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Sitecore Developers April 2022

Find out the latest news and updates in the Sitecore community.

Let your voice be heard

Register to participate in Sitecore's user feedback community and have the opportunity to shape and guide Sitecore products during the design process.

Let your voice be heard

Connector and App Marketplace

Choose from a host of powerful, pre-built connectors and apps from Sitecore and our ecosystem partners that extend Sitecore, and make weaving it into your business easy, fast, and flexible.


Find out information revealed at SUGCON 2022 such as Sitecore XM Cloud, a SaaS version of Sitecore XM for headless use, and more!

Standing up a Sitecore 10.1.1 instance with SXA and JSS using Docker

Learn how to customize the docker examples repository to allow it to include both SXA and JSS with Headless service v16.0.

Thoughts and Takeaways from SUGCON

Find out all about this attendee’s experience, thoughts, and takeaways from SUGCON 2022.

A React Sitecore Personalize NPM Module

Learn how to easily script to react-based apps. This is great for developers that are new to React or Next.js and are learning how to integrate Sitecore Personalize by providing a simple wrapper for the direct client script.

Getting Started with Sitecore Managed Cloud with Containers

Check out this guide covering existing documentation and getting started with Managed Cloud with Containers (MCC). This guide is broken down into multiple sections

Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2022

Virtual Developer Day is back for its 5th year of technical learning and community camaraderie. Get free access to technical talks and tips.

Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2022

Sitecore CDP Vs. Personalize Vs. Smart Hub CDP

Check out part 1 of a series which will cover the Sitecore CDP family products features, business benefits, and technical highlights.

OrderCloud Setup Series

Learn how to setup Sitecore OrderCloud Headstart Project series.

Transitioning from Sitecore XC to OrderCloud: Tax and Payments

Learn about the high-level comparison of architecture, functionality, and data models, in relation to tax and payments between XC and OrderCloud.

Sitecore Lucene to SOLR Index Upgrade Tips

This guide covers the things you need to do other than installing the SOLR server.

Monitoring Sitecore on AKS – Grafana Data Sources Configuration

Learn how to enhance and configure Grafana data sources to collect metrics from internal and external AKS cluster resources, and much more.

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