud portal
  2. An existing XM Cloud environment and site created in Tutorial: How to Set Up and Utilize XM Cloud
  3. The Text Teaser data source created in Tutorial: How to Create a Component Data Template in XM Cloud

Use a data source template in XM Cloud Components

Configure the Text Teaser template for Components

To start, you will take the data template that has been created and make it available in XM Cloud Components to be used as data source. This will be configured on the Settings item in the site.

  1. In the Content Editor, select the Settings node on the Company Dev site: /sitecore/content/Company Dev/Company Dev/Settings

  2. In the Content pane on the right side, scroll down through the fields and find the field named FeaaS component data source templates. You will find this field near the bottom of the list of fields.

    Content Editor - Settings Item - Find FeaaS Component Data sources field
  3. On the left side of the field selector, navigate the tree to find your template at: Templates/Project/Company Dev/Basic Components/Text Teaser

  4. Double-click on the Text Teaser template to add it to the list of Selected templates on the right side of the selector.

    Content Editor - Select Text Teaser Template as FeaaS Component Data Source
  5. Click the Save button in the ribbon to save the changes. Now the Text Teaser data template will be available to the Component builder.

Validate data source is available in Components

Before releasing this to the authoring team, you need to ensure that the Text Teaser template is available in the Components builder. In this series of steps you will launch the Components application and try to find the new Text Teaser data source.

  1. Return to the XM Cloud Tools pane. If you've closed that tab, you can get there with these instructions:

    • Login to the Sitecore Cloud Portal
    • Select your App from the Apps list
    • From the flyout panel, select Open app
    • At the very top switch to Tools
  2. In the Tools page, select the Components card to launch the Component builder.

  3. At the top, switch to the Data sources section

    Component Builder - Open Data Sources page
  4. Scroll down through the list of data sources and find the one named Text Teaser

    Component Builder - Find Text Teaser data source listed

You have completed this tutorial!

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