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Sitecore Developers October 2022

Find out the latest news and updates in the Sitecore community.

Sitecore - Titanium sponsor for Vercel's Next.js conference

Don't miss this year's Next.js conference. You can catch Pieter Brinkman, VP of Technical Marketing, showing you how to use Next.js Commerce and Sitecore OrderCloud to build a B2C storefront in only 5 minutes.

Sitecore - Titanium sponsor for Vercel's Next.js conference

Deploy your first Headless SXA site to Vercel

In this video, Sebastian Winter demos how to publish the content of a headless SXA site to Edge as well as deploy the App to Vercel. Want to know about XM Cloud?

Sitecore helpers are there to help you

Sitecore comes with a set of ready-to-use HTML field helpers, yet a lot of developers new to Sitecore tend to insist on doing everything themselves, find out how they can make your life easier!

[German] Sitecore in 300 Sekunden – Developer Edition

Videos, die Tipps & Einblicke umfassen und bei der Konfiguration und Anpassung von Sitecore helfen – jeweils immer nur maximal 300 Sekunden lang.

How to become a Sitecore MVP series

Are you wondering how you can become a Sitecore MVP? Watch this new video series that covers everything you need to know to become a good MVP Aspirant and grasp the spirit of the Sitecore Community.

XM Cloud developer resources

Coupons are an important feature of any eCommerce Platform. Learn how to build a Coupons Dashboard that will give Marketing valuable information to help them make better decisions as to how, where and when to use Coupons.

Security Considerations when working with the APIs

Learn various considerations when building out applications that use and interact with data in Sitecore CDP/Personalize, including the ingestion APIs (Stream, Interactive, and Batch) as well as authentication to manage tenant assets APIs.

Fundraising with Sitecore relics

Here is an opportunity to get some Sitecore relics and support the Sitecore community in Ukraine. Even if you cannot buy anything please share the message with your community.

Fundraising with Sitecore relics

Setting up an external XM Cloud Rendering Host to work with Experience Editor and Pages

A key requirement of this migration project was to ensure that the sites could be edited in both Sitecore Experience Editor, and the next-generation editing interface included with XM Cloud - Sitecore Pages. Learn the steps that were involved in this project.

Strange Docker / Zookeeper errors

Docker is a great tool for developers when it works, but it can be tricky to debug when it doesn't. Here's an example of an issue that a few community members have seen running SolrCloud in Docker recently, which has taxed their debugging skills.

Gatsby Plugin for Sitecore CDP

Gatsby is a React-based open-source framework with built-in performance, scalability, and security. The plugin gatsby-plugin-sitecore-cdp connects your Gatsby site to Sitecore CDP and tracks the views throughout the site, without any code. This plugin shows how composable Sitecore CDP actually is.

Updated Certification Exams from Sitecore Learning

We are excited to announce that Sitecore has updated certifications for Content Hub and OrderCloud. Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize certification exams are coming soon!

Updated Certification Exams from Sitecore Learning

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