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Manage the full web experience with a cloud-hosted headless Web CMS.

Recommended Practices

Recommended Practices

Are you getting started with building on XM Cloud? Check out the new recommended tips for teams working on XM Cloud projects!

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Recommended Practices


Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud (XM Cloud) is a fully managed self-service deployment platform for developers and marketers to efficiently launch engaging omnichannel experiences in the Cloud using Sitecore’s headless CMS. Experience Manager Cloud bundles the latest versions of Experience Manager, the Pages editor, Sitecore Headless Experience Accelerator (SXA), Headless Services, the Sitecore Next.js SDK (and other Heads), and Experience Edge.

With an optimized cloud-based strategy, you can rapidly and cost-effectively scale to meet your customers’ needs, shorten your time-to-market, and be more adaptive as new capabilities and functionality are added to your Martech stack. Explore how the right cloud approach will help you thrive now and into the future.

Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud re-imagines Content Management and introduces a no-compromise Content Management System (CMS) that delivers developer agility through the best attributes of the headless CMS while empowering marketers through a visually rich, WYSIWYG page composition experience. With XM Cloud, our customers can deliver relevant experiences at high speed.

Speed: Visitors are greeted with an experience that loads lightning-fast and engages instantly Relevance: Customers are recognized and welcomed back to an experience that understands their needs The importance of your company's growth comes with the:

  • Agility: Marketers can easily orchestrate the overall experience across digital campaigns
  • Flexibility: Developers can rapidly develop and launch new experience types with modern front-end frameworks

Getting Started

XM Cloud Introduction

XM Cloud is around the corner. But what is XM Cloud? What does it include? And how can you prepare for it?

Recommended Practices

Tips for teams working on XM Cloud projects from developers in the field

Embedded Personalization

Learn more about XM Cloud Embedded Personalization.

XM Cloud FAQ

Learn more about XM Cloud and all of the features.

Getting started with XM Cloud

Read the step by step tutorial on the Sitecore Documentation site.


User Documentation


XM to XM Cloud Content Migration tool

Move content, media and user data from a source XM on-premises instance to a target XM Cloud environment.

Learn & Examples

Open Source

Headless SXA Starter Kit

This solution is designed to help developers learn and get started quickly with XM Cloud + SXA.


Sitecore PlaySummit Demo

The official Sitecore demo used to demo Sitecore DXP including Content Hub and JSS


Example implementation

This repository contains the codebase for a series of sites managed by the developer relations at Sitecore


Community Learning Resources

Official Sitecore Training

Access the Portal

Latest product updates

Full changelog

XM Cloud

1.4.570: New setting improves performance during content extraction of media files

Dec 1, 2023

XM Cloud

XM Cloud

1.4.570: Resolved issues

Dec 1, 2023

XM Cloud


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