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JSS Connected Demo
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JSS Connected Demo - Personalization

Unlock the full potential of Sitecore with JSS in a live demo environment.

Personalization in the Experience Editor

  1. Click on the featured event (specifically the image) to open the toolbar. Featured event selected in the Experience Editor

  2. Click on the Personalization icon to view the personalization rules that are currently configured on this component. List of personalizations on the featured event

  3. Shift between the variations to see the differences in content. You can edit the content, including text and images, directly in Experience Editor.

How the Rule is Built

  1. At the bottom of the list or on the personalization button in the floating toolbar, click on the "Edit Conditions" link. Buttons to click to open the personalization dialog

  2. This will open a dialog to personalize the component. Click Edit Rule to see how the specific condition is configured. Personalization dialog

The first personalization rule relates to a specific campaign, which can only be accessed via a specific campaign code (Boston Marathon Campaign Code: sc_camp=C0D46075D0B249AD866092B5E525D639). The second is triggered when a contact's skill level in Basketball is greater than 6 – this is the personalization rule that is triggered by moving the Basketball slider to "Expert."

Each version contains a mini-A/B test, one that will show you the Visits and Effect of each personalized version. "Visits" equals what percentage of people were shown the personalized version. "Effect" shows the increase/decrease in Engagement Value stemming from the personalized version.

Note that the personalization rules here only demonstrate a tiny portion of Sitecore's broad range of personalization options. The platform's mature rules engine can drive personalization based on business goals, IP information, profiling taxonomy, and other data.

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